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The coordinated attack on the soul -

terug naar inhoudsopgave

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by Kees Kromme

The coordinated attack on the soul -

i.e. mRNA injections and transhumanism


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"Racial understanding becomes different"



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"Madness engulfs the world"



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"Great reset, great resistance, great awakening,"



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The coordinated attack on the soul

i.e. mRNA injections and transhumanism

Kees Kromme


March 2020. It seemed as if a dark cloud on Earth suddenly descended upon humanity, After a moment of confusion and almost paralysis and uncertainty about the true nature of this phenomenon, it soon turned out (to me) that it was in fact a cloud of darkened consciousness. Unprecedented in scale, it was clear that, first of all, common sense had been eliminated among government officials and media worldwide and later also among the general public, and that, on the other hand, an angry will had appeared. Many people suddenly experienced the world as a result of an epidemic of madness. Like you were in a really bad movie all of a sudden.

E.E.A. was strongly reminiscent of another false flag operation 2001 the attack on the TWIN Towers (nine-eleven) with aircraft and then the anthrax attacks. Heiko Schöning in his book "game over" elaborates on this. This involved a number of the same policy-making people as now also involved in the covidscam. (see also video)

Now 2 years later, thanks to the efforts of many awake investigating people, it is becoming increasingly apparent the full extent of what was then initiated in March 2020.

Soon Rutte came along flanked by Hugo de Jonge (then the missionary minister of public health!, which an orwellian chutzpah) during fre-quent press conferences with the story of the "new normal" 1). At that time, I thought that was his own invention. But it soon transpired that various world leaders across the Western world were using exactly the same slogans. The suspicion became more and more apparent that there was a coordinated approach of "high-handed" behind this spread of these propagandist slogans used worldwide. And very soon there were objective scientists (e.g. Judy

1  New normal is a collection of videos from government leaders around the world simultaneously starting to speak about the new normal. Direction from "above" abundantly present


Mikovits) who spoke of a "pandemic" and manipulated measures after it was officially declared wrong and wrong by the WHO. (She is widely reviled by mainstream media, including Wikipedia.) A pandemic of the pharmaceutical industry, also known as the pharma mafia and soon flanked and strengthened by big tech and mainstream media who are using an offensive to censor critical noises. In particular, Facebook2) as a popular social medium and subsidiaries and also Google ("20"), youtube de-den (do) in fact almost all Silicon Valley companies (which is also called the modern GondiShepur). The mainstream media (both newspapers and TV news) proved to be (proves) surprisingly like a lapdog of megacorrupt politics. (DPG media). Critical noises did not sound (sound) there and the art of omission was/is being eagerly practiced (e.g. the global demonstrations against corona measures by not mentioning them at all or seriously downgrading the number of people participating e.g. on the NOS news as well as serious one-sided reporting). In addition, there was unprecedented conscious planning and creation of fear among the people. They did not hesitate to use hypnosis and NLP techniques. Once the people lived in fear, measures were taken to further strengthen and roll out the goals of the pandemic. Lockdowns, insulation (1.5m away) excessive hygiene, curfew, contact ban (retirement homes), cuddle ban, non-working degrading face masks, social exclusion, QR code, urge and compulsion to vaccination etc. However, none of this was to be compared to Nazi methods. An entire civil service was involved in this.

People were effectively incited to fear the disease and many people will probably not be able to get rid of it all their lives. During demonstrations against this repressive policy, the judiciary, mayors (security regions) and police violently beat innocent demonstrators with truncheons (and also fired on water cannons) and wounded the fighting dogs. The ban on demonstrations (demonstration is a fundamental right) has also been imposed on many occasions. Citizens who wanted to hold the government state to account by judicial process got zero in their objection because the judiciary too turned out (turns out) to be under political control, The government flanked by advisory bodies with "experts" such as RIVM and OMT flushed daily in an unrelenting stream of manipulated data (propaganda) about corona deaths and ICU-beds occupation over the people, increasing the people's fear of death (e.g. Bergamo, Italy, cinematic whole plays were staged). I have never seen so many frightened people in recent times who radiate that way. In no (od) time, an emergency law was enacted which initially went a long way, for example, enforcing repressive rules behind the front door with extremely high fines. 2nd and 1st chamber and also king

2  The parent company of the facebook is now called Meta


William Alexander agreed to this without any significant protest. (despite fine substantive speeches in empty squares on 5 may ,which were finally ignored). The notion of a constitution was totally raped.

These are just a few facts about the last two years. There is, of course, much more to be said in detail. But before that there are (still) uncensored channels such as Telegram on the internet on which, for example, the site "whistleblowers for freedom" and "coronavirus vaccines side effects" and "front news " and "ninefornews" and "the golden middle way" and "dissident one " and fortunately many others are usually painted an objective picture of what is for sale in "wappieland". In Apokalyps Now! as a web version you will also find a whole series of collected articles on these kinds of themes.

The picture that emerges there is that the pandemic has been planned well in advance (i.e. pandemic) by bodies such as the WEF led by Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum) and by organizations such as the WHO (world health organization) and by interest groups that strive for an NWO (new world order). Political Europe is also involved in this game of interests and is a driving force (President Ursula von der Leyen). A few achievements of this Ursula: relax legislation due to genetic manipulation, abolish Nuremberg protocols, bring Ukraine within EU-Europe, roll out compulsory vaccination European vaccination passport. She is also referred to as a "member of the elite Nazis". Secret negotiations with pharma etc. Of course also has very good relations with WEF.

This is also called the elite or the cabal or the globalists (mister Global) or the deepstate. Deepchurch is also used, The bug must have a name. At the base would be some 300 to 500 billionaires who are also shareholders (and therefore financially very influential) of big pharma and big tech and also of big Mainstreammedia. Bill Gates, who has become rich because almost all of us have purchased Microsoft Windows from him for our computers, is proving to be at the forefront of rolling out the pandemic with the aim of vaccinating billions of people on earth. But also the American Fauci plays a leading role in financing and instructing Wuhan laboratories (in China) through "gain of function." the German Drosten also has meddled.

The powerful Klaus Schwab, who has been preparing school classes for years to infiltrate Young World Leaders into governments, (including Rutte, Macron, Trudeau, Merckel and many other world leaders) is also a protagonist.

The BBB (Building Back Better) narrative taken from Schwab's book "the great reset" and/or "the forth industrial revolution" is another frequently used slogan in this context. Schwab as a kind of Ernst Stravro Blofeld from the James Bond films (that bald man with glasses and that white cat in his arms), who went to world domination-


He strives with his organization SPECTER (WEF) and in his ideology does not shy away from many victims. Below are several actors playing this character. In this sense, the James Bond films were predictive.

There are views that this elite intends to commit a kind of genocide against the in their view useless earthlings (Attali, Kissinger, see quotations below), there would be too many who are a burden on the earth and the environment and climate. To this end, not only would the coronavirus developed as a bioweapon in laboratories be useful, but the so-called 'curing' genetic vaccine against it. And hence the tendency towards vaccination, coercion and compulsion throughout the world.

Vaccination would be the only cure for the pandemic. The stock of vac-cins from various manufacturers appears to contain certain selected batches that are more deadly than others (batch numbers are known). Some are very toxic with graphene oxide in it and some are not much more than saline solutions. They are experimenting with this on the population. The whole vaccine, which is not actually a vaccine but an mRNA genetic agent, is experimental yet by


Corruption of the relevant infiltrated inspection bodies has been released. Corruption is thus widespread in hospital management too. Often it is nurses who are at the bedside who dare to be whistleblower and tell how data is manipulated to feed the vaccination obligation (and the money pouch). As mentioned earlier, the fine tricks of this can all be found on the aforementioned Telegram channels (incidentally, Germany wants to block / prohibit this Telegram).

If large-scale direct genocide is not the plan (or consequence) (infertility can also be a long-term effect of the genetic injection) then at least one strives to control every (remaining) "useful" citizen that goes even further than the social credit system in China. Useful in this case is that one is a perfect obedient slave. The QR code as a kind of electronic anklet. The term 2g is a kind of cover to disguise that it is actually about the reintroduction of the Jewish yellow star but now for unvaccinated people. Both WEF and the European Union actively and continuously strive for such an identification obligation. NWO citizens as modern slaves should wear these. Preferably through a implemented chip under the skin.

The idea is becoming more and more pressing that we are in a period where the impulse that was behind Nazism is resurfacing.

But oh pinnacle of hypocrisy, the mere thought of comparing the current repressive measures with the dictatorship that eventually led to the Holocaust that emerged from 1933 is forbidden by court order. Likewise, according to Orwellian reasoning, the word 'tribu-naal' is not done in our Parliament. It is clear that the nomenclature knows very well what they are doing but they seem to want to work on public health. But more and more people are happily beginning to see that.

As I was preparing to write this article, it became clear to me that my past writing had in fact been stepping stones until this article since 2010. Turns out it's got a red thread.

I will refer back to it (in part) via links (hyperlink) or add content in the notes to this article. For the rest, I hope that the readers will forgive me if I seem to repeat myself, the previous articles are in fact already 10 years old and there is also a need with me because of the time in which we are living now to make this up to date. (mainly due to advancing insight) , besides on my own blog there are also a number of articles to be found at the publisher of the magazine Apokalyps Nu! also about Ukraine 8 years ago and here and here.


Consciousness eclipse, obsession,


Now, I'll go on from this story, and I'll put some anthroposophical viewpoints into it. The entire introduction above can be seen even more as a "wappie" point of view (but from the point of view of wappies in which the predicted so-called conspiracy theories have finally become a reality). And on the said telegram channels everything is explained much more extensively and clearly from that perspective. Quotes are characterized by a reference to a GA song from the Gesamt Ausgabe by Rudolf Steiner. If possible, hyperlinks are also provided to literature where the quotations can be read in their context and original language. In earlier articles there was an extensive notes collection and that was because these articles appeared as paper version of the magazine Apokalyps Nu! But now that we have arrived more in the time of the digital versions, more use will be made of references to information on the www.(world wide web)

The previously written article "Christ and the Combating Powers" (October 2010) described the theme of consciousness eclipse (this theme is also addressed in the 2nd article on the Mayas; 24-12-2012). The theme of eclipse runs like a common thread through the 20th century. This contrasts with the fact that kali yuga (Dark Age) 1899 has come to an end and a lighter age has come. However, darkest powers still want to maintain the kali yuga. So that the light can only break in a slight way.

To do this, in the context of current events, we must first return to something that is described in the Bible, namely Michael's battle with the dragon.

This battle took place in the heavenly regions and, according to Rudolf Steiner, took place between 1841 and 1879. This battle in heaven found its provisional conclusion as Michael, flanked by his allied angels, decided the battle with Satan (Ahriman) and with fallen angels.

In 1879 Archangel Michael also became zeitgeist (Archai) and since then influenced the world (global) events over the next few hundred years, As a result of this struggle it was possible that after the end of the Kali Yuga 1899, the very first spiritual light from the spiritual world could penetrate the earth again. Anthroposophy is itself a manifestation of this. The dawn of the light age in consciousness.

The reign of Michael that began in 1879 is one in a series of pe-


Rides that follow each other in world development. Before Michael, Gabriel ruled, and after Michael, Oriphiel will govern in the position of zeitgeist. And then there were 4 other periods with their respective directional spirits. (See quote below-der).

The victory of the battle against the dragon in heaven had the result that the dragon and his followers were cast on earth. They then live among the people since that time and can only work through people. What type of people will be covered further down the road.

That is a very dramatic fact. The struggle begun in the spiritual world continues in all vehemence on earth. But more and more people are beginning to suspect that.

Steiner also calls Mammon instead of Ahriman or Satan, but refers to an Ahrimanic spirit (fallen higher angel). The angel Abaddon is also mentioned in this connection.


From an esoteric hour in {Munich on December 5, 1907 (GA 266-1)

Rudolf Steiner:

( ... ) All our culture has its origins in the spiritual world. There, the plans are made according to which then our life will take place on the physical plane. Below we see only how according to the laws of the physical world one event after another takes place, but the great spiritual causes, which remain hidden from us for the first time. It is events in the higher spheres of our existence that bring about the physical events. For clarification, we take as an example a very important event that took place on the astral plan in the year 1879, in November of that year to be precise.

From that time onwards, esoteric life took a completely different turn, which was very different from the times before. The esoteric flow that lived in humanity since the 14th century was discharged by a new flow.


Esoteric life from the 14th century to November of the year 1879 went completely different from our time. Then all the occult life took place hidden from the outside world and in the greatest silence, it matured in its seclusion until the year 1879 under the guidance of a high spiritual being, the Archangel Gabriel.

Gabriel means proclamation, announcement. That is why it was Gabriel who played the role of the announcer in the gospels. Under his guidance, spiritual life matured in all silence and well-being hat and salvaged, like a child in the mother's body. And in November of the year 1879, something happened on the astral level as a birth. That which had grown slowly since the 14th century, was now allowed to be propagated in a freer way in the world, even if it was before for a small minority of people.

For the reign of Gabriel was relieved by another Archangel 3), the Archangel Michael, under whose leadership we are today. He is the shining sun that shines the esoteric wisdom in a small human scissors. Under the reign of Gabriel, this wisdom remained in the hidden and in the outer life materialism developed.

Now we must not regard materialism as evil because it is equally well incorporated into the divine plan of creation and it has a purpose and a destiny in the world as a whole. But now the time has come that under Michael's radiant guidance the esoteric sun must shine brightly, for the dark forces of materialism take precedence.

The radiant rule of Michael will in turn be replaced by a dark and terrible era beginning around the year 2400. Already now, at the same time as Michael, a German-faithful god has taken up his reign: the god Mammon.

The Mammon is not just the god of money for occultism. Rather, he is the leader of all low, black forces. And his armies attack not only the human souls, but also the physical bodies, to eat and destroy them.

If there is so much bacilli and viruses nowadays, it is not because we know more about them now, but because they are now particularly active. And in the future they will get the upper hand in a terrible way. And when that black era comes along, brotherhood and fratricidal strife will rage in a gruesome way, and the poor human bodies will be ravaged by diseases and pests in the most terrible way to face their end. The mark of sin will be visible to all on the human bodies. Then another archangel has the reign: Oriphiel. He must come to wake the people, by shaking up horrific torments so that they realize their true destiny. And so that this can be done properly, a small group of people must be prepared now, so that in four to six hundred years in the black age they can spread the esoteric life and lead mankind.

Who today under Michael's rule feels the urge to participate in the spiritual life, who is called to serve the archangel Michael and teach him to be ready in the future to serve the terrible Oriphiel in the proper way. Those who wish to devote themselves to a higher life are required to make a sacrifice. If one wishes to receive spiritual life and attain enlightenment, then one condition is attached to this, namely that one wishes to use oneself, his will, everything only for the benefit of mankind.

In four to six hundred years, the small group of people who are being prepared for this day, the

3 When Archangel Michael becomes zeitgeist, he also becomes archai (or primeval beginning) which is a rank higher GA 152 20-5-1913. But here in the article is mainly still reference to his archangel status


God serve Oriphiel so that mankind would be saved. If in that era people would want to take the lead without being prepared to hold out in all the storms and face the scissors of Mammon, then they would not be able to properly serve the archer-gel Oriphiel, and mankind could not be saved from its misery. However, if this is to happen, we must work seriously today to ensure that our tasks are carried out properly.

When the dark powers become the worst, then the brightest light shines. It's Oriphiel's turn. That was at the time when Christ appeared on earth. At that time, evil powers of decadence and decadence reigned everywhere on Earth. And it was only by cruel means that the human gender could be dragged higher up. Oriphiel is called the Angel of the Torn, who cleans humanity with a strong hand.

A deep meaning is the Bible's narration that Christ uses the whip to clear the temple of money changers. At that time, it was the darkest era on Earth, the Christ appeared as the savior of humanity.

The reign of Oriphiel ceased 109 years after Christ's appearance and was relieved by Anael. Then followed Zacariel, then Raphael. During the Renaissance, Samael ruled from the 16th century until November 1879. Michael then takes over the reign and around the year 2400 Oriphiel, the terrible Angel of the Torns, will take over again.

And as then the spiritual light will shine brightly and radiantly into the darkness: the Chris-tus will appear again on earth, although in a different form as then. And to receive Him, to serve Him, we are called to do so.

Thus, humanity has clearly entered the age of the Apocalypse (the little olive mountain or Apocalypse).

Mammon. The struggle against this creature will continue for 400 years until the next Orip-heel era starting in 2400.

"In November 1879, the astral world won a victory. Michael has the spirit of the obstacles,

Mammon, conquered. In the physical world, that struggle has yet to be fought. For 400 years Michael will be with the

Spirit of darkness struggle."

(From the same Esoteric hour Berlin, 18 October 1907 (GA 266-1)


So we can think of Mammon as a kind of anti-zeitgeist, just as there is an anti-Christian in addition to Christ. His reign is parallel to that of Michael. Mammon is also characterized as the God of money and in connection with the current rulers during this pandemic, this is possible thanks to huge amounts of financial resources at big tech, big pharma and also big ban-king and big mainstream media and the parties that are closely related to WEF and NWO etc. and behind them operating shareholders, the power of money. Mammon's work-king, like Michael, is also global but fundamentally different.4) Mammon's global work is already reflected in the names of his initiatives inspired by him:

WWW, NWO, WHO, WEF, Wfuna, Wipo, Wmo, Wto and others where W stands for World of World. And especially World domination. The anti-god of this world. (2 Corinthians 4)

In addition to being a kind of anti-zeitgeist, Mammon can also be seen as an over-arching director of group minds (more "Gog Magog").

This all seems to be a bleak prospect but eventually the battle on earth will also be won according to The Little Olive Mountain or Apokalypse:

Rudolf Steiner:

But Michael will again care about what he has knocked down in human nature as a dragon animal. GA 346 12th lecture Dornach 16 Sept 1924

Rudolf Steiner:

This is still a process in the spiritual "world. As it were, on the plane that borders our world, Michael is fighting for the approach of Christ, He needs his scissors (GA 158 9-11-1914).

Rudolf Steiner:

"Michael needs legions of helpers to fight off on the physical plane he has already over-won on the astral plane. This is the great task we have to fulfill" (GA 266/1, 23.10.1907).

Rudolf Steiner:

That which I have only been able to indicate in a few words will gradually penetrate into the human souls, and the mediator, the messenger, will be Michael, who is now the emissary of Christ. (...) Thus he now prepares humanity to be able to receive the Christ consciousness from the state of the unconscious to the state of the conscious. And just as at the time of the earth life of Christ most of his contemporaries were unable to believe what a powerful event had taken place in the earth evolution, so in our time the outside world strives to increase that, the power of materialism and will continue for a long time, that what we have discussed today, to see as fantasy, dreamy, maybe even as folly. And so she will also see this truth about Michael, which begins in the present time, to reveal the Christ in a new way. Despite this, many people will recognize that, which is now beginning to go on like a morning red and which will continue throughout the

4  The difference between Michael's and Mammon's globalist impulse would require a separate study


coming centuries in the human souls will pour out like a sun, because Michaël can always be compared to a sun. And even if many people will not recognize this new Michael revelation, it will spread throughout humanity. GA 152 London 2-5-1913

Rudolf Steiner:

Let us remember: those powers of Ahriman's school, who fought a decisive battle in the spiritual world from the year 1841 to the year 1879, have fallen from the spiritual world to the realm of man since 1879. And since that time they have their fortress, they have the field of their works and especially in that period, in which we now live (1917 ed.), in the thinking, in the feelings and in the will impulses of the people. GA177 20-10-1917

So up so down

Rudolf Steiner:

Nothing happens here in the physical world that has not been prepared spiritually in the spiritual world before. And that's exactly what's important: what's happening here on Earth in the 20th century. GA 240 18-7-24 Arnhem 1st Presentation

Due to the current circumstances regarding Ukraine 5) it is remarkable to look more closely at a Russian coat of arms (the figure in the center).

5  The writing of this article started during the corona pandemic. But the event In Oekra.ne has been added later, but in terms of theme fits exactly in that


The Russians and the West explain the role of the knight and the dragon in this conflict on very contrasting grounds, which, like the pandemic, is well prepared in advance.

1914 - 1918

Rudolf Steiner:

...if in the year 1914 this war catastrophe broke out. (1st World War) Then one had to ask oneself: how could such an event about European humanity erupt, that if one wants to measure it by its causes, as one is accustomed to doing in the face of past historical facts, is actually impossible? Who knows, that the defining things in the year 1914 involved hardly more than thirty to forty people in Europe, and who knows, in which soul-state most of these people were, the important problem actually arises for them: for most of these people, so weird that sounds now, most of these people had a muddied consciousness, (...) At the decisive times of the year 1914 we see everywhere, how precisely from a darkened consciousness at the end of July, and early August the most important decisions and then through these years to the present (1917 ed.). That's a problem, terrible of its kind. If one examines the mind scientifically, one finds that these darkened consciences were the gates, through which these very willies of the consciousness of these people took possession of the darkened, obscure consciousness of these people took possession of names and worked with their consciousness. And these beings, who have taken possession of them, who are still subhuman beings, what other beings are these? This is a very serious question to ask. What kind of creatures are they? It was Ahrimanic influences that worked through this darkened consciousness. GA 194, 29-11-1919 Die Sendung Michaëls

The fallen spirits belonging to Mammon in the struggle with Michael have since worked under and by humanity. Not only Ahrimanic spirits, but also Luciferous and Soratic spirits.


Rudolf Steiner:

Yes, the way was paved for the intrusion of demons, who are supporters of the great so-rat demons. You only have to speak to those sensible people who, for example, know something about the starting point of the World War (1914-1918 ed.) , one will never be wrong when one says that almost all of those forty people, who are guilty of the outbreak of this war of the West, had a muddied consciousness at the time of the outbreak of this world war. That's always the gate, the entrance for Ahrimanic demon powers, and one of the greatest demons is Sorat. These are the attempts of Sorat's side, initially only of a temporary duration to penetrate into human consciousness and to create doom, confusion. Not the world war, but that, what followed and what is terrible and will become more and more terrible, for example the present state of Russia, that is what is pursued by the sorta spirits invading people. (Bolshevism 6), see also "Gog Magog") GA346 12-9-1924

Rudolf Steiner:

This is what happens, which plays a much greater role in our time, than what is usually believed. The Ahrimanic spirits cannot incarnate 7), but they can incorporate themselves, temporarily penetrate human souls, use human bodies. Then the brilliant, the glossy, the superior spirit of an arimanic intelligence is stronger than what is in the individual human being, much stronger. Then the individual man can still be so intelligent, then the individual man can have learned so much: when the physical body is completely and completely taken by this learning, an Ahrimanic mind can incorporate itself into him for certain periods. Then it's Ahriman looking out of his eyes, then it's Ahriman moving his fingers, then it's Ahriman snapping his nose, then it's Ahriman walking around. GA237 4-8-1924

Rudolf Steiner:

"When people renounce the genius of an era, the demon of that era comes at them."

A good example of Ahriman-inspired writers are Yuval Harari with Homo Deus and Ray Kurzweil with The Singularity Is Near (NL version).

6 Bolshevism lasted 72 years. According to a prediction by Steiner 1917-1989, the Berlin Wall fell 7 Incarnation instead of incorporation will not take place until Ahriman himself arrives on earth


These writers and also the WEF deny the existence of the soul and free will, but are not consistent in that sense, because they also fight the (according to them not existing) human soul. A man like Harari (video) also in a way warns of developments that he sees coming.

Romy Quint:

This is Yuval Noah Harari. Very popular within elite circles. Obama even called him "his favorite writer."

In this video, he says: 'Covid was critical because it convinces people to accept total biometric surveillance. If we're going to manage the pandemic, it's not enough to watch people. We need to keep an eye on what's going on under their skin.'

Tim Gielen:

Transhumanism is one of the most important issues on the agenda of the new world order. It is the sa-blending of man and machine; a total dependence on technology, and a humanity whose thoughts and behavior will be controlled in every detail by the state. It's the weapon in the war against the soul and nature.

In an interlude by Harari (see video), his thought is "Jesus as the son of God, that is fake news". And by doing so, Harari betrays whose lord he essentially serves.

Rudolf Steiner:

What then is the main work of the Ahrimanic spirits in their fight against the coming Michael's era? And the effective one is that these Ahrimanic minds in times when people's consciousness is muted, so to speak, make people obsess, intervene into human consciousness. For example, many people, who in 1914 had become a darkened consciousness caught up in the origin of the terrible world war (1st) And because of that muted consciousness, the scissors of Ahriman started the war - through these people8). One will not reveal the causes of this war from the archives based on outward documents; but one must look at history and see: there was one size personality, there was another, yet another, muted in their consciousness. And that gave the opportunity for Ahriman to take the human possession. GA240 3rd recitation Arnhem 20 July 1924

Rudolf Steiner:

Therefore, the possibilities for Ahriman's intervention in civilization have become more and more powerful and powerful. Such spirits like Ahriman cannot yet incarnate in a physical body on earth; but they can still work on earth; they can therefore work on earth, they do not incarnate, but they incorporate themselves for certain periods. Then, when that happens, which I have spoken about - just for moments, clouding of the consciousness in this or that human being or scattering of consciousness, then man forms a scale: Ahriman has the opportunity not to incarnate, but to incorporate, to work through the abilities of the people from those people. GA237 3-8-24

8  This is not to say that all evil on earth is caused exclusively by non-human spirits. Man is on his way to becoming a free being and if he darkens his consciousness then that is his own responsibility. See also below the description about Eichmann


Rudolf Steiner:

We can clearly see the beginning of this today, and we can also see the great danger that already exists today for humanity. All human weaknesses are being used for this - because the greatest intellectual imaginable is in the Ahrimanic forces - all human weaknesses, namely their vanity and falsehood, are being used to catch people. What was happening at the time as a starting point for the world war was actually a terrible thing. It is horrible how the vanities of people have been used by the satanic powers to...after there was first an unheard of sleep state in just a few days (1914) call up a whirlpool that put people in a terrible state of wavering (Taumel). GA346 18th nomination 22-9-1924

Rudolf Steiner:

The present war catastrophe (14-18 red.) is only the beginning of the destruction processes, which will occur rhythmically, as it were, and people will begin to understand the purpose on which the forces working in these processes steer. It is indeed a childlike idea to believe that a lasting peace for mankind can follow on from this war catastrophe with a physical plan. Nothing will be able to achieve this. GA 193 4-11-1919

1933-1945 was already a manifestation of this. For example, we find that people of other (fallen) minds can be possessed by David Icke who speaks of reptilians in the elite circles. That may sound strange, but when we look at the biblical use of the words dragon and snake, it is no longer so strange. There are also films such as "the triffids" come". This is not about fallen angels but about aliens (aliens) who take possession of human bodies. And so there are countless more films with this theme. Many films are predictive.

Falling angels


Steiner also reveals a great secret. That by human behavior the guardian angel belonging to him can also fall and join the army of fallen angels. Guardian angels are those beings who help shape the karma of the individual human being. If the angels fall, they will not be able to do that job properly. Michael's task is, among other things, to restore the human karma to its students. At first, this was among the mystery secrets that were not allowed to be revealed. However, shortly before his death, Steiner made announcements about it.

Rudolf Steiner:

This danger would arise "by certain angels who would then undergo a certain change of their own which I cannot speak about, because this change would belong to the higher mysteries of the science of initiation about which it is not yet allowed to speak.

GA237 8-8-1924

Rudolf Steiner:

And the knowledge of this possibility, that in the future there might come times where-on it might be possible that satanic power not only binds the people to themselves by a distraction through intellectuality, but that satanic power also binds beings from the realm of angels, in particular the archangels, at this moment still belongs to the higher mysteries of occultism, which for the time being cannot be spoken about and which can only be revealed under certain conditions. So that we can only suggest that in the future a temptation and temptation of beings from the Hierarchy of the Angels and especially of the archangels might be possible. (GA 346 22-9-1924 18th nomination)

Rudolf Steiner:

...through the year 869, it had to happen that disorder came into the karma of mankind! This is one of the most significant words that can be uttered with respect to the recent history of mankind. Disorder has entered the kar-ma of modern humanity. In the following years, not all experiences were settled correctly in karma. And the chaos of recent history, which brings more and more social and other chaos and cultural chaos in recent history, that does not allow us to reach a goal, is the disorder in which karma has been brought, because there has been a split-sing in the hierarchy of the Angels belonging to Michael. GA 237 8-8-1924

Rudolf Steiner:

In this age, where materialism expands, more and more angels descend and live on earth. They're in. It is they who, in certain periods, when human consciousness is clouded, incorporate themselves and work on earth. A large number of the beings of angels hold back, but those, who in accordance with their angelic karma are closest to the Ahrimanic powers, who do not hold back, who incorporate into humans, dive on-


Der in men during certain times. And then comes what I characterized by that last hour that I said: there is now such a person on earth, he has human abilities, human intelligence, which he practices, perhaps exercises genius, but for a certain time, when his consciousness is clouded, an Ahrimanic angelic intelligence takes possession of him. There can be the following phenomenon: there is a human being, it seems, whether it is a normal human being and his being writes this or that. Now, the Ahrimanic can approach man precisely because of this, by incorporating the intelligent forms... And that is why, Ahriman can act as author. Of course, he uses an angelic creature. He can act as a writer. GA 237 08-08-1924

At the start of the First World War, there were still about 40 people with darkened consciousness in fact "possessed" people responsible for the war. It is not unlikely to assume a multiple of this at the outbreak of the 2nd World War, which has never actually stopped (Korea Viet Nam etc.). And now in the global pandemic, a multiple of these are people with a darkened consciousness. It seems that the (anti-clerical) impulse that also stood behind the Nazi regime at the time (1933-1945) is cyclically returning to Earth.

Frontnews writes the following:

Front news:

The Nazis were not defeated... they went underground and now govern CANADA and the WORLD, pushing for eugenics and depopulation, in line with Adolf Hitler.

The Third Reich never really ended. Although Hitler himself was destroyed, the Nazi regime of the 1920s/1930s/1940s simply went underground and turned into a global movement of infiltration and influence, which now emerges as "globalism".

The World Economic Forum is the training ground for today's Nazis, including national leaders Macron (France), Merkel (Germany) and Trudeau (Canada). Notably, Canada's deputy prime minister, Chrystia Freeland, is the granddaughter of a true Nazi collaborator and propagandist, Michael Chomiak, writes Mike Adams....

That there are soldiers in Ukraine today with Nazi symbols like the

  1. Draw and the swastika on their helmets says it all. When Russia talks about denazification... and America and NATO support these groups.... War is never justifiable, because humanity is always the victim. But behind the root causes often lies more than just the one aggressor who is blamed for everything. On the mentioned Telegram channels a lot more info about this as well as in Apo Nu!


Without suggesting that the Nazis of that time would have been reincarnated again. That might be "too esoteric," but Steiner does mention accelerated incarnations in the 20th - 21st centuries. (this applies to both Michaelites and Ahriman supporters).

Rudolf Steiner:

In short, the reincarnation interval is only with those people who use their lives in a world-damaging (welterer) way that, I would say, leads to doing only what can be called in a real and true sense criminal. There is a short time lag between death and a new birth. But in people who not only fall into selfishness, but spend their lives in a normal way between birth and death, in their case a relatively long duration of time usually takes place between death and a new birth. GA162. 30-5-1915


Rudolf Steiner:

...and Ahriman is already training his students.

Sometimes something develops in our time, which first of all forms the subconscious souls, so that these are quickly born again and can become tools for Ahriman as author. GA 240 Arnhem, 20 July 1924

In addition to temporary narrowing of consciousness in humans, there is also talk of temporary or more permanent incorporations of other beings into human bodies.


Rudolf Steiner:

And that, again, is the shocking, my dear friends: materialism is increasing on the earth, and the most advanced, the most intelligent people, are such that they deny the spiritual, that they begin to mock about it, that spiritual beings would be as in their environment as physical people. In this time, as materialism expands, more and more angels descend to Earth. They're in! It is precisely they who, in certain times, where consciousness is darkened, incorporate themselves and work on earth. A great number of en-geles hold back, but those who are closest to the angel karma do not hold back, but incorporate themselves into people, dive into people at certain times. GA 237, 8-8-1924

Rudolf Steiner:

"We can face human beings who are really only in appearance human beings, subjected to ever-recurring earth lives; in truth they are human bodies with a physical, an ethereal and an astral body, in which beings are embodied to be employed here through these people. It is indeed the case that in the West there are a large number of such people, people who are not in fact just re-embodied people, but who are carriers of beings that have a pronounced early development, which should really only occur in the humanity form at a later stage of development. These creatures do not use the entire human organism, but mainly - in Western man - the metabolic system. Of the three members of human nature, they exploit the metabolic system in such a way that they interact with the physical world through these people. Someone who considers life the right way also sees this appearance to those people. For example, a large number of those belonging to Anglo-Saxon secret societies - we have discussed the role of such secret societies on several occasions in recent years- (GA 200 22 October 1920), members of those secret societies who are influential are actually carriers of such premature beings who act on the world through the metabolic system of certain people and seek a job area through people who do not live in regular re-embodiments. Similarly, the leading personalities of certain sects are of such nature; and in particular, the vast majority of a very widespread sect that has a large following in the West consists of such people. In that way, I might say, a whole different mind-set works on the people of today. And it will be an essential task to be able to make a stand on life from these perspectives ..." GA 200 October 22, 1920

The most widespread sect is the Catholic Church, or in this case the Jesuit part of it. More on that later. (99) and (107)

Me-less people

Rudolf Steiner:

But, on the whole, it is right that in our time there should be some kind of supernumerary people who are I-free, who are not actually human. That's a terrible truth. They walk


Around here, but they are not an incarnation of a I, they are brought into the physical flow of heredity, they get ether body and astral body and are in a way equipped with an achrimanic consciousness; they give the impression of being people when one does not consider them accurately, but in the full sense of the word they are not people.

That's a terrible truth, but it's the truth. On earth, there are people who have a human physical, ethereal and astral body but no I, no individuality; instead of the I incarnate in these people a kind of natural being or an ahrimanic mind GA346, 17-9-1924.-Apokalypse and priesthood- (recently published in Dutch translation ISBN: 9789060385500 Christofoor- Works and speeches).

Rudolf Steiner:

"These are the cases that are becoming more common, where children are born and there are human forms that are not actually human beings with respect to the Supreme I, but that are filled with beings that are not of the human class. Since the 1990s (from the last century (ed.)) there are many I-less people in which there is no reincarnation, but where the human form is filled by a kind of nature demon. There are already a lot of old people who are not really people, but nature-spiritual beings and people only in connection with their form. One cannot establish a school of demons." (GA 300c,3-7-1923 - no hlink)

Rudolf Steiner:

Anyone who claims that one should not be benevolent towards such I-less, individualistic-less people, because they have no future incarnation, because there is no individuality, is very much mistaken. He should therefore say that we should not behave sympathetically towards the children. In each individual case, it is necessary to determine what is actually contained in such a person. Sometimes there are posthumous souls in such people, posthumous to the human souls that arose in a certain era of development and repeatedly embodied themselves as human beings. But they may also be souls left behind, those who later returned from another planet 9), where almost all of humanity had gone at a certain age. Such souls may also be in such human bodies. Therefore, in full consciousness, we must raise these people as if they were permanent children." (GA 346, 17-9-1924)

Rudolf Steiner:

...You see, all this is actually already hidden in the Apocalypse. And if you take these ideas that arise as imaginations — in the Apocalypse, they sometimes carve you terribly, terribly, when they talk about all kinds of suffering that will come over the earthly humanity — then we have to say, well, in our time, a lot of these things are really present, but in mental aspects. ...(GA 346, 17-9-1924)

This also shows that such a sensitive subject as this needs to be looked at in a nuanced way. But it's not just Rudolf Steiner who speaks of possessed and or "I-less people." Gurdjieff and Aurobindo also speak about this in their way.

George Gurdjieff

"A significant percentage of the people we meet on the street are people who are empty inside, that is, they are actually already dead. It's fortunate for us that we don't see it and we don't know it. If we knew how many people were actually dead and how many of these dead people were us

9  Incarnations from other planets, see article un-identified


To control life, we would go mad with horror." - GI Gurdjieff

and Aurobindo:

Sri Aurobindo:

"- There are people who are like vampires. What are they, and why are they like that? They are not human; there is only a human form or appearance. They are incarnations of beings from the world that is right next to the physical, beings that live in the area that we call the vital world. It is a world of all desires and impulses and passions and of movements of violence and greed and cunning and all kinds of ignorance; but also all dynamics are there, all life energies and all forces. The creatures of this world naturally have a strange grip on the material world and can exert a sinister influence on it.

Some of them are formed from the remains of man that remain after death in the vital at-mosphere near the earthly plane. His desires and hunger still drive there and remain in shape even after the dissolution of the body; often they are moved to continue to manifest themselves and to satisfy themselves, and the birth of these creatures of the vital world is the consequence. But these are small creatures and, although they can be very difficult, it is not yet impossible to deal with them.

There are others, far more dangerous, who have never been in human form; never have they been born on earth in a human body, for they usually refuse to accept this way of birth because slavery is the matter and they prefer to stay in their own world, powerful and repugnant, and from there control the earthly beings. Because if they don't want to be born on Earth, they do want to be in contact with physical nature, but without being bound by it. Their method is to first try to exert their influence on a human being; then they slowly enter his atmosphere and can eventually gain full possession of him, completely exorcizing the real human soul and personality. These creatures, when they possess an earthly body, may have the human appearance, but they have no human nature. It is their custom to harness the life force of people; they attack and capture vital power where they can and feed on it. When they get into your atmosphere, you suddenly feel depressed and exhausted; if you are around for a while, you get sick; if you live with one of them, it can kill you.

- But how do you get such creatures from your environment once they are there?

The life force incarnated in these beings is of a very material nature and works only a short distance away. If you don't live in the same house or are not in the same company with them, you are not normally under their influence. But if you open up a communication or connection channel, for example, through letters, you enable an exchange of forces, and you're even remotely influenced by it. (NB author: Communication via the internet is likely to be included).

The most sensible way to deal with these beings is to break all connection and have nothing to do with them - unless you indeed have great occult knowledge and power and have learned to protect and protect yourself - but even then it is always dangerous to go with them. The hope of transforming them, as some people do, is a vain illusion; for they do not want to be changed. They do not intend to allow any transformation and all efforts in that direction are futile.

These beings, when in the human body, are often unaware of what they really are. Sometimes they have a vague feeling that they are not completely human on the ordinary


way. But there are still cases where they are conscious and very conscious; not only do they know that they are not part of humanity, but they know what they are, act in that knowledge and purposefully pursue their goals. The beings of the vital world are naturally powerful; when they add knowledge to their power, they become doubly dangerous.

There is nothing to do with these beings; you must avoid contact with them unless you have the power to crush and destroy them. If you are forced to contact them, beware of the enchantment they can express. These vital beings, when manifested on the physical plane, always have a great hypnotic power; for the center of their consciousness is in the vital world and not in the material world and they are not obscured and diminished by the material consciousness as humans are."

- Sri Aurobindo, The hidden forces of life - The integral yoga

Aurobindo shows here that he has the knowledge of the initiated. Much of what he says can also be found at Steiner in slightly different terms.

To get a representation of what I-less can mean and how to recognize it is by the example of Adolf Eichmann.

Rolf H. van Velthoven:

On 29 May 2013, Hannah Arendt was released as the film Hannah Arendt. The film is centered on the reaction of the philosopher Hannah Arendt during the trial in Jerusalem of Adolf Eichmann, the creator and implementer of the factory destruction of Jews under the Nazi regime.

Hannah Arendt, then a professor at New York City, was there to report the proceedings to the New Yorker. The direction from hand.

The film nicely depicts the moment when Arendt becomes aware of what she perceives: an ordinary, obedient official, not a monster, as many would expect from Eichmann's record. For her, essential is also the defense that Eichmann leads for his actions: to raise all possible clichés, such as that he simply did his job and that he was loyal to his client. Eichman had the direction about himself, about his thinking and doing, outsourced to Hitler!

It brought Arendt to its familiar statement about "the banality of evil": to do harm to man and the world, you do not need to be a monster or devil at all. For this purpose, it is sufficient to have two circumstances, namely the absence of an independent, self-employed, critical judgment and societal circumstances that invite comformism based on fear of deviation and prominence.

We are talking in Eichmann's person about a kind of I-less human being who, under the oppressive conditions of the Nazi regime, willingly follows what is expected of him. Eichman is loyal to his boss, Hitler, for whose bread one eats, one speaks one's word. In other words, if Eichmann as his boss had struck Nelson Mandela, he would have been equally faithful and uncritical in the acts that Mandela would have instructed him to perform. However, the result of this would most likely have been radically different.

Likewise, there are very good officials today who, according to 'befehl ist be-fehl', devise and have implemented the most inhumane measures. You can check your


I am right to ask whether a Hugo de Jonge and his officials from VWS do not belong to this category either. The police officers who without any compassion beat up innocent demonstrators who stood up for their rights and freedom could also be described as such. But not all Me-less people serve the evil. Many, according to Steiner, can also be treated as permanent children (see also quote above). This issue is discussed here in much greater detail. And here too.

The Apocalypse of John:

John's Apocalypse reports that after the 5th angel of God (Rev. 9:1-3) blew on his trumpet, a star fell from heaven and was given the key to the abyss. This opened the abyss, so that locust-like creatures with human faces fell on the world to bring disaster to humanity. As king they have the angel of the abyss above them, who is called Abaddon. (Rev. 9:11 )

The locusts mentioned in the Bible are, according to Steiner, the I-less people (of the evil kind). And Abaddon means the exterminator or destroyer.

20th century

A quick look at this chapter that can serve as a thread through the 20th century.

Start Michael era from 1879 also start era Mammon...

  • 1899 End Kali Yuga (Dark Age)

  • 1902 Anthroposophy beginning and beginning light era

  • 1917 Russian Revolution; Bolshevism

  • 1923 Re-establishment of anthroposophical association and 1923/1924 the "Weihnacht stagung"

  • 1933-1945 Return of Christ and at the same time coming of the first beast 1933 and continuation 2nd Mystery of Golgotha, Nazi dictatorship

  • 1956 Hungary Revolt

  • 1966 Emergence flower power

  • 2nd half 20th century Christ becomes Lord of Karma

  • 1989 Val Berlin Wall

  • End of 20th century battle of all against all


  • In 1998 Sorat also stirs the second beast elevates its head

  • Possible culmination at the end of the century but possibly also grave civilization or welten-kamaloka or even deeper state than Kali Yuga

  • 2023 and 24 3x33 years after re-establishment anthroposophic association and Weihnacht stagung

  • 2033-2045 Expected Singularity

  • First and second fall Babylon

  • Early 3rd millennium incarnation Ahriman (timeframe not exact)

  • Then fall of Ahriman (third fall of Babylon)

However, this chronology is heavily dependent on the free will of people and the extent to which opposing forces can cause delay or acceleration.

It now seems that at that time for kulmination may coincide with singularity that could take place around 2033-2045. Great reset is a stepping stone. It is to be hoped that there will be a "great awakening" that was already expected for the Maya year 2012 but unfortunately did not occur to that extent.

Prior to the arrival of the new Michael era, Steiner said that during the same period in which Michael's battle against the dragon took place, 1841-1879, an extremely important event occurred. The year 1843 was a low point of materialism in human thought.

2nd Mystery of Golgotha

Rudolf Steiner:

The Christ has been crucified twice: first physically in the physical world (Mystery of Golgo-tha) and a second time in the 19th century. The germs of earthly materialism, which have been increasingly introduced into the spiritual world since the 16th century by the souls through the gate of death and which were increasingly darkness there, formed the "black atmosphere of materialism". It was absorbed into its being by Christ in the sense of the Manichaean principle, to metamorphose it. This worked in the angel-creature, in which the Christ-creature revealed since the mystery of Calvary, the "spiritual suffocation-death". This sacrifice of Christ can be characterized as a second crucifixion of Christ on the ethereal plan. This spiritual suffocation death, which caused the elevation of the consciousness of the respective angelic being, is a repeat of the mystery of Calvary in those worlds, which lie directly behind our own, allowing a renewed resurgence of the previously hidden Christ consciousness in the souls of the people on earth. This revival becomes the clairvoyant sight of man with the 20th century. One can say, man experienced the resurrection of his body in the then time, it will experience the resurrection of his consciousness from the 20th century onwards. (GA 152 London 2-5- 1913)

Rudolf Steiner:

...And Christ had to experience a renewal of the Mystery of Calvary, albeit not on


Same scale as the previous one. Then he went through death, now it was a being cast out of his being in the spiritual world. And thereby the eternal law of the spiritual world was fulfilled in him. What disappears in the higher, spiritual world, arises again in the lower world....

If in the twentieth century it is possible for souls to develop an understanding of the Mystery of Calvary, then it is because of this event that the Christ was driven out of the spiritual worlds by a conspiracy of materialistic souls, and was transferred to the sensual world, to the human world, so that a new understanding of the Christ can begin also in this sensual world. That is why the Christ is united in an even more intimate way with everything that is the fate of the people on earth. (GA 152 20-5-1913)

The suffering of Christ during the 1st Mystery of Calvary is described by Steiner al-dus:

Rudolf Steiner:

"It would be absurd to believe that the Christ, because He died as a divine spiritual being, did not suffer pain. To explain the pain of the Mystery of Calvary as a lou-ter illusory pain would be unrealistic. It should be considered real in the most significant sense." Christ had become one with the human envelopes of Jesus of Nazareth and therefore had to feel in a human way what he experienced in these envelopes. This painful experience of the Christ was necessary to achieve the victory of the mind over matter.

27.3. 1921, The Easter Thought, Ascension Revelation and the Mystery of Pentecost, 1st V. Ph.-A. V. 1930

This is to indicate that this was also the case during the second Mystery of Gol-gotha and its sequel in the 20th century and in our current time. This suffering is beyond human comprehension. The description of Junko Althaus in this article gives an impression of this.

From 1909 Steiner also started to point out the then imminent return of Christ in the ethereal world (in the clouds). In connection with this he has in various ways highlighted the year 1933. Where both the return and at the same time the functioning of the opposing powers are mentioned. Also in this article.

1933 - 45

Rudolf Steiner:

The first indications of these new soul abilities, which will be noticed in some souls relatively soon. And they'll be more evident in the mid-1930s of our century, roughly in the time between 1930 and 1940, the years 1933, 1935 and 1937 will be particularly important. There, people will show very special abilities as a natural predisposition.


At this time, great changes will occur and prophecies of the biblical ear-köden will fulfill themselves.

Then everything will change for the souls who live on earth and also for those who are no longer in a physical body. Regardless, where they are, these souls, they live there completely new abilities. Everything changes. The most important event of our time, however, is a profound change in the soul capacities of the people. (GA 118 25-1-1910)

Rudolf Steiner:

So now we take humanities in a totally different way. We learn that it is something, which imposes upon us an unprecedented great responsibility, for it is a preparation for the very concrete event of the return of Christ. (GA 118 25-1-1910)

This is the time of great decisions, this great crisis, which actually speaks of the sacred books of all times and which are basically intended for our era. (GA 237, 3-8-1924)

Rudolf Steiner:

But it has been pointed out, that we are living in an important time of human development, that before the end of this century new forces develop in the human soul, which will lead people to develop a kind of ethereal clairvoyance, where-by for certain people as by natural development will renew the event that Paul experienced for Damascus. So that the Christ for the heightened spiritual abilities of the people in an ethereal robe will come again. What Paul saw before Damas kiss will increasingly be felt by more and more souls. And then one will notice in the world that humanities are something, which will be as a proclaimed revelation of a renewed and metamorphosed truth of the Christusimpuls. (GA 118, 15-5-1910)

Rudolf Steiner:

In 1933, my friends, there was a possibility that the earth would be destroyed with everything that lives on it, if this other way of provision was not made that is not able to be calculated. The calculations cannot be correct when the comets have taken other forms. You should say in the spirit of the writer of the Apocalypse: "Before the ethereal Christ can be properly understood by the people, humanity must first explain itself with the encounter with the beast that rises in 1933" That is apocalyptically spoken. GA 346 Dornach, 20 September 1924

This is a much-quoted piece, and the priests who first heard it in 1924, they were given an enormous responsibility, because many of them have been able to see the events since 1933. The content of this Pries-terapokalypse GA 346 has not been made public until 1993. The content was not considered suitable for the general public.

Rudolf Steiner:

If he had really sharpened his perceptiveness by expounding himself with anthroposophy, he might notice that suddenly someone is near him, coming, to help, to make him aware of this or that; that he meets the Christ - he believes, however, that it is a man in physical form. But he will notice from that, that it is a transcendental being, that it immediately disappears. Many will even, when with his heart imprinted, filled with suffering, sit still in his room and no longer know how to proceed, that the door will be opened: the ethereal Christ will appear and by-


To speak to him in comfort. A living comforter will become the Christ for the people! Can this seem grotesque today, but where is it, that sometimes, when people sit together, they no longer see a way out, and also when larger groups of people sit together and wait; that they will then see the ethereal Christ! Then He will be it himself, will deliberate, will bring His word into meetings... (GA 130, 1-10-1911)

The account of Dagmar deserves in this respect the attention as well as the poem of Willem Brandt. As is well known, 1933 is also the time when Hitler came to power with his vassals, who then until 1945 could exercise his reign of terror together with Mussolini from Italy, Japan and others worldwide. With concentration camps ho-locaust and also finally the American atomic bomb. Which is now called the 2nd World War Log.

Rudolf Steiner:

With this beginning of the forties (1841) the sixth trumpet begins to blow, and he will blow, until the end of the 20th century (1998) that events occur, of which I spoke yesterday (GA 346 16 -9 -1924), where the seventh trumpet begins to blow. So we are already in the area of labor. (GA 346, 17-09-1924)

In an earlier article by the author about comets, eea was described in even more detail in 1933.

A quote below follows the description of the 2nd mystery of Calvary in the 19th century and is a sequel to it in the 20th century.

Rudolf Steiner:

Historical Symptomatology. The Mystery of the Evil in the 5th Cultural Age. Now, when the Christ will appear again in the ethereal, when another kind of Mystery of Calvary will be experienced, the evil will have a similar meaning to birth and death in the 4th post-Atlantic era. In the 4th post-Atlantic period, the Christ developed his impulse for the earth's humanity from death. And it may be said that from the followed death arose what flowed into mankind. Thus, from the angry, paradoxical way, humanity will be fed from the 5th post-Atlantic era to the renewal of the mystery of Calvary. It is through the experience of the evil that the Christ can re-appear, as it has appeared through death in the 4th era. (GA 185 26-10-1918)

Everything is moving towards a kind of culmination in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The time we've arrived.

The evil man is also doing his utmost to stop what is described here, or even to make the opposite happen. The 20th century has plenty of examples of this. In Prokofieff's book, "die Begegnung mit dem Bösen", it goes in detail on the various impulses of evil, in particular the Bolschewismus, Jesuism and the Nazis following the 666 Impuls, namely In the years 666-1332-1998. Aharon also writes about this from a slightly different perspective.


Yesaiah Ben-Aharon:

Bolshevism in the East, fascism and Nazism in the Middle East, and capitalism in the West, in the course of the 20th century as the evil metamorphoses of freedom, equality, fraternity. These three reversals are united as three "heads" in the body of one and the same "beast" of historical reversal. (Archetypically, the beast has 7 heads, which we cannot study in detail here; in reality, of course, it has infinitely more, because it is individualized in every nation and person).

Rudolf Steiner:

Yes, those fraternities, of whom I have just spoken to you, who want to banish the souls of the people in the materialistic sphere, these fraternities have the aim, to let the Christ pass unnoticed in the 20th century, not to let His coming as ethereal individuality become noticeable to the people. And this aspiration develops under the influence of a very particular idea, actually a very particular impulse of will; they aim to conquer the sphere of influence, which Christ must come through in the 20th century and later, for another being - we will speak more precisely about that - for another being. There are Western fraternities, which strive to strip the Christ of his impulse and to put another individuality, which does not once appear anywhere in the flesh, but only an ethereal individuality, but is strictly Ahrimanic nature, in its place. (GA 178 Dornach, 18 November 1917)

No mention is made of Ahriman's reign. Because it is expected to incarnate in a body of flesh and blood although it is "prepared" by genetic engineering and transhumanic technique. But at the earlier time-point than this incarnation, Ahriman can incorporate himself into humans. The example images were mentioned earlier. (Ahriman as author e.g.) Read more about this in the articles:

The triumph of Ahriman's coming incarnation 1 (2) (3)

Rudolf Steiner:

Satan has the rank of primal powers, of Archai, and he is the one who, in the course of the world revolution, seized upon this intellectuality long before it approached man in the manner described. He is now, so to speak, the most comprehensive possessor of intellectuality. And he strives to bind human intellectuality to his as closely as possible, that man can fall out of his evolution in this way. This Ahrimanic power thus strives to render the Mystery of Calvary ineffective. (GA 346, 22 Sep 1924)

Before the end of the 20th century, Steiner foresaw another major event.


Christ Lord of Karma

Rudolf Steiner:

So why is it that from the 20th century, the Christ Jesus will increasingly invade the ordinary consciousness of the people? - This is for the following reason. Just like the physical plan in the beginning of our time calculation in Palestine, an event took place in which the Christ played the most essential role, an event that has meaning for all mankind, so in the course of the 20th century, by the end of the 20th century, another important-rich event will take place, certainly not in the physical world, but in the higher worlds, and in that world, which we describe primarily as the world of ethereal. And this event will have as much fundamental significance for the development of humanity as the Palestinian event at the beginning of our time-scale. Just as we have to say: for Christ himself, the Golgotha event meant that a god died precisely because of this event, a god has overcome death....., this is how an event will happen

more profound, that it takes place not only on the physical plan, but in the ethereal world. And by this, that this event takes place, thereby created the possibility that the very people who are learning to see the Christ will look. What is this event? This event is nothing other than that a certain office in the world - already before human development in the 20th century - passes in an elevated way, than it has been until now - to the Christ. And here teaches us the occult, the clairvoyant research, which enters our era the important-rich, that the Christ becomes the Lord of the karma of human development. And this is the beginning for what we also find in the gospels with the words: ’he will come again, to separate or to provoke the crisis (latest focused Bible) for the living and the dead’.- Only in the sense of occult research this event should not be understood as if it were a one-off event, that takes place on the physical plan, but it is related to the whole future development of humanity. And while Christianity and Christian development has so far represented a kind of preparation, now it is important to enter into the world, that the Christ becomes the Lord of karma (fate), that it becomes his task to direct in the future, which is our karmic credit, how our debts and credit relate to each other. (GA 131, 7-10-1911)

Rudolf Steiner:

We have pointed to this office, as it were, in relation to the suffering Christ of Calvary as the triumphant Christ, as the Lord of Karma, who were already considered as visions of the future by those who painted the Christ of Last Judgment. If one paints this or depicts it in photographs, they represent something that will happen at some point in time.

In reality, this is something that starts in the 20th century and goes on to the end of the Earth. Judgments begin from the 20th century, that is, the arrangement of karma

And then we've seen how infinitely important it is to our time that this revelation comes to humanity, so that even things like faith, love and hope can be valued. (GA 130 2-12-1911)

This also indicates a continuation of the 2nd mystery of Calvary.

In the period 1841-1879, Christ absorbed the human in a Manichean manner


evil from the materialistic thoughts of dead materialists in the ether world. The angelic in which he then stayed experienced a spiritual suffocation death. As Lord of Karma, Christ now absorbs the human evil (karma) that came into the physical world through actions of man in the 20th century. This was so great (Holocaust gulag atomic bomb) and the counter-powers were so powerful that a revival of human consciousness could not take place to such an extent that the hoped-for kulmination could not take place at the end of the century (recent book Aharon).

The illegitimate god of this world had already taken his residence in the inner sanctuary, the temple of man. The prophet Daniel and Paul already spoke about this.

Matthew 24:

When you now see the horrific image of the empty me creating wastelands, which the prophet Daniel says is rising at the holy place...

Thessalonians 2:3,4,7

Don't let anyone mislead you in any way. First the apostasy must come and the man of chaos must reveal himself, the son of persecration, the opponent who rises above all that is worshiped as divine or holy and who, after all, in God's temple puts himself on the place of God and acts himself as a God.

Do you not remember that I told you this while I was with you? So you also know what stops him now, until he will reveal himself at the time determined for him. The mystery of chaos is already working; only the power that is holding it back needs to be removed.

Then, however, the man of chaos will act in an undisguised manner. But the Lord will wipe him away by the breath of his mouth and destroy him by the radiant appearance of his presence.

The coming of the opponent is accomplished through the operation of the Satan with mere power, to-know and false miracles and with all possible criminal temptation for those who are lost, because they have not absorbed the love to the truth that could have saved them. Therefore, God allows a wandering spirit to work in them, so that they believe in the lie. Thus, all those who do not trust in the truth, but agree with the injustice, must go through the crisis.

"As God in the temple of God": indicates that the counterpowers in the all-holy of man have already entered. The temple stands for the human body. In that body, the human "I" is no longer present, neither is Christ.

(under: "Not Me but the Christ in Me", Galatians, 2.20).10)

In the book of Jesaiah Ben Aharon, "The Spiritual Event of the 20th Century", be-

10  Christ speaks of rebuilding the temple in 3 days. This temple refers to the crucified human body that is transformed from the dead into the resurrection body (JOHN 2:18-22)

The exorcism of the moneylenders and the pet traffickers from the temple also means that the Ahrimanic and luciferous forces are being driven out of the body, the so-called temple cleansing. But this can also have a double meaning


The author writes extensively about both the light and the deep darkness as he experienced it in an imagination (in 1975) regarding the return of Chris-tus to the ethereal world on the one hand and the emergence of the evil one on the other. In the book itself you can read how the entire imagination is constructed. Another book, "The Twilight and Resurrection of Humanity-The History of the Michaelic Movement since the Death of Rudolf Steiner", is a continuation of this. The book "The New Expe-rience of the Supersensible: The anthroposophical knowledge drama of our time".

The German title is: "Menschendämmerung und Auferstehung der Menschheit" .Here-similar is the experience of a Japanese woman living in Europe (Junko Althaus), she writes in abridged form in her blog:

Junko Althaus:

Although the obfuscation of the consciousness of the German people through the deliberate use of Hitler's powers "the financial means" and the magical acts has succeeded, no one could prevent Christ's breakthrough in the ethereal at that time between 1930-1945. As Rudolf Steiner predicted, the consciousness of mankind was changed by the action of Christ. In the midst of the terrible war, where the -I- of the people of the world experienced an indescribable powerlessness and darkness that had never existed before, the spiritual curtain that until that time the people, who were not initiated, separated from the reality of the ethereal world in which the Christ reveals himself, was torn forever.


Junko Althaus:

The humanity-I collapsed into a total darkness in the war - so deep, that - I-I experienced the inner death in a human way. It was precisely also the moment when it began that the Christ in the ethical also can be spontaneously seen and lived by the people, who do not have spiritual preparations like educated initiates who possess.


Junko Althaus:

As late as World War II, something important happened in the transcendental world. Humanity consciousness was so greatly darkened on Earth. The soul of humanity experienced an almost complete eclipse and was in an unprecedented powerlessness. At this spiritual-soul zero of complete despair of the -I-of humanity, which was caused by the mutual endless slaughter throughout the world by the use of the latest intelligent technology. The cohesion of humanity within humanity - I - was attacked in the most intense way, while people completely forgot about the true dimension of humanity through fanatical and unilateral ideologies.


Junko Althaus:

In this complete eclipse an event has taken place: the world curtain that completely separated humanity from the Christ was torn in the middle. That happened when the heart of humanity was greatly darkened in this brutal war. There was a scream of the human consciousness, which transcended the cosmic human consciousness


A violent way went through. A cry, caused by an indescribably painful spiritual birth, that the Christ experienced from within. And behind this torn temple robe was revealed the Christ in his ether form, which made infinite love pour out, even during that terrible world war. From an all-spiritual on-

power awakened humanity—I to a new era in the presence of Christ.

The struggle of all against all

Rudolf Steiner:

It has long been alluded to within our humanities that the war of all against all is being driven - you will also find this described in the cycle of speeches on the Apo calypse (1908 ed. GA 104.) From NOW on (capital letters by author) we must take this completely as very, very serious and significant (Luciferous past Ahrimanic future).

We are approaching a time when, as I indicated recently, people will understand what the atom really is. And it will be understood that the atom is nothing but solidified electricity. The idea itself is made up of the same substance. Indeed, one will come so far, before the fifth cultural period (1413-3573 AD) ends, that one will be able to act on the atom. If one can first understand the connection of matter between the thought and the atom, one will soon understand how one can influence the atom. And nothing will be closed off to certain kinds of effects anymore: I will be able to stand here and unnoticed a button, which I carry in my pocket, to inflate an object at a far distance, for example in Hamburg, as you can already wirelessly telegraph, by producing a wave motion here and expressing it in a certain other place. That may occur in time, when the occult truth that thought and atom consist of the same substance, will be carried through in practical life. It is impossible to imagine what would happen in such a case, if mankind had not then become selfless. Only by acquiring selflessness will it be possible to keep mankind from the brink of destruction. The demise of our present earth age will be brought about by the lack of morality. The Lemurian earth age has been destroyed by fire, the Atlantic by water; ours will be destroyed by the war of all against all, evil, by the struggle between the people. The people will destroy themselves in mutual battles. And it will be desolate - more desolate than other types of doom - that the people themselves will bear the blame.

Source: Rudolf Steiner -GA 93- Goldene Legende

But some of the things described above are already reality at the moment. In particular, the press of the button, think of cruise missiles and also the lack of morality.

Rudolf Steiner:

More than any other struggle, this struggle has been placed in the human heart. Inside it is the veran-kerd since the last third of the 19th century. The decisive thing is what people-hearts do with this Michael affair in the world during the 20th century. And in the


The course of this 20th century, when the first 100 years after the end of the Kali Yuga will have ended, is man or at the grave of all civilization or at the beginning of that era, where in the souls of the people, who in their hearts connect intelligence with spirituality, the Michael struggle in favor of the Micharl impulse is fought. GA 240 19-7-1924

Rudolf Steiner:

That's the thing, the thing that anthroposophers really need to move: here I am. The anthroposophical impulse is in me, I recognize this as the Michael impulse. I wait while I make myself stronger while waiting by the right anthroposophical work in the present and use the short interim period, which is precisely the an-troposophical souls assigned in the 20th century between death and a new birth, to come back at the end of the 20th century and continue the movement with a much more spiritual force. I'm preparing for this new era of the 20th in the 21st century - a true anthroposophical soul says to itself - because there are many destructive forces on the earth. Decadent will become the whole cultural life, the whole civilization of the earth, when the spirituality of the Michael impulse does not seize upon man, when people again are unable to uplift that gene, which as civilization wants to fall down today. GA 240 27-8-1924

Rudolf Steiner:

My dear friends, the anthroposopher needs to be conscious, must have clarity about how he was called, to prepare now, what needs to expand more and more as spirituality, will come to the culmination, where the true anthroposophers will be again, but united with the others, at the end of the 20th century. Consciousness must have the true anthroposophist, that it is now a question of being able to participate in the battle between Ahriman and Michael. Only by this, that such spirituality, as it seeks to flow through the anthroposophical movement, unites with other spiritual currents, will Michael find those impulses, which will reunite him with the earthly intelligence, which actually belongs to him. It will be my task now to show you, with what refined means Ahriman wants to prevent this, what fierce struggle this 20th century is in. (GA 237, 28-7-1924)

Rudolf Steiner:

  • That these people will appear again with an acceleration of their evolution at the end of this 20th century... It is a preparation for that which, initially in great, encompassing-tense, intensive acts of mind, will happen at the end of the century, after much has gone forward, which opposes a spiritualization of modern civilization. (GA 346 12-9-1924)

What other spiritual movements Steiner intended here is not clear.

In other places, however, he mentioned the movements of Mani (referred to here earlier in their struggle against the evil) and those of the (real) Rosicrucians, of the Grail and of the Templars in their present form.

Michael's struggle against Ahriman is not just a struggle of humanity. Throughout humans, there are all sorts of other beings competing with them.

Rudolf Steiner:

Michael needs luciferous creatures to help overcome the polar opposition, to overcome Ahriman. So that the Michael people are already placed in - one might not say


a struggle, but in a turmoil of interaction between Luciferous impulses and Ahrimanic impulses. And these things became very certain by the end of the last century. (around 1900) It was not so rare then that one could look through this veil, as I have called it. Then they saw how strongly Michael had to fight Ahriman, and how easy it was to let consciousness be distracted by all kinds of Luciferous influences. You may say that abnormalities in consciousness and fainting are not so strange. Certainly, externally they are nothing special; but they become something important by what comes in their wake, which comes when the distraction or clouding of consciousness is there. (GA 237 28-7-1924)

Rudolf Steiner:

Thus the "I" will be the collateral for the highest goal of the people.

But at the same time, when it does not find love, when it hardens, the seducer, plunges it into the abyss. It is then that which separates the people, which calls for the great war of all against all, not just the war of nations against peoples, because popular understanding will no longer have the meaning that it has today, but the war of the individuals against the individuals in the most diverse areas of life, the war of the estates against the estates, the castes against the castes, the sexes against the sexes. In all areas of life the "I" will become a bone of contention, and therefore we can say that the "I" can bring to the highest on the one hand and to the deepest on the other, therefore it is a sharp double-edged sword. (GA 104 25-06-1908)

Earlier I wrote here about people employed by Ahriman will be back on earth after a shortened incarnation. This is especially so because within the current Michael period certain spiritual goals still have to be achieved, and this applies both to the Michael servants and their opposites on the side of Mammon. And so the struggle of all against all is put back into our present.

Rudolf Steiner:

And if development were to continue, if we were to develop these consequences further, we would have arrived at the end of the 20th century at the battle of all against all, precisely in those areas of earth development where the so-called newer civilization has developed.

The people can still make such fine speeches, have made so much scientific progress, we would face a war of all against all. We would see a humanity evolve, which has no more social instincts, but which would talk all the more about social things. (GA 206 06-8-1921)

In 1908, Steiner also gave lectures on the apocalypse (GA104). But that was the so-called grand apocalypse. The war of all against all is described there in a much further future. But in the so-called small olive mountain apocalypse associated with the age of the soul of consciousness, it is earlier in the late 20th century. He speaks about this mainly in GA 346 Priestapokalypse from 1924.



Rudolf Steiner:

Thus mankind is faced with the decision: whether to be carried down together with that which comes through the comet of Hal-ley, in a darkness, which is still under the Kali Yuga, or by not overlooking the anthroposophical concept, which is present as a predisposition of new abilities, to find the way to the country, which has disappeared today in accordance with oriental literature, that the Christ will show humanity again: to the land of Scham-balla. That's the big viewpoint standing at the intersection: either down or up or up: or in something, which as a world kamaloka is still under the Kali Yuga, or in that, which allows man to enter that area, which in truth is meant by the name Scham-balla. (GA 116, 9-3-1910 and see also GA118)

Kamaloka is a post-death state known as purgatory. Man is confronted with his evil deeds. But since the concentration camps of the Second World War and the Holocaust, hell is no longer in the hereafter but also on Earth. The word "world-kamaloka" is therefore a very dramatic perspective.

1998, the 7th trumpet

Rudolf Steiner:

We are now approaching the imminent time period of the third 666: 1998. At the end of this century we come to the point where Sorat will raise his head the strongest again from the abyss of evolution, opposing the appearance of Christ, which the prepared people will already have in the first half of the twentieth century through the visibility of the ethereal Christ. It will only last two thirds of this century for Sorat to raise his head in a powerful way. [...] (GA 346 12-9-1924)

Rudolf Steiner:

This was all in front of him. The entry of Michael into the spiritual evolution of humanity at the end of the 19th century and of the ethereal Christ in the first half of the 20th century will be followed by the entry of the sun demon before the end of this century.

But even today's man is in the middle of this with his priestly work, in that he has to look at the rise of the Michael Mystery in the seventies, at the appearance of Christ in the first half of the twentieth century and at the imminent rise of Sorat and the followers of Sorat at the end of the twentieth century. If we, as people who understand the signs of time, organize our lives in the sense of these three mysteries of our time: the Michael Mystery, the Christ Mystery and the Sorat Mystery , then we will work properly in the terrain that our karma has assigned us, and the priest in his priestly terrain. (GA 346 12-9-1924)


Rudolf Steiner:

The World War (1st) with all its evil side effects will only be the beginning of even more evil. For mankind currently faces a great eventuality: for the possibility of seeing everything fall into the abyss, which is civilization, or by raising spirituality, to continue in the sense of, which lies in the Michaēl impulse, which stands for the Christusimpuls. (GA

240 (27-8-1924)

The third millennium pandemic and Ukraine

The above as a prelude to the theme of the pandemic as an attack on the soul

The new millennium started immediately with the false flag operation nine eleven. What was immediately striking was the report of that journalist who said that a building 7 had collapsed. But on that little movie, that building's just standing. A little later it collapses (26 minutes later). Mistake in the direction of the elite towards the journal. A great deal has already been written and debated about this. (11)

BBC Tapes Report

During the report, the huge building is visible as part of the skyline, which had already been altered at the time. Where the Twin Towers stood, a huge hole is yawning. The reporter sees the gap (partially) for the place where WTC-7 should also have been located. It should be noted that the reporter is merely a channel for events and will not be primarily based on her own observations. The collapse of WTC-7 was reported in the footage as follows: "The 47 storey Salomon Brothers Building close to the World Trade Center has also collapsed." This name for what was later called WTC-7 or building 7 is correct.

At some point, the BBC's connection to the reporter goes down. If the connection had not been severed, the building in question would have collapsed after about five minutes (exactly to the right of her face).

The next entry dates back to 1981. It is also said to be an edited version. However, given the practice of today's pandemic, it is worth mentioning. It certainly sheds light on intentions that have been gaining ground in certain circles for decades. Attali was an important advisor to French presidents.

Jacques Attali

"In the future, it will be about finding a way to reduce the population. We will

11  9/11 Many studies have been done afterwards and it has been shown that it was a false flag operation from the very beginning. Immediately after the events, a very thick paper manuscript was already available, the so-called Patriot Act. These layers could never have been manufactured as quickly as before. It's basically the same concept as the pandemic. In fact, this was the legalization of state terrorism


Let's start with the oldest of us, because once he's over 60-65 years old, man lives longer than he produces, and society will pay dearly for that.

Then there are the weak and the useless, who do not contribute anything to society, because it is going to become more and more of it. Finally, especially the stupid ones.

Euthanasia aimed at these groups. Euthanasia must be an essential tool in our future societies, in all cases.

Of course, we will not be able to execute people or organize camps. We will have to get rid of them by making them believe that it is for their own good.

Too large a population, most of which is still unnecessary, is too expensive economically. Socially, it's also much better for the human machine to abruptly stop, rather than to have gradual degeneration.

We will not be able to do intelligence tests on millions and millions of people, you can imagine!

We'll find something on it or just cause it ourselves. Like a human-centered pandemic, real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the elderly, whatever, the weak and the anxious will perish.

The stupid people will believe it and ask to be treated quickly. We will have to make sure that we have planned this treatment, which will be the solution.

So the idiots will be selected by themselves: they will go to the slaughterhouse entirely on their own initiative.

[The future of life - Jacques Attali, 1981] Interviews with Michel Salomon, Les Visages de l’avenir col-lection, éditions Seghers."

This Attali is still active. He predicts in 2014 that the Third World War will start with Ukraine. Now the next statement by Steiner from 1918 can also be found on the Internet. However, the exact source of this is not yet known. It is not known whether this was the case.


During the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Ukrainian People's Republic was recognized as an independent country for the first time

Attali, a frequent guest on political talk shows in France, predicted in 2014 that the Third World War would begin with Ukraine. The video ends with former French President Nicolas Sarkozy warning: "We will move forward together towards a new world order, and no one, and I mean no one, will be able to stand up to that. Watch the next clip.

They call Attali a prophet here. But if you are actively guiding the cradle of events then you better talk about self-fulfilling prophecy.

George Friedman

For more than 100 years, the aim of US policy has been to prevent a European super-power and to bring Germany and Russia closer together. This intention also determines the current conflict over Ukraine. In a lecture to the renowned Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Fried-man said, "Germany, along with Russia, poses a serious threat to America's global power policy." Consequently, the Americans would do everything possible to torpedo a rapprochement between these two countries. This would be particularly evident in Ukraine, where the US would intervene more and more directly and override the German Government's restrained policy.

George Friedman, American political scientist, founder and director of the think tank STRATFOR at the Chicago Council On Global Affairs 2015

Henry Kissinger 12) is followed by the following passage.

Henry Kissinger:

"Once the herd accepts compulsory vaccination, the game is over! They will accept anything - forced blood or organ donation - for the "greater good." We can genetically change kids and sterilize them — for the "higher purpose." Check the thoughts of sheep and you check the flock. Vaccine manufacturers are about to make billions, and many of you in this room are investors. It's a big win-win! We are thinning out the flock and the flock is paying us to provide eradication services. Now, what do we eat for lunch?

Again, an army of extremely well-paid fact-checkers has been busy denying that this is literally how it should be said. The reader may say so; but first read this article completely... Kissinger is also said to have been the cradle of the WEF.

12  During World War II, Kissinger was a regular participant in the Battle of the Bulge


And then we're already more and more approaching the present where we see the counterparts, etc., practicing. Now we will go into the counterparts and their measures to expel the soul from the people and take away their spirituality. The 3rd millen-nium started almost immediately with the false flag operation of nine eleven. Sorat's influence since 1998 has begun to assert itself.

Exorcizing souls

Rudolf Steiner:

One will consider it a symptom of disease, when man develops in such a way that he can come to the understanding: There is such a thing as a mind or a soul.- They will be sick people. And you can be quite sure that you will find the right medicine to deal with it. At the time, the spirit was abolished. The soul will be abolished by means of a drug. One will find an inoculum from a "healthy conception", where-by the organism is processed as much as possible in the earliest youth, if possible directly after birth, so that this human body does not come to the thought: There is a soul and a mind.- So sharply will the two worldviews stand against each other. One will have to think about how concepts and representations can be developed, so that they are adapted to the reality of mind and soul. The others, the successors of the current materialists, will seek the vaccine, which makes the body "healthy", that is to say, so that by its constitution this body no longer speaks of such silly things as soul and mind, but "healthy" speaks of the forces, which live in machines and chemistry, which in the world nebula construct planets and suns. This will be achieved through physical procedures. The materialistic medics will be left to expel the souls from mankind. Dr. Rudolf Steiner, GA 177, 29. September to 28. October 1917

In another setting, Steiner talks about how vaccinations will exorcize spirituality. Man is doomed to be a materialist and will even be satisfied with it. (Schwab motto: "You will own nothing but be happy.")

Rudolf Steiner:

The materialistic age aims from certain circles to paralyze, to make impossible all the spiritual development of mankind; to get people, simply by their temperament, by their character, to reject all that is spiritual and see it as foolishness.

Such a flow - it is already noticeable in individual people - will deepen further. The desire will arise that the general judgment will be: the spiritual, the spiritual is foolishness, is madness!


This is what we will try to achieve by introducing vaccinations; that, as we have come up with vaccinations to protect against diseases, we will now bring forward certain vaccinations which affect the human body in such a way that it is inaccessible to the spiritual tendencies of the soul. People will be inoculated against the tendency towards spiritual ideas.

At least that is what we will strive for: we will try vaccines, so that people lose the urge for spiritual life as early as their childhood. (GA 178 6 November 1917)

Rudolf Steiner:

"The Eighth Ecumenical Council in 869 drives the mind out of mankind. Those who are very materialistic would like to prepare the next stage; they would like to prepare themselves to abolish the soul too, and make it a general dogmatic knowledge of modern and future life that man is only body. And certain devilish insiders think of means by which man can now be prepared materialistically as a body, not by soul-influences, but by ingredients, by certain juices taken from nature." (GA 203 27-2-1922)

Vaccines create an immunity against logic, and that's the only immunity they really offer. (statement).

Today we can conclude that Steiner was talking about our time, in fact. But even in circles that call themselves anthroposophical, this has not yet been fully realized. In particular, Judith von Halle, known for the controversy surrounding her stigmata and the distortions of Steiner's ideas, is proof of this.

In the journal of the Avin (Anthroposophical Society in the Netherlands) Arie Bos wrote a review of the second book of Judith von Halle about corona. Although only a fragment of it makes some remarkable statements.

Arie Bos:

..."She believes that this has made it possible for Sorat to design together with the Asuric forces a virus that attacks the 'I' through the physical body (she sees this in the degradation of all organs and the rudderlessness of the immune system). Whereas until then the diseases were playing out in the Lucifer and Ahriman field, which we could have come out of more forcefully or settled our karma with. "When you do this (here is meant 'real humanities' A.B.) it is undoubtedly apparent that the estimation that the Sars-CoV-2 virus would be nothing more than a regular flu is a terrible mistake!" According to von Halle, the co-virus disease does not give the opportunity to fulfill karma, but rather it negates that possibility, both because of the disease with its consequences and because of death. That is why she is not opposed to what she calls the 'innocent vaccine', as long as we have not yet reached the point of incarnating our higher LK through the soul of consciousness, which enables us to consciously control our immune system. That the vaccine would kill many is also such an absurd and fabricated nonsense, she says, not only because such a thing would immediately make headlines, she knows that also thanks to her spiritual research. The mRNA vaccine gently allows us to get used to the outside of the virus and defend ourselves against the Sorbian whole. This book should read anyone who is concerned about the polarization of the coronavirus debate within the anthroposophical movement - and who wants to know what this disease spiritually


, even though he/she, like me, cannot really judge it on its spiritual merits."...

A number of things are very controversial. For example, her confidence in the mainstream media. And in the innocence of the vaccine and the denial of massive violent side effects. That it's a Sorat attack is plausible. The story of Thomas Mayer (later), on the other hand, is more credible, although some virtues can be hoped for there as well.

The editor-in-chief of Motief, the magazine of the anthroposophical association in the Netherlands, is not unnoticed in this area during the beginning of the pandemic.

In the Nachrichtenblatt even more recently about this.

The year 896 is also a recurring item.

Rudolf Steiner:

This important and significant event took place in 869, at the Eighth General Oecu-Menic Council in Constantinople, where it was dogmatically stated that the ancient conception of trichotomy - that man is made up of body, soul and spirit - was heretic, that man has only body and soul, only that the soul possesses some spiritual properties. While this played out in the objective, that the intelligence passed on to the individual human, on earth was ordained - in such a sealing manner that no one who stood in European civilization could dare to contradict this - that the trichotomy was wrong, heretics. One could not speak of a man with body, soul and spirit, but only of body and soul and ascribe to the soul spiritual properties and powers. (GA237 8-8-1924)

It is said that at a Council in Constantinople the spirit was in fact abolished. Man would only consist of body and soul. And that soul then had some spiritual qualities. The above suggests that the forthcoming vaccination (pronounced in 1917) will take a further step, namely the abolition of the soul. At the time in 869, the abolition of the spirit had the consequence that a significant part of the angels who had to deal with human affairs have fallen. They joined the already fallen angels in Ahrimaan ranks. As a result, people's karma became chaotic. Because angels play an important part in human karma. Michael is now said to be the impulse to restore karma, along with the fact that Christ has become Lord of Karma.

Notable and dramatic in the above Steiner vaccination forecast is also the following.:

Rudolf Steiner:

"...so that the organism is processed as much as possible in the earliest youth, if possible immediately after birth..."


In fact, the trend in the pandemic is now towards ever earlier and younger vaccination of children, even though there is no scientific medical basis for this.

Why? Children are the future, it is said. Many women already experience problems with their periods because of the vaccine. Many pregnant women have already lost their children. And those circles that want to impose this on a very large part of the world's population know that too. There is also real occult knowledge in these circles. This has been referred to above as Anglo-Saxon secret societies. They know that more and more children are being born with different names, such as indigo children and crystal children. These children bring a very different level of consciousness from what was customary hitherto. In fact, that's a danger to people in those circles. However, these circles are still behind (or above) bodies such as the WEF etc. They themselves remain hidden. Their occult knowledge also allows them to make vaccinations based on bats that actually exorcize the soul and eliminate spirituality.

E.E.A. also reminds us of the infanticide in the early years of our era. Herod's special child was not allowed to live. In addition, the infant murder also served black magic purposes. The comparison does not stop here either. Today the QR code and then the census. Before that, Joseph and Mary made their long journey. The child also represents the birth of the higher self. The mother must flee into the desert to save the child in the apocalypse. (also in GA346)

Split of humanity

Rudolf Steiner:

We know that the flow of humanity is already splitting into two parts, one, which goes into the good, the moral and the other, which ends in the horrific, evil. Such conditions are already making their way, the germs are already available. Thus, all that which is present in machines, instruments in the world and is set in motion, on Jupiter (another phase of the earth, red.) becomes terrible demons. Anything that serves the utility principle will someday grow into such terrible powers. This can be countered, when we turn the utility devices into such ones, which, in addition to their usefulness, proclaim for everything the beauty, the divine. It's good we know that. Otherwise, such powers would tear the earth apart. (GA 245 16-01-1908; no hlink)

Rudolf Steiner:

And such things took place behind the safes of outer history just in our decade (said in 1917). The intent was: to first of all lay in the hands of a certain group of people the secret, how to control the mass, how right people, who are little


concern themselves with the external aspects, but on the contrary with a spiritual disposition, which are ideally suited, to be preparatory work in favor of the 6 post-Atlantic cultural era, how this crowd of men can be controlled more intensively and how the gift of controlling them is to be placed in the hands of only a few people. (GA 178, 6-11-1917 )

It is now known what side effects the vaccinations have, which are not real vaccinations but genetic experiments. Both physical and humanities research shows that the quality of the blood is seriously affected. It gets darker, more viscous, jelly-like, with blood clots and causes heart disease or, worse, death. The body mummifies to some extent. (Myocarditis and microblood clots which manifest themselves throughout the body and may also accumulate in the sexual organs). Blood banks point to the problem of blood donorship both from the giving side and from the receiving side. Pathologists and gravers note this as well. Blood and oxygen are also related. If oxygen is broken, suffocation threatens. A lot of attention was paid to oxygen machines in the first COVID patients, but these turned out to be counterproductive, the protocols worked in favor... The term pure blood for vaccine-free people also holds true.

In addition, the injection also contains graphene oxide a programmable magnetic substance that reacts to 5G. Techniques are already very advanced in this field and there is an active push for trans-humanism and even post-humanism. So it's a stage where humans and machines interact. A clear split in humanity is coming about. Modified transhumans

  • The superhumans and unmodified humans — the slaves. But not all injections have the same composition there are also some that are fairly harmless e.g. salt solutions. If everyone were to receive the same lethal and/or manipulative injections, that might not be kept secret for long. Now there is the tactic that the side effects that do occur are seriously minimized by means of active mainstream media propaganda. Through denial and through censorship.

Below about the meaning of the blood with regard to the Me experience.:

Rudolf Steiner:

Blood is the direct physical expression of the human I carrier. And it becomes clear that, for example, in the phenomenon of blushing and whitening. Similarly, the nervous system, the expression of the astral body and the endocrine system, is the expression of the ethereal body: "If we have for us a being, which as humans has not only the physical body, but invisible, higher, supernatural members of its nature, so supernatural members are found in the lowest members. Just as your inner soul qualities are superficially expressed in your facial expression, so is your physiognomy, so is your physical body also an expression of the work of the astral body and the I. And the physical body is not only itself, but it is also a physical expression of the physically invisible members of man.

So the human endocrine system and everything we count for that is an expression of the


Ethereal body in man. Everything we consider to the nervous system is an expression of the astral body, and everything we consider to the blood system, an expression of its I-bearer. So in the physical body itself we need to once again distinguish a quadrity, and only those who espouse a grossly worldview can describe the different substances in the human physical body as equivalent. What pulses in us as blood has become such a substance because of the fact that a I lives in man. The nervous system is so shaped and of such a substance because we meet in people an astral body.,. And the endo-crine system has become so, therefore, that in humans is an ether body." (GA 112, 26-6-1909)

Rudolf Steiner:

In the blood is the principle for the I-formation. A I can only be expressed there, where a being can form the images, which it creates from the outside world, within itself.

If man had only a brain, he could only create and experience images of the outside world; he could only say to himself; the outside world was repeated in me as a mirror image; however, he can build this repetition of the outside world into a new shape, then this shape is no longer just the outside world; it is "I". A being with "only sympathetic nervous system mirrors the outside world, so it does not yet experience this outside world as itself, not yet as inside life. A creature with spinal cord and brain experiences the reflection as living inside. But a being with blood lived his inner life as his own stature.

Through the blood, with the help of oxygen, the outside world is formed into the images of the inner life of its own body. This shaping emerges as I-perception. (GA 55, 25-10-1906)

Rudolf Steiner:

Secretions in the blood allow the Me experience. It's the secretions that make the human organism in itself palatable. Continuous blood secretions allow the very Me experience.

If you look at the organ, which we have to think of as the focal organ of the human organism, the blood system, when you see, on the one hand, the blood constantly refreshing by soaking up oxygen and, on the other hand, you see the blood system as the tool of the human I, then we can say; if the blood was going through the human organism unchanged, it would not be the organ of the human I, that is eminently the organ, which makes it possible for human beings to experience themselves inwardly. It is only because of this that the blood in itself undergoes changes and returns as changed, that so secretions take place of the changed blood, only because of this is it possible, that man not only has the I, but can also experience it with the help of his sensual-psychic tool of the blood. (GA 128, 24-3-1911) 13)

So if you act on the blood, then you act on the human me as well. Originally I was titled: the coordinated attack on the "I", but have turned it into the coordinated attack on the soul. One does not, of course, preclude the other. The attack on the I-bearer (the blood) is also an attack on the soul.

13  The translation of these texts about blood from German in Dutch was quite difficult (with deepl), because google translate drops even more stitches) It is recommended to read the original German language text through the links. (This also applies to most other translated quotes from GA)


Below in its entirety an article taken from front news. The channel that often (but not always) knows how to place very strong characterizations of the spiritual backgrounds of the pandemic:

Covid vaccine cuts people off mentally

- personal experience

Front news:

I don't know how else to say this. I had my second dose of Pfizer two weeks ago, and I've become convinced that there is something in those vaccines that spiritually cuts people off. I think that they can stop a kind of awareness that is meant to happen, like many people become wiser and want to do something, none writes.

It's like my consciousness has leveled and life has turned the volume down really low. I had an intense spiritual awakening about 2 years ago caused by psychs and it's like all the connection I've gained has been erased. I think this is some sort of evil alien technology. I'm not kidding. Like Orion's law, to stop us taking off, whatever that means. I can't describe the change in my consciousness, I myself have trouble believing it. Like my modes operandi have changed. I'm lucky that I'm even aware of it, because I feel like most people aren't really spiritually connected and wouldn't notice anything wrong. For me, this is hell. And I know that some of you know what I'm talking about when I say that I feel that I have betrayed the mission of my soul. It's like there's no forgiveness for me, I've failed and allowed myself to fail knowing something was wrong, I had no faith. Part of me thinks I did this on purpose because my connection was so painful. But nothing is worse than this, I'd rather suffer.

I can no longer:

- Feeling empathy, or deep emotion, sincere emotion. You know, that thing in your chest where you feel, physically, not intellectually. It's gone. No love, happiness, sadness, anger, anything. No pity.

- Surpass myself in meditation, feeling infinity, God and so on. As if I'm reduced to my five senses, and even those are reduced.

- Don't feel my intuition at all, no gut feelings, it's like I'm completely blind.

- Music, art, food feeling. I'm not passionate about anything, I'm not motivated about anything, I'm not even hungry, I'm tired, I don't feel anything. No numbness, no dissociation (I have had both), but a direct miss, a break of that spark that animates our inner life.

- Lucid dreams, astral projection, not even feeling my energetic body at all. It's like it's gone.

- I don't sleep well at all, and when I sleep, it's like I can't sleep as deeply as I used to.

- Breathe or yawn as deep as I used to? Which may not seem related, but breath = prana = life force...ygm


Basically, I feel like a bone.

If anyone knows anything about this or how to turn it around. I've seen all this shit about funvax and whatever, if this is science it has to be reversible in some way. Hopefully if I don't take boosters and work on my connection I might be able to improve it. If someone's been through the same thing, or knows someone who's been through the same thing, just take it out. I had an ex-trem strong intuition (the last one I felt) that told me that I would basically die if I took this dose, but my mother is my weak spot and I gave in to her (doesn't help that I depend on her financially etc.) but frankly I should have become homeless instead of doing this. I feel like I was attacked by the Archons or something. Now I'd rather be homeless than ever take a syringe. There is no life without love and yet that is the life I am living now. So yes. If anybody had their doubts about the vaccination, here's my theory of what it does, based on personal experience. Let me know what you're thinking, because I'm afraid I've now completely imprisoned myself in 3D.


Apart from the fact that the writer seems very naive by not trusting his intuition. This is, after all, an in-depth report on the effect of the vaccine on spirituality. In this case, a more new age tending and inspired spirituality. So bad that the soul has been exorcized it is not yet here but it is going in that direction of exorcized spirituality that Steiner warned of. NB people who do not have spirituality before will not miss it either. Further examples follow.

Below is the account of a French healer about what she experienced with a patient who had received the "covid vaccine".

She described the treatment of the patient who came back later after having received two doses of the "covid vaccine" without the healer's knowledge.

"I immediately noticed the change, very heavy energy coming from [the] subtle bodies. The scariest thing was when I was working on the heart chakra, I connected with her soul: it was disconnected from the physical body, it had no contact and was, as if it was floating in a state of total confusion: a damage to consciousness that loses contact with the physical body, i.e. with our biological machine, there is no communication between them anymore."

"I continued the treatment by sending light to the heart chakra, the soul of the person, but it seemed that the soul could no longer receive light, frequency or energy. It was a very powerful experience for me. And then I understood that this substance is indeed used to loosen consciousness, so that this consciousness can no longer communicate through this body that it owns in life, where there is no contact, no frequency, no light, no energetic balance or mind anymore."

In a book by Thomas Mayer which is referred to later on, similar messages are also mentioned.

All kinds of documents show that the pandemic had been prepared for years, hence the term pandemic. Also in movies you can find that there is plenty for it


2020 was the foreknowledge of certain groups, who even speak or write about it in plain language (books by WEF adept Klaus Schwab, for example, but also comments by Bill Gates and Fauci.) COVID-related ingredients have been found in vaccines that have been patented before 2020, etc. (See Telegram for more detailed info etc.)

The preparations also consisted of having people in key positions in politics and pharma and bigtech and mainstream media helping to make the pandemic a reality. A gigantic organized criminal network. Strobe (or women) had also infiltrated institutes that would issue provisional approvals. In March 2020, after the WHO had revised the definition of a pandemic shortly before, the official pandemic could be declared with scripts attached to it, where all countries that had a contract with WHO suddenly implemented the same. The global coup could take place. Of which the lock downs and anxiety were the most obvious.

The fact that the so-called virus was produced in a laboratory in Wuhan on behalf of Americans has also been investigated and confirmed by various bodies. (Later versions indicate that this may have developed similarly in Ukraine, where biolabs have now also been discovered) It is a designed bioweapon where the virus has acquired properties that could not have arisen naturally. The long-standing covid virus, which was similar to the flu virus, has been manipulated by gain of function techniques in such a way that it can break out worldwide. However, the last variant omicron was already no longer useful to keep the entire staged story in tact.

Initially, there was talk of bats in a market in Wuhan that were allegedly the cause of the outbreak. This was later diverted by misinformation.

In fact, the market was not the flashpoint, but the laboratory, and it did not escape there by accident, but was deliberately let go. And bats play a much larger role than people admit. And then we come back to the occult knowledge of the group-ing that started the pandemic. Below is a longer quote from Steiner where he talks about butterflies, birds and bats (which is shortened for butterflies and birds but that can be read in the original text). Towards the end of the quote, it gets to the point that this story is really about.



Rudolf Steiner:

Bats are a very curious animal sex. They do not overcome the heaviness of the earth by the interior of their body at all. They are not weightless like the light, like the butterfly, they are not light like the heat like the bird, they are already subject to the gravity force and experience themselves as flesh and bone. Therefore, the element that the butterflies are composed of and in which they live entirely, namely the light element, is unpleasant for the bats. They like twilight. They must use the air, but they prefer the air without the air carrying the light. They surrender to the half-dark, they are real scheme-ring animals. Bats can only move in the air because they have somewhat caricatured wings, so to speak, which are not real wings at all, but skin folds stretched between the extended fingers, fall screens. This allows them to stay in the air. They are able to control the air, because they are, as it were, accommodating something related to that heaviness as a counterweight; therefore, they overcome the heaviness. But that's why they're totally engineered into the realm of Earth's forces.

The bat doesn't like light, it doesn't like light, it doesn't like the air that's pierced with light, at most the air at dusk that the light's passing through weakly. (...)

(...) Only the bat begins to perceive what it flies through or what it flies past. And since she does not like the light, everything she sees, she actually does unpleasantly to her. One can say: butterfly and bird see in a very spiritual way. The first animal of the upper area, which has to look in an earthly way, has been unpleasantly struck by this sight. The bat-mouse does not like to see and therefore has something - I would say - of embodied fear for what it sees and does not want to see. It would prefer to slip past things in this way; it should see and not want to see - it would prefer to escape from it. Therefore, because she would like to squeeze out in this way, she would like to listen to everything so miraculously. The bat is in fact an animal that constantly listens to its own flight, or does not listen to this flight on the one


or otherwise be endangered. If you take a look at the ears of a bat, you can see from the bat ears that they are attuned to world anxiety. That's them, those bat ears. These are really remarkable bodies, and they're really tuned to a world that is slipping through, to world anxiety.

(...)There is something to be added, namely the following: the butterfly continuously releases spiritualized matter to the cosmos (...)

(...)The bird is actually an all-head and in the heated air, which it cleaves through in the world-space, it is actually the living, flying thought.(...

(... the bat, however, is the flying dream, the flying dream of the cosmos. So that you may say, the earth is surrounded by butterflies, they are the cosmic memory; and by the slaughter of birds, they are the cosmic thinking; and the bat, she is the cosmic dream. It is indeed the flying dreams of the cosmos that fly like bats through space. As the dream loves the twilight, so the cosmos likes twilight by sending the bat-mouse through space. The enduring thoughts of the memory we see embodied in the belt of butterflies around the earth, the present thoughts in the belt of birds around the earth; the dreams fly around the earth in the bodily statutes of bats. And you just feel, as we so really delve into their shape, how related the appearance of the bat is to dreaming! There is no other way, when one sees a bat, than to come to the thought: you are dreaming! That's actually something that should not be there, which is just as outside all other creatures of nature as the dream is outside the ordinary physical reality.

So we can say: the butterfly sends spiritualized substance to the land of mind during his lifetime, the bird does this after his death. So what does the bat do? The bat secretes forgetful substance, especially that which lives in the stretched skin between the individual fingers, it releases during its life, but does not deliver it to the universe, but secretes it in the air.

As a result, spiritual pearls are constantly created in the earth air. And so the earth is surrounded by the continuous shimmering of the outflowing spiritual matter of the butterfly, spraying through it what comes from the dying bird, but radiating back to the earth and the peculiar inclusions of the air there, where the bats secrete what they spiritualize. Those are the ghosts that are always seen when one sees a bat flying. And she really, like a comet, always has a tail after her. She separates mind matter, however, does not send it away, but bumps it back into the earth matter, in the air she bounces it back. Just as one sees the physical bat fluttering with physical eyes, one can see the corresponding mental statutes of the bats fluttering through the air. They're shooting through the skies. And if we know that this air is made up of oxygen, nitrogen and other constituents, it is not all: it is also made up of what is spiritually thought of as bats

As wonderful and paradoxical as it may sound, this dream genus of bats sends little ghosts into the air, which then unite into a common mass. In geology, what is below the scale is called magma, and what is a knit-like, soft rock mass. One could speak of a magma of mind in the air coming from the corpses of the bats.

In ancient times, when there was still an instinctive clairvoyance, people were very sensitive to this magma of mind, just as nowadays many are sensitive to something more material, for example bad air; but one could consider this as something more plebeian, so to speak, while in the time of the old clairvoyance people were sensitive to what is present in the air as a bat rest.


They were protected from that. And in many center of mystery they had special formulas, which allowed the people to shut themselves inside so that the bat rest could not gain power over them. Because as human beings, we not only inhale oxygen and nitrogen with the air, we also inhale those bat debris. Only present humanity is not seeking to be protected from these bat remains; while it is very sensitive - let us say - to odors under certain conditions, it is highly insensitive to bat remains. It swallows them up, one might say, without her experiencing any disgust. It's very brand-worthy, people who are otherwise extremely picky, gobbling up this stuff that I'm talking about here.

It enters the human body, albeit not the physical body or the ether body, but it enters the astral body.

Yes, you see, we're making strange connections there. Initiation science always enters us everywhere in an inner context. These bat remains are the most coveted food of what I've described to you in my talks here as the dragon. Except those bat remains must have been inhaled by humans first. And the dragon has his best vantage points in human nature, as humans infuse his instincts with these bat remains. Those targets in there. And he who eats the dragon and becomes very fat from it, mentally speaking, of course, and he gains power over the people, power in the most disparate ways. And that means that today's man must also protect himself again. And that protection must come from what was painted here as the new form of Michael's struggle with the dragon. What man acquires of inner strength, when he absorbs the Michaels impulse as described here, that protects him from the food that the dragon must receive; then he protects himself from the unjustified bat rest in the atmosphere."

Also : https://www.facebook.com/129383287089484/posts/3344004145627366/

In this link a scientific article that addresses the toxicity of bats.

Science Daily:

A study of bat cells that have been cultured shows that their strong immune responses, which are constantly matched to viruses, can cause viruses to increase virulence. By modeling the immune system of bats on a computer, the researchers showed that when bat cells rapidly release interferon during infection, other cells rapidly shield themselves. This causes viruses to reproduce faster. The increased virulence and infectiousness cause havoc when these viruses infect tamer immune animals such as humans.

The fictional narratives of Dracula and vampirism probably have some connection with these things. Also in connection with the use of Adrenochrome in the elites.

The "vaccine" against the virus was supposedly produced in a few months. Which would normally take years with other vaccines. The relevant corrupt authorities approved it as ‘provisional’ and experimental. That is, under normal procedure, a third test phase had to take place before the drug could be marketed as a vaccine. This never took place. Worse still, these rules applied to


normal vaccines and not for the completely new mNRA-like injections. So all the injectors were in a genetic experiment, but they didn't tell them that in advance. So we can safely assume that the vaccine has been around for as long as the engineered virus. All this as blatant violations of the Nuremberg codes that were created after the Second World War. There are already insurance companies that do not pay out for vaccine damage because people would have chosen the shot "voluntarily". Similarly, if well-acting other drugs were available, the marketing authorization was not allowed. Ivermectin, for example, which had been around for a long time and had been tested, was suddenly banned by the nomenclature. Protocols were also used in hospitals that did not promote health, quite the contrary. Infinitely much more can be found on the relevant telegram channels.

The vaccine also contains graphene oxide. It plays a role in getting humanity ready for transhumanism.


Rudolf Steiner:

To combine the human being with the machinery of the earth will be a major, considerable problem for the rest of the earth's development. I have deliberately observed more often, also in public presentations, that people's awareness is associated with degrading forces. I have said it twice in public lectures in Basel: In our nervous system (Hina Ersterben Wir) we are going through a death process. -These forces, these starving (residual) forces, they will become increasingly powerful and powerful. And the connection will be made between the dying (residual) forces in humans that are related to electric, magnetic forces and the external machinery forces. Man will in a way be able to introduce his intentions, his thoughts, into the machinery forces. Still undiscovered forces in human nature will be discovered, such forces, acting on the outer electric and magnetic forces. That's one problem: bringing humans together with the mechanics, which has to reach more and more for the future. (GA 178, 25.11. 1917)

Rudolf Steiner:

And in places like this, there's a desire to combine human strength with the power of machines. These things cannot be treated as if they had to be fought. That's a whole-time misreading. These things will not stay away, they will come. It's just a question of whether, in the course of the history of the world, they're performed by people who selflessly know the great purposes of the earthly and who form these things for the salvation of mankind, or are they performed by those groups of people who only exploit these things in a selfish or group-selfish sense. That's the point. It's not the "what" what's important in this case, what's important, is "how" these things are addressed. Because the "what" is just in the sense of evolution of the Earth. Forging man and machine together will be a great and


It's a big problem for the rest of Earth's evolution.

One does not have to have a preference for anthroposophically oriented humanities to represent them, but one only has to feel sorry for the people who need these thoughts, because these thoughts are (creative) thoughts for the life of the soul, because man is called to be how he sees himself. -

This had to happen in the course of the wise guidance of the world, so that man can really achieve full-fledged free self-awareness.

On the one hand, the gods had to give man the opportunity to become his own creature. (GA 178, 13-11-1917.) See footage below.

With these last sentences, in fact, infinitely much has already been set against the practice of transhumanism.

Rudolf Steiner:

Darwinism does not contain occult truths, but their application would already lead to great grudges: the application of the Darwinist vision in relation to direct experiments with human beings. But if occult truths really come to light, as they must be revealed in the course of the 5th post-Atlantic period, then one would gain enormous power over man in this way, but only by always choosing the most appropriate one. But by striving for a certain occult invention, to make the most suitable more and more suitable this would lead to an immense exploitation of power which would go against the good trend of the 5th post-Atlantic period. (GA178, 19/11/1917)

Tim Gielen:

"The amalgamation of humans with machines is used to advance the interests of globalists, reshape humanity and gain full control over every aspect of our lives." ("Tim Gielen")

Front news:

Already in 2014, futurologist Dr. Oskar Villani said it was possible to monitor people with barely visible computer chips. These tiny chips are called "Smart Dust". Hundreds of them can be "transferred" to a person with a simple handshake. DARPA, a US Department of Defense military research facility, was significantly involved in its development. They have also found a way to use Smart Dust to read our brainwaves and signals, revealing potentially unspoken thoughts and moods. The amalgamation of humans and machines is used to advance the interests of globalists, reshape humanity and gain full control over every aspect of our lives, writes Rairfoundation.com.

Vernor Vinge:

Within 30 years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Soon after, the age of humanity will be over [...] I think it appropriate to describe this event as a singularity. It's a point, where we have to give up our models, a new reality then prevails there... And yet, when it finally does, it will be a big surprise and an even bigger unknown. (Vernor Vinge, The Coming Technological Singularity 1993)


In 2015, I wrote an article about transhumanism. At the time, this subject was still unknown to the majority of people and still very theoretical. More in the realm of science fiction. Today, however, transhumanist ideas have taken off and are gradually being practically realized. It also seems to convey an eminently anti-human image. It is openly said that human freedom no longer has the right to exist, nor does the soul. Man is also seen as an organic algorithm that can be replaced by a much better technical algorithm.

Man as a body, soul and spirit is totally denied and even fought. The title of this article therefore refers to this transhumanistic vision in addition to the vaccination mania and tyranny which aims to exorcize the soul. In a separate blog there is more on this theme.

And there are people who are already being transformed by the influence of the transhumanic thoughts. Transhuman technology and demonology are clearly growing closer together.

Globalists such as the United Nations and the billionaires are now openly proclaiming transhumanism as if it were a good thing. They say it will eliminate free will and the concept of the human soul. Oh, yeah. Watch this really unsettling video where they come out very openly for their ideas.

The Harari mentioned earlier is sometimes quoted from context. Apart from believing in a technology future that is not so bright, he actually warns of just such a future. But he is a materialist in the deepest possible sense and can hardly do anything else. It may sound strange from Rudolf Steiner's mouth when he says that materialism is in fact "true" in his own field:

Rudolf Steiner:

You see, it arises from the fact that materialism is just true.


What I have said many times before - that materialism is not wrong, but right!

That's where it came from. And the anthroposophist must learn in a special way that materialism is right. He has to learn it this way: that materialism is right, but only for the physical body. The other people who are materialists only know physical physicality, or at least, they think so.

That's the mistake; it's not in materialism that the mistake is. (GA 237 4. August 1924)

Rudolf Steiner:

So it is not a matter of refuting materialism, but of saving mankind from materialism becoming right; for it is on the way to being a rightness, not inaccuracy. In contemporary culture, it becomes more correct and correct every day. As early as the beginning of the third millennium, we can already see that humanity will have developed in such a way that materialism is the right vision. It's not about contradicting materialism, because it's on the way to becoming right, but to make it wrong, because it's on the way to becoming a fact. (GA197 30-7-1920)

Rudolf Steiner:

Materialism cannot be refuted, but it must be overcome. People need to get a spiritual soul again, they need to wake up their spiritual soul again. It must be to overcome correct materialism, not to repudiate it falsely in any way.

That materialism has become correct for the newer development of culture, that's the bad fact, not that it's a false worldview. (GA 199 21-3-1920)

Rudolf Steiner:

The nature of human freedom is such that even man is free to attain materialism for the human kingdom, that is, to shape it in such a way that he as an earthly man merges into matter.

So it's essentially a matter of choosing to be a materialist. If one is strong enough to realize-one what man is preached as a materialistic attitude, then this attitude becomes true by the people. (GA 197 5-3-1920)

So they planned and built an entire infrastructure to come to vaccination with QR code and ID associated with it. Gradually through genetic modification to trans-humanism and then post-humanism.

The PCR test was also essential. This test was never intended for detection of covid but could be used excellently for manipulations concerning infection etc. Which put people under pressure and fear again. They're already being tested on a snot-nose. The PCR test is conducted by inserting a long cotton swab deep into the nostril. This rod crosses the brain barrier and contains not only carcinogens but also substances that act on the immediately adjacent pineal gland.

The pineal gland is also seen as a spiritual organ as well as heart and circulatory system. So there is a multiple attack on the spirituality of man. All this through occult knowledge.


Rudolf Steiner:

The pineal gland was a sensory organ, a perception of humanity in those ancient times, in those ancient times with which man could still see freely and openly in what we call the astral world, with which he could see not only the bodies but also the souls and what lived around him in these souls. (GA 101 21/10/1907)

One of the cruelest torture methods of the Middle Ages was the insertion of thin rods into the nose of the victims and then the piercing of the upper nose-pharyngeal wall. And right there, right at the border with the brain, those are the first, very sensitive neural pathways that end. The current PCR test procedure is identical to the torture model used by the Papal Inquisition Slaves. The painful nasal penetration of the Corona psychopaths is a repeat of the medieval atrocities...(source?)

Most people have already lost their relationship with their bodies and immune systems. With a snotnose one already feels forced to test. Agencies such as OMT and RIVM misused data to facilitate government policies to resist people in fear and to take away their fundamental rights. (similarly by similar bodies in other Europe and America).

In addition to the fact that SMEs and hospitality businesses in the Netherlands have been disproportionately affected by the repressive measures of our government, there are also firms that have made huge increases in turnover by, for example, manufacturers of face masks testing PCR and of course the vaccine manufacturers themselves and their advisers and promoters.

The physical soul and mind configuration is increasingly corrupted by all these things in the majority of people. As also described that that was the purpose of Mammon.

Rudolf Steiner:

The Mammon is not just the god of money for occultism. Rather, he is the leader of all low, black forces. And his armies attack not only the human souls, but also the physical bodies, to eat and destroy them (see also "Mammon").

Fall of Babylon

Steiner: The first fall of Babylon. An accurate timeframe is missing, but he says that this kind of thing is already preparing today (1917).

Rudolf Steiner:

The first stage is that of the fall of Babylon - let's first mention it with these words of the apocalyptic timer. The second phase is the overthrow of the beast and of the false prophet who accompanied him and spread the teachings of the beast.

The third stage is the overthrow of the divine counterparts, as they are commonly called: Satan. These three stages are, with a view to the future of mankind,


It is a very concrete, very real vision for the future spiritual vision of the evolution of mankind. And there's a good reason, especially in our century, in our time, where a lot will be decided for the evolution of humanity, to turn our spiritual attention to these three to-rejections. For they will come in some form, after the time of the first appearance of the Christ on earth in the ethereal body, that is, after the second appearance of the Christ on earth. (1933 ed.) Humanity must prepare itself for this, for one day it will have to prove itself strongly, to be able to endure this triple overthrow of the opposition of the Christusimpuls without danger to the development of the soul. (GA 346 15 September 1924)

Rudolf Steiner:

These things that the apocalyptic marker tells us we also have to provide. The first stage, the fall of Babylon, will show lost people who show the fallacy already in their physical constitution, so that there is no prospect that these human bodies, over which the I and the astral body have lost full rule, will still be usable in the future. These organs must be given up, but not the I and the astral body, which belong to them; these then continue as such on the paths of karma in humanity. At some point we see people walking around with their bodies, people who have fallen prey to the Babylonian temptation, whose bodies fall out of evolution. This is the fall of Babylon. These are the first ones, the ones that are included in the fall of Babylon. Others will walk around like human beings, but their human selves will have been taken away from them, so that they on earth can no longer be considered human beings on earth, because they are possessed by the beast and the false prophet. That will come after the fall of Babylon. After the fall of Babylon there will be people on earth who will be like wandering demons, in whom the Ahrimanic powers will work directly. There are plenty of conditions for all these things already today. I would like to say that all this is already present in a germ form. (346 September 15, 1924.)

In fact, there's been some talk here before about "Me-less people" and "demonically possessed people." So this trap is already going on right now. Not only the genetic prick vaccinations, but also many other areas are threatening human physical health as described above. For example, genetic engineers are already creating organisms that are half human and half animal. In Greek mythology, such creatures are called chimeras.


The Chimaera (from Latin, from Greek) is a creature of Greek mythology. It is a monstrous creature, composed of parts of several beasts, originating from the region of Lycia in Anatolia. By extension, chimera has become a general term for creatures made up of different animal species, possibly including humans. However, for human-animal combinations there is a separate designation: therianthrops. In biology, the term chimera is used to refer to animals in which the characteristics of different species are irregularly expressed.


NPO Radio-1

Chinese and Spanish scientists have added human stem cells to the embryos of monkeys. This gave rise to chimera embryos - human and ape crosses - that survived for up to twenty days. Research can provide new treatments for diseases, but it also raises obvious ethical concerns.

Earlier in this article, a.o.a. was written about Me-less and possessed people. As the human bodies become more genetically engineered and transhumaned, we are approaching more and more what has been sketched as the first fall of Babylon where black magic will increasingly be used as a fornication of matter. It is also questionable whether, in the case of cloned bodies, human souls and minds can still connect with them. (14)

Rudolf Steiner:

  • and the adversaries, the wild wizards, the black magicians, who cannot be separated from the matter and whom the author of the Apocalypse describes as the ones who forge with matter. Therefore, this whole exercise of black magic, everything that arises there as a marriage between the people and the hardening in matter, is made to him visible for his soul of vision in the great Babylon, in the wild marriage between the people and the forces of the unearth matter. (GA 104, 29-06-1908) or here (more on black magic see below)

Racial understanding becomes different

There is a division in the human gender on several fronts and the concept of race is also completely different.

Rudolf Steiner:

Now there's intelligence on the Earth. Now it is of the utmost importance, now it also intervenes in the earthly of the people. The clergy prepares to become racial for the first time. And the time will come, that one will no longer be able to say: man looks as if he belongs somewhere, he is a Turk or an Arab or an Englishman or a Russian or a German; but one must say: this man felt called into a previous earth life, to turn to the spi-ritual in a Michaelian sense. So that also directly physical-creating, physical-shaping that occurs, which is influenced by (zeitgeist) Michael.(GA 237, 3-8-1924)

Rudolf Steiner:

There will come a time when there will no longer be different colored varieties.

The difference in races will have ceased, but individually the biggest differences will remain. It will happen that all racial and tribal links really cease. Man will be more and more different. The union will no longer exist through the common blood, but through what binds soul to soul. And this is the evolution of human development. (GA 99 5-6-1907)

14  In addition to cloning, human augmentation is also practiced


Rudolf Steiner:

What is already preparing, not unimportantly, is what will be the hallmark of the sixth cultural period. And humanity today will generally be divided into two parts: into the people who, so to speak, live blindly in the day, and into those people who imagine that something new is preparing and who also know that, on the basis of that which is preparing, that it must be prepared by people. (GA 117 4-12-1909)

Rudolf Steiner:

In the future, that which speaks to the depths of the human soul will also express itself more and more in the external appearance of man and that which man has acquired as being on the one hand full-individual and on the other hand still inindividual, will express himself by revealing himself in the human face, so that the individuality of man will be on his face, not on the group soul quality. That will be human diversity. Everything is acquired individually, even though it exists by overcoming individuality. And we will not meet groups among those who are gripped by the I, but the individual will express himself externally in the individual. This will also be the difference between people. There will be those who have acquired their Icility. They will be scattered all over the earth, with the most diverse faces, but from their diversity one will recognize that the individual I is expressed in the gesture. While among those who have not developed their individuality, the group-soul quality will be expressed, they will also show the group soul quality in their face, i.e. they will fall into categories that will resemble each other. (GA117 4-12-1909)

In this way, Mammon and Sorat people will also be visible.

Rudolf Steiner:

On the one hand, the gods had to give man the opportunity to become his own creature. (GA 178, 13-11-1917)

The ideas of trans-humanism and even more of post-humanism are to make a genetically modified human being and also advanced by means of technology. Human 2.0. Though the word "human" would be better replaced by "transhuman being". The question will be whether they succeed in their aim or whether they are still people in the sense that we are giving them now.

Some propagators of trans-humanism believe that it is going to be possible for humans to download consciousness into computers and thus become immortal free of flesh and blood. The film trancendence with Johnny Depp, based on the ideas of Ray Kurzweil, demonstrates this.

Many other Hollywood films aim to prepare humans for such a future. For example, is the film ‘Utopia’ (2019), predicting a planned pandemic that is being used to secretly sterilize the world’s population, becoming a reality?

E.g. also the matrix, terminator as science fiction films but also a whole series of zom-bie films.

The police officers carrying batons on peaceful protestors


Could one have wondered, are these still people? Often they also seemed drugged and an eclipse of consciousness was visible to them. This phenomenon was also known from World War II, where German soldiers were drugged, making their "achievements" almost superhuman. The Nazi judge Freisler showed his demo-ethnic possession very clearly.

Rudolf Steiner:

They do not strive to make man very spiritual, but rather they strive to kill in man the consciousness of his spiritual existence. They want to convince us that we are only very highly developed animals. After all, Ahriman is the great teacher of materialist Dar-winism! Ahriman is also the great teacher of all the technical endeavor, which only the external sense-like will apply, of all endeavors to a highly developed technique, which in a refined way only satisfies the eating and drinking needs and the like, which also satisfies the animal. Through all sorts of sophisticated scientific means, the Ahrimanic beings in our time strive to kill in people the consciousness that he is an image of the deity. (GA 182 9-10-1918)

Rudolf Steiner:

And before the end of this century he will prove himself, by coming into many people as the being of whom they are possessed. People will be seen to come out, people who will not be able to be believed to be really human. They will also develop in an egg-friendly way at the latest. They will be outwardly fierce, strong natures with furious features, a destructive spirit in their emotions. They'll be wearing a face where you'll see a sort of animal-like face at the look. The Sorat people will also be recognizable externally, they will not only mock everything in the most terrible way, but also fight everything and want to plunge into the abyss, which is spiritual. (GA 346, 12 September 1924)

Rudolf Steiner:

- With full consciousness, however, while shocking events will occur on earth, humanity must live up to the incarnation of Ahriman. The human mind will become very inventive among the ongoing wars and other needs of the immediate future, especially in the field of physical life. And this ingenuity, which is inevitable and by not preventing any attitude, will allow the human physical individuality in which Ahriman can embody himself. From the spiritual world, this Ahrimanic power prepares its incarnation on earth. And it is trying to do so in such a way that, if it is incarnated in human form, it will be able to ask and mislead people to the greatest possible extent. The task for the people in the coming development will be to consciously live toward the Ahriman incarnation. Consciously, so that this Ahriman incarnation may be of service to mankind in terms of promoting a higher spiritual development....People must consciously

to face the incarnation of Ahriman and make them more and more aware in every field...

They need to know that Ahriman will live among the people on earth, but also that the people will face him and decide for themselves what they want to learn and absorb from him. (GA 193, 4-11-1919 - no link address)


Once Ahriman incarnates, he will be a product of the transhumanis-me that he first helped build himself. A transhuman creature.

The triumph of Ahriman's coming incarnation (1), (2), (3)

Below is a full list of an article that reports on a book by Thomas Mayer:

Vaccination mRNA

Spiritual help after vaccination - Thomas Mayer on the Corona vaccinations

by Harrie Salman (Motif article)

In spiritual circles, too, many have been vaccinated against the Coronavirus. To the extent that they have considered the risks to their health, they will not have taken into account the spiritual consequences. Nothing was known about it. However, there is cause for concern, as can be seen from the book Corona-Impfungen aus spiritueller Sicht, published in October 2021. In this the German researcher of the natural beings Thomas Mayer clearly reports his research on the effect of vaccination on the soul and the mind, but also on life after death. He has incorporated the experiences of many therapists and more than fifty clairvoyant 15 colleagues. In the spring of 2021 he had already written the book Spiritual Resilience in the Corona Crisis - 28 meditations.

The first experiences came from therapists of people who had recently received the vaccination with one of the four common vaccines (in fact, they are genetic therapies). They noticed that their rhythmic frictions and massages, heileurhythmia and cranio-sacral therapy did not work anymore. The tissues, the ether body and the astral body were hardened and I was tired


More likely to be reached. And the remarkable thing was their clients didn't even notice this. Hardening and blockages were often reversible after multiple therapeutic treatments.

To investigate these observations, Mayer and his colleagues conducted clairvoyant research (15). They found that there had been a shift in relation to each other following vaccination. They also observed the demonic beings connected to the various vaccines, the transhumanic spirits that gain access to the aura through these beings, and also small demonic element beings. Mayer describes that these beings can be driven away by the activity of the I of the vaccinated man, in connection with the love of Christ. According to the researchers, the impact of vaccinations varies from person to person.

Anyone who gets vaccinated out of fear of the virus causes these creatures to penetrate deeper into our constituents. The person who administers the vaccination can by his inner attitude somewhat stop these creatures and we can do that ourselves with a prayer during the vaccination. After vaccination, we can set ourselves up to confront these creatures and support this with certain natural medicines, homeopathic remedies, mistletoe essences, etc., but also with the above-mentioned therapies. Spiritual and artistic activities such as meditation, praying, religious rituals and reading spiritual literature can help to dispel these beings, as well as facing these beings with the powers of Christ, Michael, Raphael or Buddha. The processing of the vaccination may take several weeks to several months. The consequences may diminish over time unless further booster vaccines are administered.

Just as chemotherapy and psychopharmaceuticals affect life after death, according to the researchers this is also the case with the vaccines. Their observations of about 50 people who died after vaccination showed that most of them were tied to the earth. How long this can take is a question for further research. And it turned out that it was possible to free people who died in this condition and bring them to light. This can take several hours and can sometimes be very difficult. The book gives clues as to how this can be done.

Mayer and his co-researchers found that experiencing a Coronavirus infection can have a similar effect to the vaccination. For those who had died from the consequences of infection, Earth bondage was usually much less when they had already undergone an inner processing process during their illness. In this process, a confrontation takes place with the Corona being. This has its strong demonic effect according to Mayer due to the fact that the Coronavirus almost certainly does not have a natural origin and has been made more dangerous for humans in a laboratory.

The book contains messages from therapists and psychics, with shocking details that can be better handled by the reader himself while reading the book. For this purpose, sufficient objective information is given. The reader may ask why viruses are being tinkered with and why the new generation of mRNA vaccines has been authorized before the side effects and their effect on the soul and mind had been sufficiently investigated.

Those who are not trapped in materialistic thoughts can gradually neutralize the functioning of the Corona creature and of the vaccine creatures through a spiritual way of life, as Rudolf Steiner has already remarked about the vaccines of his time. This seems to be more difficult with the new vaccines. In this global immunization campaign, we can worry about the people who lack a spiritual life vision and have no insight into the first steps to the transhuman human being that mRNA vaccinations are now putting so much pressure from the government. How can they too be helped?

Thomas Mayer's book in English translation.:


Corona injections from a spiritual perspective -

its effect on body and soul and on life after death Description of the book:

How do the Corona injections work on the soul and the mind and on life after death? These questions are examined using the methods of supersensory examination. (15)

The book contains experience reports and contributions to the discussion of more than 50 writers.

And what does it turn out? It is not an "innocuous prick", but a violent intervention on the subtle interplay of body, soul and spirit. It has its effects beyond the dead. Instead of being able to develop normally, souls can remain earth-bound and suffer deeply. Man stands for a crossroads of roads.

Although much of what is set out here could initially frighten people, the authors only want to give sober information and show how vaccinees and non-vaccinees can deal with this theme with an open eye and without fear. A reading preview image is here.

March 2022, paperback, 356 pages, color illustrations, eISBN 978-3-89060-370-4, ISBN 978-94-92326-75-1 paper 24,- €, e-book 17,99 €

Order: https://www.abc-antroposofie.nl/boek-corona-injecties-13693.html or anywhere in the bookstore.

Now there is much that can be said (and opposed) about this book16. But that would be a separate article. A very dramatic perspective does show up because of the division that is taking place in humanity. The group of people who do not participate in the degeneration of the other group of people who fall into genetic engineering and transhumanism will have to explain themselves in love with this. Even now, it has been very difficult for therapists to achieve results in 'healing' their vaccinated patients, and this will only increase in a humanity where billions of people have been vaccinated and their possible offspring will be increasingly burdened genetically. There will also be transhumanal medicine.

Manicheism command

Rudolf Steiner:

The secret of the Manicheans was that they had realized that there were two groups in the future

15  Clairvoyance is a controversial concept, and not everything that is called clairvoyant meets the criteria that Steiner has given on this subject. The book talks about soratic creatures and about phantom bodies, for example, and these are very sensitive subjects and it is questionable whether many of the aforementioned psychics can really look at this. In connection with vaccination, there is also easy talk about post-death conditions and consequences for subsequent incarnations. In general, speaking about these matters requires a high level of educated clairvoyance

16  Thus, from the angry, paradoxical way, humanity will be fed from the 5th post-Atlantic era to the renewal of the mystery of Calvary


People would be the bad and the good. In the fifth round, there will no longer be a mineral kingdom, but there will be a kingdom of the wicked. The Manicheans knew this. That is why they have made it their task to educate people now, so that they can later become educators of the angry people. The Order of the Manicheans has from time to time occupied large floors." (GA 093a, 8-10-1905)

The future task of the Manichaeans

Rudolf Steiner:

"In view of this development of mankind (into a separate evil race of people) centuries ago secret orders were established which set themselves the highest possible tasks. One such order is the Order of the Manichaeans. Members of this order are trained in a very special way for their great task. This Order knows that there will be people who will have no more evil in their Karma, and that there will also be a naturally evil race in whom all evil will be even more present than in the wildest animals, for they will deliberately, sophisticated, with a highly educated mind do evil. The Manichaean Order already instructs its members in such a way that they will become transformers of evil in later generations. The immense difficulty of this task lies in the fact that, in these bad human races, as in the case of a bad child, there is not only the bad but also the good, which can be developed further by example and education. Radically transforming those who are by nature very bad is what the member of the Manichaean Order is already learning today. And this then-transformed evil, after successful labor, will become a very special good. A state of holiness will be the moral state on earth, and the power of change will bring about the state of holiness". (GA 95, 29-8-1906)

There is, of course, a difference between human beings who tempt other people into a state of degeneration and corruption. And the victims of these manipulative techniques. In addition to corrupted human physical bodies, we also deal with people who, under the influence of lies and fear and fear, have become soul-moderately and spiritually entangled.

Rudolf Steiner indicated that the "lies of humanity" could have epidemiological knowledge (GA 99, 30.05.1907). It is not so much a question of the individual, but rather of how the public debate deals with the truth. In an age of "fake news" and distortions that are contrary to truth, this spiritual dimension is also significant. Rudolf Steiner also mentions the concern for spirituality and the damaging of materialistic thoughts:

Rudolf Steiner:

"Baciles are most cultivated when humans take nothing in their sleep other than a materialistic disposition. There is no better way to do this than to go to sleep with only materialistic representations and from there, from the spiritual world, from his I and astral body, to work back on the organs of the physical body,..." (GA 154, 05.05.1914).

In Steiner's day, no distinction was made between bacilli and viruses.

However, from the context it can be seen that the effects will be similar.


Lies and black magic

Rudolf Steiner:

There is a theorem in occultism that may now be known: Every lie is a murder in the astral world!

That is a very important statement; How frivolous does man think: "Oh, that is only a thought, a feeling, that remains in the soul; I may not give an ear, but a bad thought, that harms no one." There is no less true proverb than "The thoughts are free" - for every thought, every feeling is a reality and when I think that someone is a bad person or I do not love him, it is for those who can look into the astral world, as an arrow, as a lightning that moves to the astral body of the other person like a rifle bullet and damages him. Every feeling, every thought is a reality, a form in the astral world and for those who can look in this world it is often much worse to see how someone makes a bad thought about another course than when someone physically harms that other. When one tells a truth about a human being, a thought form is built up that the seer can recognize by form and color and that strengthens the life of the other. The thought that contains a truth goes to the reality to which it relates and stimulates and vitalizes this reality. So if I think of a truth about my fellow human being, then I reinforce his life. When I speak a lie about him, I let a hostile force flow to him that is destructive, even lethal. That's why every lie is a murder. Every truth is a life-enhancing element, every lie a life-preventing element. Whoever knows this will pay more attention to dealing with truth and falsehood ... " (GA 095, 23-8-1906)

A lie is a murder in the astral

Rudolf Steiner:

Imagine the following thought: I have met a human being. And so a very particular mindset is born. Now I tell another person the same thing: I've met a human being. The same form of thought is being born again. Both concepts are intertwined and mutually reinforcing. But when I lie, and I say, I haven't met this human being, a form of thought is born that is the opposite of the former. Both forms of thought collide and destroy each other. The explosion occurs in the astral body of the liar." (GA 094, 2-6-1906)

Rudolf Steiner:

"The lie in the physical plane becomes destruction in the astral plane. The lie is murder of the astral plan. This is the origin of black magic. The commandment on the physical plane: Do not kill! - can therefore be translated for the astral plan: Do not lie!" (GA 094, 2-6-1906)

Rudolf Steiner:

"There's a certain degree in terms of lying. The churches come first, the press second and politicians third. This is presented very objectively and not out of any emotion. The enthusiasm for lying is caused by the things you can only get from education within the church. And the enthusiasm for lying in the press is due to social circumstances. In politics, the lie is really just, I would say,


a continuation in social life of the obvious in militarism - with which politics is closely linked. If you want to beat an opponent, you have to mislead him. The whole strategy is designed for this; you have to learn to deceive. That's the system. Because of the connection between militarism and politics, this is subsequently also transferred to social life. But there it is, whereas in the other two categories, the press and the representatives of the religious communities, it is enthusiasm for lying. These things are not radicalism, either, when presented in this way; they are just an objective fact. The big problem is that, because of people's prejudices, a large proportion of people have not yet realized that it is even impossible to stand within this faith-based community and speak the truth. Not true, one can become a tragic personality within a faith community; but one cannot hold office within a faith-community and speak the truth. That is no longer possible at all, so that the attitude towards the Catholic Church can be described, I would say, as follows: to ignore the aspirations of the Church for as long as possible and then to denounce in detail the mendacity of the Church. At the very least, this will lead to a path that is supported by the facts'. (GA 338, 2-1-1921)

Now that of the press and politicians we are certainly familiar with this in a pandemic time. In that sense, nothing has changed in 100 years. The same conditions now as around the 1st World War. More extensive info from Steiner about lies see (GA 102, 4-6-1908)

Lies - the primal evil

Rudolf Steiner versus Adelheid Petersen: On the upcoming fight against the lie - the primal evil:

"Humanity has entered a stage of its development where evil and lies must become visible! It's all there: the evil, the terrible, the lying, the decay..., it's all there, but it's still covered! And it must be revealed! It will manifest itself in the living conditions of the individual - in marriages, in families, in friendships and, above all, in hostilities - but also in the overall lives of peoples, of states! There will be no more inhibitions for certain things. To get through without being mentally destroyed, without being psychologically harmed, only the people who are outside and above all in their own inner being can distinguish the essential of the unessential from the unimportant! That's very difficult! Very difficult!" he reiterated, "It requires constant, meticulous practice. Because here lies the most terrible temptation! Humanity will have to fight the fight against lies. Against the lie - the primal evil!"

Adelheid Petersen, "Dornach in the years 1914/15",

in: Memories of Rudolf Steiner, ed. E. Beltle and K. Vierl, Stuttgart 1979, p. 198.

Central Europe will degenerate, become barbaric, its demise will be prepared if it does not allow itself to be influenced by the mind. The North, it will become extinct, it will suffer physical death, if it will not be affected by the mind. (GA209 4-12-1921)


Black magic, lies and sexual debauchery

Rudolf Steiner:

In practice, the road to black magic begins with cutting into a living being and creating pleasure in his pain. Sexual debauchery encourages black magic to flourish. But even the sim-fur lie brings us close to black magic:

"The lie in the physical plane becomes destruction in the astral plane. The lie is murder on the astral plane. This is the origin of black magic. The commandment on the physical plane: not kill! - can therefore be translated for the astral plan: Do not lie! - Physically, the lie is just a word, an idea, an illusion. It can do a lot of damage, but it doesn't destroy anything. On the astral plane, all feelings, all thoughts are visible entities, living forces. On the astral plan, the lie causes a collision between the false and the true form; they kill each other.

The white magician wants to give the other souls the spiritual life he carries within him. The black magician thirsts to kill, to create emptiness around him in the astral world, because this emptiness around him creates the field for him to develop his selfish passions. For this he needs the power that he seizes by appropriating the life power of all living beings, that is, by killing.

Therefore, the first law of black magic is: one must defeat life. Therefore, in certain schools of black magic, students are taught the horrific, cruel practice of stabbing live animals with knives, detailing which part of the body of the animal induces this or that strength in the person who makes the sacrifice. There is a similarity in appearance between black magic and vivisection. Current science depends on vivisection for its materialism. The backlash against vivisection stems from deep moral reasons. But science will not abolish vivisection until medicine has attained a higher vision. Only because she has lost her clairvoyance has medicine had to resort to vivisection. When we have conquered the astral world which has withdrawn from us, clairvoyance will enable the doctor to delve spiritually into the inner state of the sick organs, and vivisection will be avoided as superfluous.' (GA 93-94?)

Rudolf Steiner:

The higher forces of our spiritual predecessors are connected to the forces of our own lower nature. Where there is debauchery is matter, in which strong Asurian forces pour out sophisticated in-tellectuality into the world. Such powerful Asurian forces are found in depraved human tribes. The black magician draws his strongest serving powers from the swamp of sensuality. The sexual rites are there to banish in these circles. There is an ongoing struggle on earth, which aims on the one hand to purify the passions and on the other hand to strengthen sexiness. The entities that have the Christ principle as their leader seek to win over the earth, but the other, hostile entities also try to appropriate the earth". (GA 093a, 17-10-1905)

Rudolf Steiner:

In this second member of the human soul, the spirit, that is, in the reworked part of the ethereal body, Ahriman has settled. He is in there and leads man to false ear-parts about the matter, leads him to fallacy and sin and lie, to all that stems from the spirit-


Come on. In all this, for example, that man surrenders to the illusion that with matter is given the right thing, we have to see whispers of Ahriman, of Mephistopheles." (GA 107, 26-1-1909)

Black magic and fear and pain

Rudolf Steiner:

Once that is first started, that man is studying, so to speak, the Abc of black magic, then he is on the dangerous road to the abyss. And this Abc consists of the fact that a human being, who becomes the apprentice of a black magician, is encouraged to consciously kill life, to add as much pain as possible, especially during the killing, and to feel a certain satisfaction in this adding pain. When the eye-mark exists, to poke or cut in a living being with the intention of experiencing his own gratification in the pain, then in that fact lies the Abc of the black arts. (GA 104, 30-6-1908 no hlink)

Rudolf Steiner:

Black magic is the pernicious side of magic. It is based on gaining dominion over certain inner forces of nature by circumventing one's own spiritual-moral development through unlawful, often brutally evil machi-nations. Practicing it means entering into an alliance with Ahriman, and begins where occult activity is brought into the world without selfless worldly interest. To an even greater extent, the temptation to black magic comes from the Asuras, who are spirits of the strongest selfishness."... black magic begins where occult activity is brought into the world without first being able to extend its interests to world interests, without being able to value other interests more than its own interests." (GA 145, 27-3-1913)

I cannot avoid also quoting the following. Because it is precisely the fear in this pandemic that has been so explicitly caused. Many frightened hares have been grown.

Rudolf Steiner:

Fear is a particularly good breeding ground for black magic. Anxious people can very easily be made tools of the black magic.

"You see, anyone who wants to become a black magician these days, would have a huge fund for black magic from the outset if he were a terrible scared, terrified of anything that could happen to him. Such fear in man is a very good starting point for the black magician, because this fear is only compressed selfishness. Suppose someone wants to do black magic on a massive scale. He would first look around the world at individuals who are as anxiety-hazard as possible. For this stockpile of fear is a good means that can be transformed in such a way that the persons concerned acquire certain other powers and powers without knowledge and understanding, to a far greater extent than man can otherwise have. What would a wizard like to do who wants such skills? He should first set up a laboratory in which he would train these chicks - I speak radically, but it will be clearest to you - to harden completely by constantly cutting them into live flesh and watching blood flow. What works in the feelings of fear, which the coward has to a large extent, as a certain external force, can be turned into something opposite, if man is taught to harden by cutting into living flesh. In a man who knows no fear, this procedure of no


utility." (GA 101, 21-10-1907)

At the moment, we see that the cultivated fear of corona is being relieved of a similarly manipulated fear of a possible third world war with Russia.

The Bible told it already and in this time it becomes very topical and in accordance with reality.

Paul Ephese 6:12-13

For we are fighting not against flesh and blood, but against the governments, against the powers, against the world masters of the darkness of this era, against the spiritual powers of evil in the heavenly regions.

Now the above story repeatedly mentions events after the arrival of Christ in the ethereal. This has been described as a phased process. The end of the kali yuga heralded the beginning of the light era. Now, more than 100 years later, we're going to see glimpses of that. What happened around 1933 has been described above. (Testimony Ben Aharon and Junko Althaus ). In a previous article attention was drawn to the story of Willem Brandt about the experiences of concentration camp prisoners with a very special candlelight. Also the description of Dagmar sheds light on this, the experiences of fallen soldiers in the following times.. Steiner foresaw new spiritual revelations from the beginning of the 3rd millennium. (angel astral body and 2nd Maya article). But this was, and still is, bound up with human freedom. And mankind is able to sleep over the greatest revelations, and given the enormous efforts of the counterpowers, that is not entirely surprising.

Rudolf Steiner:

Liar demons and bacilli as carriers of infectious diseases ... Steiner goes on to discuss a "certain form of bacilli as carriers of infectious diseases" that appear as physical bodies—the lie demons and can express themselves in the predisposition to epidemics. ‘... All leu-gene demons have the same effect as if they cast man back into his development, and since in world history such lie demons always arise in the lies of great personalities, which grow into quite formidable entities, one speaks of the spirits of obstacles or obstacles. In this sense, Faust says to Mephisto, "You are the father of all obstacles!"

Individual man, as he is instilled in all of the rest of mankind, by speaking the truth or lying, influences the whole world, for whether he produces demons of the truth or demons of the lie has completely different consequences. Imagine a nation made up entirely of liars. They would populate the astral plan with nothing but lie demos, and these in turn can manifest themselves in the physical predisposition to epidemics. So there's a certain form of bacilli as carriers of infectious diseases emanating from the lies of humanity. They are nothing but physically embodied lie demons. ...’ (GA 99, 30.05.1907)

We are now living in an age where there is an awful lot of lying, which is the truth-


It is hardly used anymore. Unfortunately that is not new because in the time where Goebbels lived and the time after that this happened frequently and increasingly well-finned. State propaganda and slogans are killing us. You could say it's epidemic in nature because whole tribes of people are chasing the lies as if it's the truth. If we now know what the consequences are in the astral world (explosions astral world), then we can ask ourselves how the feedback from the astral to the physical world will go. It must be a huge battlefield in the astral world because of all the lies. And how will that affect all those people who spread the lies? And so, above all, Steiner says that as a physical predisposition this will lead to new epidemics, a vicious cycle.

Rudolf Steiner:

All our culture has its origins in the spiritual world. There, the plans are made according to which of our lives will take place on the physical plane. Below, we see only how, according to the laws of the physical world, one event after another is occurring. Nothing happens in the physical world that was not prepared in the spiritual world before. And that's exactly what's important, what's happening on Earth here in the 20th century ...

Insanity engulfs the world

An article in front news headlines:

The epidemic of madness is sweeping the world. The number of cases of anxiety and depression has increased dramatically, as has the number of cases of psychosis, as more and more people suffer delusions and hallucinations. As with witch-hunts in the 16th and 17th centuries, society is once again losing touch with reality. Where will it end?

Rudolf Steiner:

"Fear and fear, such negative feelings, are indeed something that, if it comes from man, can become disastrous by his acquaintance with the corresponding spiritual beings and powers. This fear and fear are indeed something that puts man in a disastrous relationship with the spiritual world, for there are beings in the spiritual world for whom fear and fear emanating from man are welcome food. If man has no fear and fear, then these creatures are hungry. Let him, who has not yet been more fully informed, take this as a comparison. But he who knows this thing knows that it is a reality." (GA 56, 12-12-1907)

Madness is flanked by madness and criminality. While the face masks had absolutely no use at all but were in fact a very successful behavioral experiment, their operation was an analogy to stopping mosquitoes with the help of chicken wire, there are huge numbers of people walking around with them also in the wild or sitting alone in the car. Whole school classes are quarantined at home because in the class 1 child has a snotty nose and the unreliable test indicates "positive". And


there are plenty of other examples to mention. The following details the role (medical) belief in authority is related to this.

Rudolf Steiner:

"But above all, one must be careful not to take into account in any time what the authority of that time is. As long as one has no spiritual insight, things can go very wrong.

This is particularly true in one area of human culture, in materialistic medicine, where we see that what is authoritative is precisely what authority controls and increasingly demands, where it aims to lead to something that is much, much more horrible, more horrible than ever any rule by the much-accused Middle Ages. We're already in it and it's going to get stronger and stronger. When you mock the ghosts of medieval superstition so horribly, you would like to say: yes, has anything special changed in that respect? Has that fear of ghosts disappeared? Aren't people more afraid of ghosts these days than they were then? - It is much more horrible than one generally thinks, what goes on in the human soul, when one realizes: There are 60,000 bacteria on the palm of your hand. In America, it's been calculated how many such bacilli are in a single male mustache. Should we not decide to say that these medieval haunts were at least decent haunts, but the bacilhaunts of today are too perennial, too indecent haunts to justify the fear which, moreover, has only just begun and which, particularly here, in the field of health, is leading people to fall into a belief in authority that is appalling? (GA 127, 5-1-1911)

And who should not think about the WHO and RIVM and OMT because of their belief in authority?

What about their American and European counterparts?

Epidemics of soul life

Rudolf Steiner:

What we call nervousness will take on serious forms within half a century at the latest (1906+50). Just as plague and cholera once prevailed and leprosy in the Middle Ages, there will be epi-demias of soul life, diseases of the nervous system in epidemic form. These are the real consequences of the fact that people lack the spiritual life core. (GA 95 - 28 August 1906)

It has emerged in Germany, England and the Netherlands that a deliberate campaign has been undertaken to frighten people. The main stream media and TV programs worked hard on this government propaganda. A government that also actively produced commercials to keep the message in it, techniques of NLP and hypnosis were not shied away either. The constitution was violated several times and flagrantly.

It also appears that many officials have actively participated in this work. Unfortunately, many people have been prone to hypnosis and NLP.

Quite effectively, a large number of people are also feared of being infected.

And, very effectively, it's been trumpeting the number of covid deaths on a daily basis. People's fear of death was so greatly fanned. When that later stopped working, they switched to the number of infections


(where one did not even know to be infected and certainly did not feel ill). All of this is based on inadequate testing. (PCR not good) Fortunately, more and more people are realizing that everything has nothing to do with public health. Their den-ken is not yet corrupted (or no longer).

Type of ban on all thinking (censorship)

Rudolf Steiner also spoke about the prohibition of individual thought. This has been widely quoted, but is becoming increasingly relevant:

Rudolf Steiner:

Most of humanity will be under the influence of America, of the West, and will face a different development. Not long after the year 2000 has come, not so much a direct ban, but a kind of ban on all the thinking of America, a law that will aim to suppress all individual thinking. With this perspective, the humanities have to work. We must continue to seek - and we will find - that sufficient counterweight can be found to these trends in world development. (GA 167, 4 April 1916)

At the moment with the Ukraine war, propagandist censorship is taking on even more crude forms as under the covid regime. One can also say that the whole pandemic in turn was a stepping stone to the war, which ultimately fits perfectly with the WEF strategy. Building Back Better can be used best if everything is broken first.

John 8:31-32

And to the Jews who believed in Him, Jesus said: 'If you continue to hold on to what I say, you are truly my disciples. You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.'

We desperately miss this truth.

Secret fraternities (lodges)

From all the above, it is clear that the current crisis is affecting many different groups. People with darkened consciousness in which, in various ways, fallen beings are incorporated. With darkened consciousness we can also look at character traits such as vanity. It will not be difficult to recognize this in the current political elite. A Schwab who boasted that he has accommodated his straw men with many governments e.g. (2016) A de Jonge who


For himself, fighting corona is his sacred task, propagating that vaccination is the only solution. The schoolmaster who plays complacently for on-per-doctor and punch-pimp. But in the black fraternities mentioned, they are engaged in black magic. (mentioned earlier) and that is another degree worse.

Below we will mainly talk about Western-oriented brotherhood pen. The Oriental languages are not part of this theme, but Prokofieff has devoted a few books to it. (1) (2) (3)

In the magazine Apokalyps Nu! At the time, a whole series about oc-culte lodges also appeared. (1) (2) (3) (4)

It should be borne in mind that there is a certain hierarchy in the groups that participate in the pursuit of world domination. In fact, the top of the pyramid is the antichrist Sorat and his followers and underneath it is Ahriman and his scissors. (Satan and Mammon) We should also count Lucifer and not underestimate it. He often works with Ahriman. (with, for example, additional cooperation in years 1000 and 2000)

Among them are the fraternities whose members possess occult knowledge in the higher degrees, such as the manufacture of bat-based soul-extruding injections. These groups are also able to suppress the Christ impulse in people for a time. These essentially black magicians themselves remain out of the public eye and therefore out of harm.

Including all those groups such as WEF NWO etc. And those are kind of the runners at the top of the pyramid.

Due to the upcoming division of Germany (at the time), Steiner spoke at an early age about the fact that there was lived by occult lodges. The theme of Western domination keeps coming back. (see also e.v.)

Rudolf Steiner at Dornach's lecture of December 1, 1918 said that the Western secret societies wanted to use Russia for "socialist experiments":

Rudolf Steiner:

"What matters is that in the circles of the West, who keep their knowledge secret, great care is taken that certain things develop in such a way that this West gains dominion over the East under all circumstances ... what is sought is the establishment of a master caste of the West and an economic slave caste of the East, which begins at the Rhine and continues eastwards into Asia. ... That's what it's all about, turning the English-speaking population into a master population of the Earth. (GA 186 1-12-1918)

This division of central Europe with eastern Europe is still their main goal (see Ukraine).


Edgar J. Hoover the man who led the US FBI for 37 years once said:

Edgar J. Hoover:

"The individual becomes disabled when he comes face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous that he cannot believe it exists. The American is still unaware of the enormous evil that has invaded our society. He refuses even to assume that human beings are capable of embracing a philosophy that will ultimately want to destroy everything that is good and decent".

A president who warns of.. THE BIG PLOT...


When a president of the wealthiest and most powerful country (John F. Kennedy) reveals that the country has fallen prey to an unseen power, organized in a sophisticated, highly efficient manner, in power and pillaging the country parasitically, that seems like a conspiracy, thinking more of a story from an exciting spy book, than that this story would really be the case. And yet, a president warning of such a violent conspiracy, what happened at an annual newspaper press meeting with President John F. Kennedy, on April 27, 1961 at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York.

Because we are being fought all over the world by a monolithic and brutal conspiracy, which relies on secret means to expand its sphere of influence - on infiltration rather than invasion, on subversion rather than elections, on intimidation rather than free choice, on guerrilla warfare at night rather than on armies during the day. It is a system that has incorporated vast human and material resources into the construction of a tight-knit, highly efficient machine combining military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

The preparations (of this conspiracy) are hidden, are not published. Their mistakes do not appear in headlines, but are buried. Their dissidents are silenced, not praised. No expense is called into question, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.

Rudolf Steiner:

... "there are also insiders who are materialists and who let materialistic teachings spread through fraternity pen. ... It is very useful to these materialists if they are constantly told that materialism has actually already been overcome. For one can also pursue any purpose with the opposite words; the methods of the procedure are often quite complicated.

What do such insiders, who actually know very well that the human soul is a purely spiritual being, a spiritual being, completely independent of physicality, and who nevertheless nurture and cultivate the materialistic attitude of man?

These insiders want as many souls as possible, who here between birth and death take only materialistic concepts to themselves. Thus these souls are prepared to remain in the earthly sphere [after death]. They are, so to speak, kept in the earthly sphere.

And now imagine that there will be fraternities who know this very well, who know these conditions very well. These brotherhoods prepare certain human souls in such a way that they after


Death remain in the realm.

Stay in the material realm. If these brotherhoods then - which may lie within their evil power - arrange for these souls to enter the sphere of power of their brotherhood after death, then this brotherhood gains enormous power., enormous power. ...

These souls of the dead have forces in them that can be directed in the most diverse ways, with which one can accomplish different things, with which one can achieve very special expressions of power with respect to those who are not initiated in these things. This is just a feature of certain fraternities.

And in this matter he sees only clearly, who will not be deceived by darkness and nothing foggy; who will not be deceived by thinking that such fraternities either do not exist at all, or that their things are harmless. They are not harmless at all, they are very harmful ... (GA 178, 18 November 1917)

Rudolf Steiner:

Their method is the systematic exploitation of what lies and mendacity allow: "And it's already an important magical work to spread untrue in the world in such a way that it behaves as it were. For in this effect of the untrue, as it were, lies an enormous power of evil. And this power of evil is properly exploited by the various parties" (ibid.). In this sense, journalism is an important aide to such "gray or black magic". (GA 173 c, 20.1.1917 no hlink)

The secret societies (here another article on this) no longer operate as secretly as in earlier times. We have a pope who openly confesses himself to the new world order. A WEF that in its logo shows the numbers 666. They also do muscular egg.

As well bbb (666) as building back better. These groups also attach great importance to symbols such as Freemasonry. The words "delta omicron" can be read as "media control" after changing the letter order


The opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games shows a picture which, in retrospect, clearly points to prior knowledge of the coming pandemic.

The opening ceremony of the Gorthard Tunnel in 2016 also shows what is happening in the world of the elite.

Georgia Guidestones also seem to be getting a message:

There is much speculation and mystery about the text and origin of these stones: The opening sentence on these stones is:

Maintain humanity below 500,000,000 in a timeless balance with nature.

This theme of desired population numbers also resonates with the representatives of the elite such as Attali and Kissinger.

Rudolf Steiner:

The disasters that will affect mankind in the near future will make people very resourceful. Starting from the forces and substances of the earth, they will discover all kinds of things that can serve humanity to food. But the way in which these inventions are made will at the same time reveal the connection, which exists between the material and the organs of the mind (not of the mind, but of the mind). One will discover what one needs to eat and drink in order to become handsome. Man cannot become a spiritual being by eating and drinking, but in that way he can become very handsome, refined and handsome. These things are still hidden from humans today. They are already being pursued, but they will also be brought to light by the hardships of the time ahead. There are secret societies, which will use these things in a certain way, and which can prepare the circumstances in which Ahriman will be able to reincarnate himself in the right way for him. (GA 193, 4-11-1919)

Rudolf Steiner:

We already have a foretaste of the evil that comes in the strong dependence on that-gene produced as a press by the printing press [...]. To propagate this [...] as an important occult means is exactly what those occult fraternities want, because it serves them. [In the past there was a tyranny in the sense that certain people were obliged for a while to believe what Rome recognized as true].


The tyranny will be much greater when the time comes that [...] will be the basis of faith [...] which will allow the organs [of the press - see above] of those occult fraternities to believe: that in no one's soul will be believed anything other than what is prescribed from that side to believe, that no other customs will be introduced into the world than what is prescribed from that side. This is what the fraternities are after."

E.E.A. is also described here.

Steiner gives some source material below to lectures he is going into on the backgrounds of the First World War and what role occult brotherhood played in it.

Rudolf Steiner:

We have discussed the role of such secret societies on many occasions. See inter alia the proposals from 20 to 22. January 1917 "Das Geheimnis des Lebens nach dem Tode" in "Zeitgeschicht-liche Betrachtungen GA 173a-c. Das Karma der Unwahrhaftigkeit, 2nd movement’, GA 174; ‘Individu-elle Geistwesen und ihr Wirken in der Seele des Menschen’, GA 178, and ‘Die okkulte Bewegung im neunzehnten Jahrhundert und ihre Beziehung zur Weltkultur’, GA 254.

See also from...

In the lecture of December 4, 1916 (GA 173a no hlink), Rudolf Steiner spoke of certain "occult brotherhoods of the West" with far-reaching objectives.

The occult fraternities of the West thought in long periods and aimed at a world domination of the English-speaking. At the lecture of 26 December 1916 in Dornach, Rudolf Steiner said:

Rudolf Steiner:

that in the growing occult fraternities, which have grown particularly large since the time of James I, it has been taught for centuries as a matter of course that the "Anglo-Saxon race" - as it is said in this context ... - must pass all the world domination of the fifth post-Atlantic era.

See also here.

Mission of the 6th and 7th post-Atlantic period

Rudolf Steiner:

"Well, as you can see, already in the diffusion of certain concepts, in the diffusion of certain ideas, strong occult impulses are present. And since those fraternities I have spoken about make it their business to make the fifth post-Atlantic period, in the selfish group interest, the total impulse of earthly evolution, and to eliminate from earthly evolution what has to come in the sixth and seventh post-Atlantic period, you will understand that the things I have described as coming from this brotherhood pen, must come from them. There is a need to provide impetus for these things, which are important not only for the embodied human being, but also for the disembodied human being. And the time has come for at least individual people to understand such things, so that they have a sense of what is actually happening, of what is actually happening. But this must go hand in hand with the formation of increasingly accurate and accurate views of the life of the


Man on Earth. These concepts, which are so damaging in our time, cannot be allowed to continue. Because the more people there are going to be who have the right ideas about certain things, the more impossible it will be for certain occultisms to fish in the mud-der. However, as long as the relationship of nations can be discussed in this way in Europe, as is now deliberately being spoken with all the perversion of the truth, so long will there be many occult impulses to cast the earth's evolution from the sixth post-Atlantic era. For this sixth post-Atlantic period, important things lie ahead. I've emphasized, strongly emphasized: the Christ died for the individual. We have to think of this as something quite essential to the mystery of Calvary. The Christ has an important act to perform in the fifth - let us give up on it now 16 - but also in the sixth post-Atlantic period: namely to become a helper here for the earth to overcome, to eventually overcome everything that derives from the national principle. But that this will not happen, that precautions will be taken at the right time, that the Christ will have no influence in the sixth post-Atlantic period, that is what serves the impulses of those fraternities who want to keep the fifth post-Atlantic period in the way I have indicated and explained to you." (GA 174, pp. 232-234 no hlink)


Rudolf Steiner:

A spiritual struggle, which has previously taken place in the spiritual world, has since 1879 flowed into the earthly order, into the Michael order. Since that time, special occasions have been given that the spiritual can be absorbed by the people who want it. One must not believe that the initiates of the Catholic Church do not know such things! They know them, of course; but they put up their dams against it. And precisely in connection with the fact that spiritual life from the spiritual worlds is highly promoted from the year 1879 onwards, the Roman Catholic Church has established the dogma of infallibility, to put a barrier against possible influence of new spiritual truths. (GA 184 22. September 1918)

Rudolf Steiner:

The initiates of the West will try to bind the people more strongly to their physicality and to the spiritual ascending from it through the means of the Ahrimanic demo-nology of technology. This Americanism is supported by Jesuticism, which wants to make a knowledge of the Christ impossible. That aspiration in cultural development, which has set itself the task of not understanding Christ, completely undermining the understanding of Christ, is Jesuism. Jesuism strives to gradually eliminate any possibility of a Christ concept. (GA 200 30-10-1920)

In this case, it is significant that for the very first time in centuries, a Jesuit pope is at the helm. A pope who does not actually do anything secretive but openly declares himself to be a supporter of NWO (new world order). This can even be verified with some Google ("20") actions. This pope as a shepherd of his Catholic sheep also gave the advice to get vaccinated. That would be "an act of love". Incidentally, another religious leader, the Dalai Lama, was also vaccinated as an example for his supporters. Within Catholic ranks there is one


Archbishop Vigano, who has not been excommunicated to date? This is full of attacks on this pope speaking of deep state but also of deep church. He likens this pope to a Freemason. Vigano expresses his dissatisfaction by writing letters with revelations to key agencies, including then-President Trump. (Google ("20") also provides clarification.)

Vigano: Pope as a Freemason

Vigano: House Abrahamic family

Pope addresses vaccine refusals: ‘Vaccination is an act of love’

Pope and new world order

Vigano: new world order

Now Rudolf Steiner has said something about Jesuits and Freemasons. Which perhaps puts the above into a very particular perspective. In short: Jesuits (Catholics) and Freemasons fight each other in public in the supposedly lower degrees of their fraternities. But in the higher echelons they work together. Because of the struggle in the lower regions, they feel yellow-timed to the outside world to work together in other areas.

In the past, popes have even banned the Freemasons.

Lucifer and Ahriman also fight each other in a way, but in fact they also work together mainly around millennia changes such as in the years 1000 and 2000.


The meaning of the millennials. At these times, the amrimanic and luciferous minds have special power. This is related to the numerical system: "In the dozens system, the harmonic impulses now have a very strong effect.

"So the end of the world was expected around 1000 A.D.; "...in the year 2000 one expects exactly the opposite, in the year 3000 one expects the end of the world again. (see Jahrtausendwende anthrowiki) also here.

But the world will have become such that whole peoples will yearn for this end of the world. It can be said without sentimentality. (According to a note by K. Stockmeyer) European humanity faces terrible times."

Rudolf Steiner: The story of the Jesuits

Rudolf Steiner:

The Jesuits, of course, fight furiously against the Freemasonry Congregations, the Freemasonry Congregations fight furiously against the Jesuit Congregations; but the rulers of the Freemasons and the rulers of the Jesuit Congregations belong to the higher degrees of a special brotherhood, forming a state within the state that hugs the others. Think of what one can do in the world, if one can do it in such a way that one is on the one hand, for example, superior of a free-masons' congregation, which thus serves as an instrument for carrying out work, and one with the superior


From a Jesuit congregation to an agreement to carry out a concerted action, which can only be carried out if one has such a device: On the one hand, let go of the Freemasons who, through all channels, represent something terribly strong. This must be represented. But if you let the bulls go only one way, then, not true, it comes to nothing. On the other hand, we must fight it with the same fire, with the same enthusiasm. Think about what you can do when you have one of these devices at your disposal! A particularly effective effect was brought about, for example, by such a device, which simultaneously set Jesuits and Freemasons in motion, without anyone on the Jesuit side and someone on the Freemasons side knowing anything about it, in a certain country that lies roughly in the north-west of Europe, between the Netherlands and France. The effects had been particularly strong

  • Not in the very last time, but for a long time - who used both one and the other current and who could work in many different ways". (GA 167, 4-4-1916).

What Steiner is referring to here with Belgium is (me) unknown. Perhaps that has been mentioned in other speeches.

Rudolf Steiner:

"Now there is a very different kind of brotherhood, which can also be called occult, which follows the same principles, but in another field, which also knows how to work deeper into man. The order of the Jesuits, for example, belongs to such occult brotherhood. The Jesuit order is based on occultism. I explained this in the lecture cycle that I once held in Karlsruhe, where I described directly the exercises that the Jesuit apprentice has to do in order to become a Jesuit. The effect of these exercises is that the person who communicates or performs acts of worship intervenes in the astral body instead of in the etheric body of man. The entire training of Jesuism is aimed at giving the Jesuit the ability to place his words in such a way, to set the way he speaks in such a way that what he says or does steals, I would say, in the astral impulses of the human being". (GA 167, 9-5-1916)

Rudolf Steiner:

"Jesuit efficacy is not the same as the presence of Jesuits there or nearby. Because there are channels in human life through which one can work, even in places one cannot be. And one must not think that if one discovers certain dangers in Jesuism, one has done everything to prevent the Jesuits from being in a certain territory. This only shows that people do not really know what is important. And one will only know what is important when one has this knowledge, which only the humanities can give. But it's not so easy to demonstrate how Jesuism works when you have to point out all kinds of unknown channels. People don't really believe it when they point to unknown channels." (GA 167, 9-5-1916)

Rudolf Steiner:

"And these people know very well why one carefully avoids telling the Catholic lay community that it must also belong to the inner teachings of the Catholic Church to consider the Christ as a Sun Spirit. What is said on this side is that the truth lies in the characterization of the Christ given by the Anthroposophy. These people know that, but their aspiration is to cover up the truth, not to let it get through to the people." (GA 255b, no hlink)


In a very different way (this in between) there is also a kind of struggle against the "sun". Bill Gates had planned to obscure the sun as part of climate control.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church's role in the sexual abuse of children is well known. In fact, the Catholic Church is a well-organized pedophile network. Pedophilia victims

But not only in the Catholic Church but also in many other groups this has been elevated to practice.

On the island of Epstein similar things took place if not worse. Epstein has committed suicide (which means murdered but officially killed by suicide), to prevent him from testifying that many senior figures in the elite have used his services. His girlfriend and accomplice (Ghislaine Maxwel) are under trial. An English prince is now associated with practices that have taken place on the island. (Google ("20") can help you find out about this). But the elite will certainly be able to prevent too many details from coming to light.

Closer to home in the Netherlands, we have the Demmink affair, a high-ranking public servant for the justice system as a practicing pedophile. To this day, there are angry attempts to cover up the issue.

Rutte has on several occasions in the past frustrated an investigation into these matters. In previous years when Rutte was chairman of the JOVD (young people VVD), ideas emerged to reduce the age of having sex with children with impunity to 12 years. It was also believed that bestiality should be able to have sex with animals.


The program stated that the government was not concerned with how individuals experienced their sexual freedom: "The JOVD can live with homosexuality, sex between disabled people, (voluntary) multigamy and bestialities." Newspapers immediately reported that the JOVD was ‘in favor of bestiality’. VVD leader Frits Bolkestein did not take the young people seriously: 'Ah yes, the JOVD. They are also for animal sex, trio marriage and abolition of the royal house. The boys and girls of the JOVD we meet every now and then. Then you listen politely and then you walk shoulder-picking.' At that time, the JOVD often clashed with Bolkestein. JOVD child sex and bestiality

That shows how Rutte's moral compass was. And we now see with a Prime Minister who has made lying and manipulating active memories an art that things have not got any better, E.E.A. in terms of legislation was amended again after the Dutroux case.

The latest fact is that there is now a law that makes it an offense to want to cure gays.

This is not yet the case for pedos, but perhaps such a law is already in the works.

Here are some of the official WHO documents for childrensex:


For children aged 0-4 years

Give information about pleasure and pleasure when touching someone's body. . . masturbation’

"Empowering children to become aware of gender identity"

"Give the right to investigate gender identities"

For children aged 4-6 years

"Provide information about masturbation in early childhood"

"Provide information on same-sex relationships"

"Please provide information about it. . . different concepts of a family "

"Help children develop respect for different standards regarding sexuality"

For children aged 6-9 years

"Give me information about it. . . different methods of conception’

"Provide information about pleasure and pleasure when touching your own body, masturbation during early childhood"

"Provide information about friendship and love for people of the same sex"......................

And so that goes on for a while....

How one deals with gender nowadays would require a whole article separately.

Pedos seem to be resigned to transgender children.

So we see that there are networks around the world that are working on child abuse. Pedophilia is a common phenomenon in those circles where one has the power to enact laws.

Sometimes, however, we receive reports that people may justifiably ask themselves, 'is this really happening?'. When people heard about the Holocaust after and during the Second World War, people couldn't really believe that either.


When the truth about Adrenochrome comes out, Hollywood goes under.

It sounds absurd: elite figures who rape children during Satanic rituals, torture them and drink their blood and then ritually kill them. Is this just a ridiculous conspiracy theory, or is there more to it? The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Sometimes the truth is more gruesome and absurd than many can imagine.

Rudolf Steiner:

The sexual rites are there to be banished in these circles. There is a constant struggle on earth, which aims on the one hand to purify the passions and on the other to strengthen sensuality. The entities that have the Christ principle as their leader are trying to win over the earth, but the other hostile entities are also trying to take over the earth'. (GA 093a, 17-10-1905)


It would take too long to go into this in detail. But earlier quotes from Steiner: page 68 and page 69 unfortunately confirm that view. The people who engage in sexual excesses are on the path of black magic. The impression is created that vampirism is much more topical than can be expected from folkloric stories.

Group souls and group spirits

Rudolf Steiner:

Association means the possibility of a higher being expressed by the united members. This is a general principle throughout life. Five people who are together, who think and feel harmoniously together, aren't just the sum of the five. ... A new, higher being is in the middle of the five, even under two or three. Where two or three are united in my name, there I am in the middle of them". It is not one and the other and the third, but something completely new that comes about through the association. ... Thus human commitments are the mysterious places where higher spiritual beings descend to work through the individual man, as the soul works through the members of the body. ... Wizards are the people who work together in brotherhood, because they attract higher beings into their circle. ... It is the duty of the future to re-establish brotherhood pen, and that from the spiritual, from the highest ideals of the soul.

This is an example of a group spirit in the good sense of the word. For example, a very well-known highly developed group spirit is the Holy Spirit, which inspired the 12 dis-cipels to their Pentecostal experience.

In addition, there are also quite different group minds. For example, they are attracted to football stages and the mass of people in them.

And there are group spirits where brothers in evil feel at home.

Rudolf Steiner:

The way to do this is by grouping people into associations like these are developing these days everywhere in the germ, where the old group souls end and a new group feeling can begin. That is why, for example, what is happening today (1924) in Eastern Europe (Bolshevism), is so terribly satanic, because it leads there with all its might, to bring people together with all strength, that group souls become necessary. If, then, the most intelligent enter the lower realm of the Ahrimanic, then the groups that are formed there can only be added to Ahrimanic powers; and that would be the way for the satanic powers to take humanity out of the earth evolution and into another planetary evolution. The group feeling (Gruppenseelenhaftigkeit) can only succeed if the intellectual element is fully emancipated in a certain way. (GA 346 22-9-24)


Gog Magog

Rudolf Steiner:

And so the time will come that indeed satanic power, by what it has developed in its attempts to win over the intelligent powers of mankind, when this satanic power will be so great that it will approach all the formed groups; so that it will come to the point where the power of Satan will work to the four winds. And these groups, smaller groups: Gog, or larger groups: Magog, they will be subject to temptation, to the leadership of Satanic power. And whether those who have now taken the spi-rituality into their own hands will develop such intensity that human intellectuality, with the help of Michael's power, can be directed to where it belongs - to the original forces that were there at the beginning of the human evolution and who want to continue what man has become so far, with human freedom - that is what will be decided. Much will depend on whether people will come to a thorough understanding of real spirituality, real spirituality with an inner order. (GA 346 22-9-1924)

Coming back to the Ahriman-inspired groups that come under the anti-zeitgeist Mammon. Below is a small list of some of those groups that are increasingly showing their true colors:

Blackrock, Vanguard, Google, Facebook, Exxon, MS-Windows , Wef, Apple, Amazon and

many others.

A bit different from this seems to be Elon Musk (is also not a group in that sense). He openly speaks out about the dangers of artificial intelligence but at the same time he also develops neurolace a brain-computer interface and sends starlink rockets into space that have a big influence on internet use (5G) all over the world. Several multibillionaires have enormous power and they can use it for the worse.

And countless other groups, bigger and smaller, Magog and Gog.

Many of these companies are larger and more influential than nation states and they are global. The owners are without exception billionaires, in which, for example, royal houses and their influence on the world is enormous.

Who owns the world?

Who runs the world?

Who owns big pharma and big media?

That Mammon is the god of money may become very clear here. And also that the struggle of Michael and his faithful against these conglomerates facilitated by Mammon will continue for centuries.


Tim Gielen:

"This means that Vanguard (and therefore also Blackrock, because ultimately it is owned by Van-guard) is in the hands of the richest families on earth," says Gielen. Among them are the Roth shields, the DuPont family, the Rockefellers, the Bush family and the Morgan family, to name but a few. Many belong to royal bloodlines and are the founders of our central banking system, the United Nations and just about every industry on the planet. Gielen goes even further in his documentary, so I strongly recommend that you look at him in its entirety. And I've just summarized a little bit of the whole film here. Reports from Oxfam and Bloomberg say that 1% of the world collectively owns more money than the other 99%. Worse, Oxfam says that 82% of all money earned in 2017 went to this 1%.

In other words, these two investment companies, Vanguard and BlackRock, have a monopoly in all the industries of the world and are in turn owned by the richest families in the world, some of whom are royalty and who have been very rich since before the Industrial Revolution. Why doesn't everyone know this? Why are there no films and documentaries about it? Why isn't it in the news? Because 90 percent of the international media is controlled by nine media conglomerates.

Covid Lie asks: "Who sponsors the organization and news agencies that produce our news? At Pro-ject Syndicate we see the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Open Society Foundation and the European Journalism Center. The organizations delivering the news are paid for by nonprofits, from the same elite who own the whole media, but also some of the taxpayers' money is used to pay them."

Rudolf Steiner:

After all, those in power are only the accomplices of the economic people. And everything that has come about in the field of law and law has come about from the mindset of economic man. It was not until the 19th century that we saw how people who think as bankers are going to take the place of economic people. And it is only in the 19th century that this form of society is created to a complete extent, which actually covers all other relations with the money economy. We need to get to grips with these things in the right way, drawing on experience. .....It would

it is desirable that these things should be frosted in every detail.(!Only then will it be clear, how fundamental where all this is. And here, too, we see Ahriman opening up an essential opportunity to mislead mankind, as the money, which after all is intended only as a "symbol" of the goods produced by human labor, has taken up a dominant position. (1919! Red.) In the face of this economic order, man must set the rule of law and the organism of the mind. If he does not realize how necessary this is, Ahriman will again find an important means to prepare for the victory of his incarnation, which will certainly come. (GA 193, 27-10-1919) 17)

17  17Rudolf Steiner has actively tried to counterbalance all this through the counter-balance of social threefold. Unfortunately, that did not work out at the time. Steiner foresaw many more future misfortunes and tried to counter them in advance, such as: the free schools, the bd agriculture, the anthrop.medicine, the construction impulse and many other areas. We can only now see how incredibly accurate his insights were


Another group (Magog) of a very different caliber are the Bolshevism (Sorat impulse), the Nazis (impulse Ahriman) and the Jesuits (impulse Lucifer), About the consecrations of the Catholics (worldwide sect v.l.g.s.Steiner) was mentioned here. It is to Prokofieff's credit that he found that Lenin and Marx were also initiated in their area. (see e.g. Der Osten im Lichte des Westens part 1 on agni yoga).. The above photo of Klaus Schwab clearly shows what his source of inspiration is. The occult lodges mentioned here then belong to the Gog inspiration.

We are dealing with the former economically oriented groups, including in this pandemic. And, as in 1914 the 1st World War was able to start partly because of embezzled human minds, there are now inciting forces to maintain and fuel a conflict in Ukraine that fits in the very street of the WEF. Perhaps also because the house of cards of the pandemic is about to collapse or that most of the objectives have been achieved in the meantime. The lies have become so huge and transparent that more and more people are beginning to see that. And, very suddenly, there are moves to ease across the globe. Just as suddenly as at the time, the propagation of "the new normal" also began worldwide. Austria, where the vaccination obligation has already been established, has provisionally abandoned this and is a striking example of this. Which in itself is highly suspicious. In the meantime, however, the process of personal identification continues at European level. Canada and Australia also continue to operate on a collision course. We will see how it develops there and what the WEF is going to decide and give to assignments, and things were going to be made more flexible with an eye to the elections. But all plans have by no means been abandoned and are either ready in the refrigerator or in the toolbox. Presumably (has been predicted by various objective virologists) a new wave arrives that is in fact caused by vaccinations (vaccination damage) but that one will explain and classify as new infection gene. And then the whole theater starts from the beginning again.

In 1788, British colonization began with the establishment of a prison camp


Sydney. Sydney. In the 1850s, the Australian colonies became autonomous parliamentary democracies, and on January 1st, 1901, they united and formed the Commonwealth of Australia.

At the time, there were criminals in the camps. Now it is the other way round. The criminals are in government and taking the people hostage. Could this be a form of karma?

Great reset, great resistance, great awakening, kulmination, singularity

In anthroposophy there was talk of a possible culmination at the end of the 20th century ...or that civilization can be buried, the great crisis, the Welten-kamaloka, a decadent cultural life, ... or the beginning of a new light era with new spiritual revelations and great encompassing acts of mind. We can say that this did not happen at the end of the 20th century. Everything depends on the freedom of the people and also on the strength and perseverance of the counterpowers.

Today we have to fight against the Great Reset of Klaus Schwab and his WEF.

But there are more and more signs(?) that this might be transformed into a 'great resistance' or even more into a 'great awakening'. After all, people are being put under so much pressure and deprived of their liberties that this awakens something in them that would otherwise be hidden and latent. It is therefore possible to see counterpowers in a different perspective, namely that they inadvertently cause the opposite of what they actually want to achieve. The global awakening of many people can also be seen as breaking through an incipient Christ consciousness.

The anti-Christian measures such as lockdowns, lies, propaganda, contact bans, curfews, no shaking hands, no hugging, hatred, alienation, masculine duty (with one's face no longer separate from the fact that it is extremely unhealthy) show from which quiver all these measures come. Christian values are love, truth and connection and compassion.

After almost the entire 20th century has been dominated by the power and strength of the anti-Christian powers, 100 years after the end of the kali yuga (dark age) there is still a chance of breaking the spiritual light. In 2012 many people expected this in connection with the maya prophecy of 21 December-ber 2012. I have previously written 2 articles about this with in the second article also


some expectations about how to break a lighter era. New age circles talk about the dawn of the aquarius age (Aquarius), but from the anthroposophy are "other ideas" about this. But the dark age and its those-strings and the dark counterforces do not allow this without a fight, they want to maintain the condition of the kali yuga. Michael's struggle against Mammon has only just advanced a century. The Christian consciousness, which was predicted to occur, has been effectively suppressed by the counterpowers.

Since Golgotha's first mystery, there has been a law that is called the 33-year rhythm.

Rudolf Steiner:

What prospects does this year's Christmas promise for Easter after 33 years? For after thirty-three years all things in historical development will emerge from the grave in a changed form, by a force connected to the most holy and redeeming that mankind has received through the Mystery of Calvary. (...) Be aware that one generation should look to the next in such a way that it should remember: In the Christmas Star I teach you to plant in your soul like a birth, which after thirty-three years in the Easter will freeze. Knowing this connection between this generation and the next generation, I have received - so anyone can say to themselves - an impetus in all work that goes beyond the day." (GA 180, 23.12.1917)

Rudolf Steiner:

Three times the Christ cycle of 33 gives 1/3 years each 100 years. "One recognizes the intensity of a momentum that puts man into the historical creation also in his efficacy for three generations, for a whole century." (GA 180, 26.12.1917)

100 years after the kali yuga, we are now in a period when new spiritual revelations might occur. At the end of the last century in 1998


the second beast, Sorat, has reinforced its work. Nine life may reflect this on the Earth's plane. The 7th apocalyptic trumpet has begun to blow.

One hundred years after 1933-1945, the time will come 2033-2045. Also the time when adepts of transhumanism predict that the singularity would occur. In short, singularity is the term for the moment when the man-made artificial intelligence (AI) reaches a level beyond current human intelligence. From that moment on, people would no longer be able to understand what these "conscious" machines do and let (Steiner speaks of highly intelligent machine animals). It is therefore imagined that these machines will then quickly create even more intelligent machines, which in turn will in turn create more intelligent machines, etc. In the end, they think they have created a new all-knowing God. (Harari, Kurzweil and Others).

Faced with this depressing perspective is the possibility that humanity, in its spiritual aspirations, with the help of Christ-Michael, will still be able to achieve a kind of culmination.

In the 20th century, the light forces are almost completely covered by the dark forces. Eclipse of the human spirits, also of the angelic being that was Christ Carrier (Christophoros) (2nd mystery Golgotha).

However, progress has also been made in the context of the 33-year rhythm. For example, 33 years after 1933 in 1966, there was a kind of awakening in mankind, and flowerpower reflected this. The Berlin Wall, which was built thanks to the interference of black fraternities, fell in 1989. So 33 years later, in the age of lockdowns, we are again on the topic of imprisonment 2022, and in 1956, 66 years before that, was the Hungarian Revolution.

The books of Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon detail the origin of Christ in the various stages. ( Since his Christ's Thour in 1975), he was then 20 years old and had no knowledge of anthroposophy and it took him many years of research to be able to understand what exactly this Thread meant. Recently in his book The Twilight and Resurrection of Humanity - The History of the Michaelic Movement since the Death of Rudolf Steiner. The German title is: "Men-schendämmerung und Auferstehung der Menschheit".

And particularly in the following of that book he summarizes results of that year-long research. Some parts of this article are inspired by this.

Aharon was also, to my knowledge, the first person in an anthroposophical context to speak about transhumanism and his prophet Kurzweil and what an impact it would have on man. (Today there are also books by Mosmuller and Perlas and Hammer


and Margareta van den Brink In fact also a bit of a shouting in the desert because the anthroposophical circles in Dornach left him and ignored what he had to bring. Medically, they also drop many stings there in Dornach, involving the handling of corona and the vaccine. A good impression of his (Aharon's) work is actually only available by reading his books or following his lectures. In his blog are also numerous contributions that highlight these themes.. A review of Aharon's last book by Scott Elliot Hicks can be read here.

It was also Aharon who, in my view, could give a plausible explanation for the lack of the culmination hoped for by Steiner at the end of the 20th century!

In any case, he considers it possible that in the period 2033-2045, new spiritual revelations can actually follow from the spiritual world, allowing the Christ consciousness among the people to develop further. A previous Steiner quote suggested that this could be due to some paradoxical fact.

Rudolf Steiner:

Thus, from the angry, in a special, paradoxical way, humanity will be fed from the 5th post-Atlan-era to the renewal of the mystery of Calvary.

According to Aharon, there is currently an increasing activity in the etheric world which seems hopeful in that regard.

Enough links are given here so that the reader can form his own judgment on this.

A girl Christina von Dreien18) is in the spotlight today.

She would be clairvoyant and could tell a lot about the spiritual world. If you study e.e.a., however, there is a suspicion that the new age movement has a big influence on the girl. But yet she speaks out things that can give thought.:

Christina von Dreien

A few days ago I had a dream that reminded me of the current situation and I would like to tell you the dream.

It started with me seeing different cities. In these cities, crowds went around, burning buildings and creating chaos. Things got so bad that many residents of the cities also started to flee to the countryside.

And then I saw people all over the world assembling these little islands of light. Bulbs of light were made all over the world by people who had woken up. Just by doing what was right for their heart to bring light to Earth. These many light bulbs existed single eyes-

18  Christina von Dreien. There's been a lot of praise for that girl. She also certainly has a lot of interesting things to say. But a closer look at the sources reveals that she's quite involved in new age ideas. (link refers to a website of Marc van Delft that has been more involved with this theme). Like alien races that would have visited the world with UFOs. The origin of the moon is explained very differently as in anthroposophy etc.


looks parallel to all the chaos that was there. Suddenly I felt something change in the field, as if something had "clicked". And from one second to the next, without warning, all the spheres of light in the world exploded and together with the light that came additionally from the spiritual world, a wave of light went over the earth. This wave changed the earth, somehow the chaos began to stop. The world still looked like it did before this wave, but all colors were in-tenser, more luminous. It seemed like a new earth. Like it put on a new rug

There is also a video of Christina where she speaks about the more dark brothers of humanity. She speaks hesitantly and not very smoothly but still has something to say what is separate for a girl of her age. Theme: There are soulless and soulless creatures on Earth. Dutch subtitles. She also speaks about extraterrestrials and about that theme I once wrote an article un-identified, in relation to new age views.

Wonder, surprise,

Love, compassion, conscience

Predictions and prophecies (for example the Michael prophecy) about foreseeable events now more than ever depend on what people are able to develop in love, freedom and truth. Thou shalt know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. Where love can only arise in a free spirit. Christ has more or less placed his fate in the hands of the people. Now that he has become Lord of Karma and has absorbed all human karmic evil in his essence, it is partly up to people what the future will look like and what they do with it. A huge responsibility. Among them, there is talk of both Christ and the Christ impulse.

Rudolf Steiner:

When something like [the spiritualization of humanity] - because humanity in modern times must be set to freedom - is left out of free human will, the scale falls to the other side. Then what could have been achieved by mental means is discharged through the blood. And then it discharges itself in, I would say, a superphysical way. It is only the leveling of the scale that we are experiencing in our catastrophic times. Humanity, which has rejected spiritualization, must be forced into spiritualization. This can happen due to a physical catastrophe [than the First World War]." (GA 174a, 17-2-1918 no hlink)

Rudolf Steiner:

Since baptism in the Jordan, the Christ lived in the body of Jesus of Nazareth, i.e. in his astral body, ethereal body and physical body. With the death of the cross, he laid these shrouds. From that moment until the end of the earth's development, its new envelopes are formed from what the people develop in wonder, in love and compassion and as conscience. The new astral body of the Christ is woven from the amazement


of men, his new ethereal body out of love and compassion and his new physical body out of the forces of conscience.

"From that which can only be taken from the earth, which since the fourth post-Atlantic period of culture in the evolution of humanity, which began with the Mystery of Calvary, has lived on earth in the form of astonishment or wonder about things, everything that can live in us as astonishment and wonder, finally approaches to the Christ and forms with him the astral body of the Christ impulse. And everything that attaches itself to the human soul as love and compassion forms the ethereal body of the Christ impulse, and what lives in the people as a conscience and animates them, from the Mystery of Calvary to the earth purpose, forms the physical body or that which corresponds to it, for the Christ impulse". (GA 133, 14-5-1912)

In man, the physicality is described a little differently, but it is closely related to the said physicality of Christ.:

Rudolf Steiner:

We can say:

Our central nucleus is enveloped by the belief or astral body, by the love or ether body and by the hope body, the physical body. (GA 130 2/3-12-1911) Faith Love Hope

How it can continue over the next few years is therefore in the hands of the people. Both Michael and Christ take into account the freedom of man. The counterpowers, however, do nothing of the sort. With urge and compulsion, they rule humanity. A striking picture of the current situation is given in the metaphor of the caterpillar that becomes a butterfly

The caterpillar is in fact very materialistic and fills its life mainly with (fresh) food. It is slow and very earthbound, cannot fly without wings and crawls low to the ground. And that is the picture for our society today with all the big cumbersome institutions.

But then something very special comes into play. The caterpillar spins into a cocoon. He seems to die in a self-built sarcophagus. The cocoon becomes very hard and movement-free.

In the cocoon there is a true metamorphosis. The caterpillar cells actually dissolve and become liquid. There are still caterpillar cells that first resist this metamorphosis. But eventually the future butterfly cells (imaginary cell-


(len) this struggle. The organism then compresses from the liquid state in a way, and the future butterfly begins to gain shape. The hard cocoon protects this process. If the cocoon were to be opened early, the organism would die, which is no longer a caterpillar, nor would it die a butterfly. Our society is also changing. One can now only see the very hard dead mummified cocoon and cannot imagine that a light-oriented winged butterfly will emerge from it. From the 'metamorphosed DNA' of the caterpillar, a sparkling, light-oriented butterfly appears.

A moral is: don't fight the caterpillar or the cocoon, but focus on the new that emerges from the old. That is what society now wants to create, not only individually but collectively. In most of the texts quoted, Steiner clearly focuses on those who live at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century (in the karma lectures of 1924). And then you might ask: is that handful of anthroposophers now representative of humanity to be able, as Michael fighters, to counterbalance all the extreme violence of the counterpowers?

René Maikowski writes in his memoirs about an important conversation with Rudolf Steiner, in which the question of the number of potential anthroposophers in the world was raised. After Rudolf Steiner pointed out that there were several million already alive, he added, given Maikowski's astonished expression:

Rudolf Steiner:

"The souls are incarnated who seek anthroposophy, but we do not speak their language!"

Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon:

Now at the beginning of the 21st century, many more disciples of Michael are incarnated, but the number of people actively seeking connection to anthroposophical life and thinking has only slightly increased.

From: Rene Maikowski, Schicksalswege auf der Suche nach dem lebendingen Geiste, Freiburg i.Berg. 1980 page 27

However, it is also important to think about the events undoubtedly influenced by Ahriman. Rudolf Steiner was asked: "Can anything be done against the harmanic activities described above?

Rudolf Steiner:

"No, now [there's nothing you can do about it]. The only thing one can do is try to recognize all the things that are there clearly and really live with these insights. One should always insist on the fact that thoughts are real, dynamic forces. Thinking things through clearly - that's all we can do now. And even if you only live with these true thoughts for two days, and then maybe be swayed by the black magic of journalism, these two days are already a force. Then perhaps the time will come when this can be used, when people can create something for themselves or when they can influence others to do something. For example, read the story of Saint Nicholas of Myra or Saint Nicholas of the Flüe." (GA 173c, p. 45)


Whatever certainly helps against this supremacy to demonic powers is to have knowledge of it. These powers fear a clear spiritual-thinking consciousness. Speaking to Ita Wegman, Steiner said:

Rudolf Steiner:

"Only humans can know demon secrets. The gods are waiting for these secrets that the people bring to them... Such a sacrifice to the gods of the secrets extracted from the demons averts the dark acts of these demons, so that where darkness has prevailed, the spiritual light can shine again." (Ita Wegman-An die Freunde, 4.10.1925)

And the following also gives hope to each individual person who is educated in that field:

Rudolf Steiner:

There's only one power Lucifer is backing away from: that's morality. This is something that Lucifer burns like the most horrible fire. And there is no other means to counter Ahriman than judgment and discernment, trained in spiritual science." (GA 120, 22-05-1910)

The role of Christ and his face Michael in fixing the karma of those who feel actively involved in Michael's struggle with the dragon on on earth after 1879 and which we are now in the midst of. The small group of people who are aware of the occult dimensions of this struggle is extremely small. But a much larger group that is awake to the manipulations of the elite regarding pandemic, transhumanism and warmongering begins to suspect that other than human powers are involved in the struggle for love and freedom. In this sense, the mutual karmic circle of those operating on the battlefield expands considerably.

Michael fighters conscious and unconscious.19)

19  A number of fighters are mentioned here, but certainly not all: Mattias Desmet, Wolfgang Wodarg, Gert van den Bossche, Luc Montagnier+, Judy Mikovitch, Vladimer Zelenko, Robert F. Kennedy, Reiner Fuellmich, Robert W Malone, Sucharit Bhakdi, Pierre Ca-pel, Theo Schetters, David Icke, Flavio Pasquino, Tom Switzer, Tim Gielen, Vernon Coleman, Willem Engel, Jeroen Pols, From FvD Forum for Democracy, Wybren van Haga. The latter are the only true representatives of the people about the covid madness. (although


Front news:

As the truth about the anti-human demonic entities that govern our world today is revealed in the present, it gives us the opportunity to reassess the past and gain new understanding of our own personal testimony of the history as it unfolded.

The writings of the students of the White Rose in Hitler's time were similar.

Prokofieff also devotes a chapter in his book "The Encounter with the Evil" to "the foundation stone of the good". In 1923-24, after the anthroposophical association was reorganized in 1923, the Weihnacht Stagung took place. This was an act of mystery by Rudolf Steiner in bringing the foundation stone from the spiritual world to Earth. This was an act of which Steiner did not know in advance whether it would be approved by the spiritual world. Afterwards, he confirmed that this had indeed happened and that since then Steiner has been allowed to pass on more revelations from the spiritual world. The words Welten-Zeiten-Wende were used for this act of mystery. Now almost 3x33 years after laying in the hearts of the people this foundation stone of good will depend on whether there have been enough people since that time who have carried out this in complete freedom.

Below is the fourth part of the stone motto:

In time turn

Trad the World spirit light

In the earthly orphan flow;


No longer;


Radiated in human souls;


That heats up

The poor shepherds' hearts;

Light that illuminates

The wise heads of the kingdom.

i cannot share their views on climate and nuclear power plants)

In anthroposophic environment: Alert groups: Luuk Dullaard, Anthon Nicola, Marc van Delft further Imke Jelle van Dam, Paul Engelen (someone who was very faithful at many demonstrations), Frank Gerritsen van Apo Nu! Night and beef letter Thomas Heck. This list is also far from complete.

Some initiatives: Cafe weltschmerz, Blckbx tv, Unheard of the Netherlands, Blue tiger, The other newspaper, Doctors collective (moderate), Stichting vaccinvrij van Door Frankema.

A new political party was founded VSN (Free Social Netherlands) but unfortunately the opponents got hold of it and the party is now split into 2 and completely powerless.


Divine Light

Christ sun

Heat our hearts

Lighten our heads

That's gonna be okay

What we

From hearts grounds

What we

Out of heads

Want to lead fulfilled.

Rounding, possible future

And that brings us to the end of this long article. There is now a real threat of the start of a third world war with the use of nuclear weapons because of Ukraine. Those who have also pushed the pandemic so hard (including Rutte and co.) are now also using war rhetoric and are supplying Ukraine with weapons on a massive scale, which in effect amounts to a declaration of war to Russia. Again, following messages from front news via their website or telegram according to this author is really recommended. Using google is not recommended to look things up on the www. This big tech firm participates in censorship and promises its previous principles.20)

The level of current mainstream media journalists is incredibly low, very sensational and partisan. Similarly, the parliaments of the Netherlands and Europe, for example, where Ukrainian flags are used to make very drastic decisions with enormous consequences. Or where the incumbent Ukrainian President is greeted with standing ovation during and after a virtual speech.

Steiner talked about how the spiritual age of people who do not develop spiritually will decrease. This is ubiquitous in society from studious TV shows and banal talk shows and annoying advertising and much more. We're plunged into pandemics and wars by adolescents who are mentally naive. It turns out that public opinion can be played on extremely easily.

20  Brave as a browser and as a search engine is recommended because of Google's censorship tendencies. This motto used to be "no evil", it is clear that they have abandoned it. They are also believed to have been infiltrated by the FBI and CIA and other such agencies


Growing up in humanity

Rudolf Steiner:

And we in the fifth period: think, we live in the group spirit of humanity, in what our environment is, between the twenty-first and twenty-eighth years. From that moment on, the environment gives nothing. What comes after that must be achieved by our own development, we must draw on ourselves, because nothing flows from outside to us. Humanity has covered the years up to the twenty-eighth year, and when we have reached the age of twenty-eight, then, yes, we must have a basis, then we must have something in us that we can continue; otherwise we will never be older than twenty-eight years. And even now so much of the fifth period has passed that mankind has just returned to the seventh-twentieth year. So if nothing is done for them to vigorously develop their inner being and advance themselves, people will only live to be twenty-seven. That means a lot, my dear friends! That is, if everything is left as it is, present humanity will achieve no intellectual or any other spiritual development than just such a development until the twenty-seventh year. And if something is not poured into their souls to further their development, then they remain twenty-seven years old for the rest of their lives. ...They remain twenty-seven years old for the rest of their lives: that is a great secret of the current evolution of humanity. In the sixth post-Atlantic period, people don't get older than twenty-one years at all. If nothing is done to expand their interior, to strengthen their intellect, their initiative, their will, a general dementia would break out preecox. People should adhere to the development of life that ends at the age of twenty-one. The latter would only be an insignificant addition. (GA 174b, 13-5-1917) no hlink

And that will be even younger and more adolescent now a hundred years later (2022).

Finally, the following text is from Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon as he depicts the words of Christ as heard in this time. Described in the afterword of his book: Menschendämmerung und Auferstehung der Menschheit, Die Geschichte; Der Mi-chael-Bewegung seit dem Tod Rudolf Steiners. Eine esoteric Study


Das Ereignis.org:

This unique work is the result of decades of research and experience and sheds a new light on the psychological history and karma of the Michael Movement since the death of Rudolf Steiner. It describes the development and transformation of this movement in the ethereal world during the 20th century, from the world-changing apocalypse in the 1930s and 1940s to the beginning of its incarnation on Earth at the end of the last century. The work also focuses on the developments in practical and social work to build the Community of the Hogeschool voor Gees-Teskunde, which is the epitome of the new Michael movement in our time. Published February 2021; Available at: www.ereignisverlag.de

Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon:

I AM the Sunbeing that lives in the Earth and Humanity. I live in your ethereal hearts. I left my glorious cosmic abode in the sun and swapped it for Earth to make Earth my new Sun. I took a human form to live with you, my human-like brothers and sisters, on this sun-earth, grow with you and fulfill our cosmic destiny with you. I have established my heavenly Solar Kingdom on this Earth. I AM the body, life, soul, spirit and 'lK' of the Earth and Humanity; and no power or being exists in the entire universe that this Earth can take from me; there is no power in the Heavens and above the Heavens, on the Earth and below the Earth, that the Earth can take from me and from you, if you unite with me. The offer of all my love, life and light constantly flows into your ethereal hearts. Actively take up my offer in your whole being, encourage and empower yourself and your fellow human beings! Unite with my cosmic acts of healing and salvation, and join my angel hosts, to build together the new Earth-Human Sun!