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The Mayans and the year 2012 (December 21).

The Mayans and the year 2012 (December 21).

Kees Kromme .

This article is originally written in Dutch. It is translated with google in english and later corrected by english speaking people. The idea to translate came from Richard Distasi because of an emailcorrespondence with author about his own article.
here and here.(Kali Yuga, Shamballa and the Year 2012). In part 2  by author will be reference to very interesting possibility of reversal of kali yuga in our time.
Once the author wrote this in 2000, but the response was minimal. He hopes that times are changed and many people will share their thoughts about the themes witch are here publiced.

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Part 1
The number of books that has the theme: the Maya and the year 2012, runs
now in the thousands. (01) But if you have a web-based search engine released on
this data can still have a multitude of information to add. Then should come as no surprise that Hollywood also went along in this stream. A number of films and documentaries are now in circulation (02) and the time is still but shortly before the long-awaited and special time of 21/12/2012 dawns. (13)


Appears to have large groups of people taking the most different expectations. Expectations that differ appear to run from doomsday scenarios the end of the earth to predict utopias have a sudden onset
collective consciousness expansion, and a new era of peace and light harmony dawns! And between these extremes are many other variants with both apocalyptic as heavenly perspective. You may wonder where all these expectations are based on where they come from, how they are fed. Is it a hype or reality behind there? The is too simple to some as skeptical circles, all as fabrications to do. It would also be easy to deal with anything like this floating around of information just for sweet cake to take. For this, the sources diverse and massively present. In the Internet world, there are many information indiscriminately, so that the real first sources are difficult to trace.
It is therefore important the wheat from the chaff. This is no easy task given the overwhelming amount of information out there about to find. There can be various sources to be examined, that something about the theme tell. First to the Maya themselves, with their calendar. Then at the very being diverse movement that New Age is called, all kinds of things to add what the Maya themselves proclaimed. Then to the science, which pronounce on physical phenomena such as precession, alignment of the Earth and Sun relative to the Milky Way, about magnetic and geographic poles of the earth, solar flares, comets and planets etc. And then there are the prophetic and apocalyptic prophecies of old and new psychics and prophets, as these include in various (sacred) books are available. (03)
The insertion of the author will be an attempt to use insights like this from the
Anthroposophy (humanities) can be developed to the phenomenon look.

1st photo calendar disk, the Aztecs, this stone was in 1790 on 17 December
excavated in Mexico City. The disk has a weight of 24 tons and a diameter of 3.6
meter. This is erroneously called the maya stone. 2nd photo the Mayan calendar stone of the Aztecs derived. 

What say the Maya themselves?

We show some Maya (since we can assume that this is closest to the source sit) to say: Jose Huchim, Leonze Barreno, Don Aleandro Cyrillo Perez and Carlos Barrios. (04) These names loom most in the literature at this area and seem the most reliable a.i. authenticity. It may be particularly noticeable, that most rebelling against the doomsday scenarios that often in the (white) west developed n.a.v. their prophecies. 

José Huchim (06) - a Mexican archaeologist and Maya - not to mention the way the Western world the predictions of the Maya world has helped. In particular, the American blockbuster 2012 (02) this gives him a thorn in the eye. In the film refers to the calendar that the Mayans carved in stone. The calendar stops at 21 December 2012 and that would not be in vain. According to the Western interpretation namely, the world would perish. Huchim can not laugh. "In the mind of the Maya is the only one cyclic period comes to an end, "he explains. "The Maya Never saw it as a catastrophic date. It is worrying that they (the westerners, eds.) a different meaning to the vision of us, Mayans give. "

Huchim comes with some colleagues the conversation with the Mayan priests. I.a. the fear that the Western interpretation by sects being used to their power and membership to do expand, will then be discussed. "There are recent examples of cults something use to incite collective suicides, "says researcher Guillermo Bernal of the Center for Maya Studies at the Mexican university. The experts hope that the religious leaders of the Maya can help the true meaning of the calendar to others to explain. The researchers emphasize that the Western interpretation of the calendar very far from the ideas of the Maya cedes. "Unfortunately spreads the technology these ideas faster than the real legacy of the Maya." 

In Mexico live another half million Mayans. In Guatemala, descendants the Mayans around forty percent of the population. No Western interpretation does justice to what their ancestors ever intended. The Mayans created the calendar important events and dates in their past and future to highlight. The calendar consists of thirteen cycles of 144,000 days. The last day is December 21, 2012. "What the Mayans really predicted that date, there was a god (05) on earth, but they did not mention that the earth would perish. "This says José Huchim. (06) 

Leonze Barreno (07), Maya expert and trained to the Mayan calendars to read and to interpret, does not believe that the end of the world is near. On the contrary, we have on December 21, just something to celebrate.The date marks according to him nothing more than a cycle of 5125 years, the end of the Mayan calendar, which simultaneously a new period is inaugurated. The calendar has led to the disastrous predictions that the world at the end of this year perishes.Thousands of books have been published on this subject and the Internet is overflowing with blogs, which the hysterical doom-mongering rampant. The film industry threw himself on the end times and earned some gold. Nothing new Barreno, born in Guatemala, by the Mayan elders taught reading the calendar and qualifies the predictions as nonsense. In an interview with CBC says the expert, who is in Canada at the University of Regina, that there really is nothing new under the sun."According to the Mayans, this is already the fifth time it happens." Instead of defeatism sets he is sober for the winter solstice on December 21 to celebrate. Thus Leonze Barreno. (07) 

Don Aleandro Cyrillo Perez (08) is seen as an important representative of Mayan shamans, he is also called Wandering Wolf said. This Maya shaman's example can be seen in the dutch film Year Zero of Wiek Lenssen (+ accompanying book)  (02)
About this guy is a lot of information available, which can be proofread by the links mentioned in note (08). The author will be limited to some typical statements from him. Also Aleandro dissociates itself from the interpretation of the Mayan prophecies as those in the west are distributed. 

 This is what Don Alejandro told about the Mayan prophecy of 2012: First and foremost, there is a time window around this date, December 21, 2012. The Mayans call this the end of the time. It includes 7-8 years. This time window began on 24 October 2007. However, the precisedeadline is me (the interviewer) is not communicated. What is certain is that we are all in this time window of life, what the end of time is called. Don Alejandro also said that the probability that the Mayan prophecy would begin on that date, December 21, 2012, what most people in the world believe, extremely would be unlikely. He said it was somewhere in this window will occur (the end of time) which means, any time! And this until 2015. That is something no some of the predictions from the modern world says. To make the situation even better sketches, we must understand what that date is. Therefore we have to talk about the precession of the equinoxes. The Mayans used a cycle of 5,200 years. When you multiply this number by 5 get your 26,000 years. And this is the approximate period of time of the precession of the equinoxes. The cycle that the Mayans used is even shorter. (09)When Don Alejandro in Sedona was in July 2007, he spoke about an aspect of the Maya prophecy. There are many more, but he said - and this is true Mayan prophecy-that there is a physical pole shift of the earth's axis would occur sometime within this time window. That's nothing news. As Edgar Cayce (10) long ago made the same prediction, somewhere in the thirties. Maybe I should just say that they agree.
(Note from the author: Edgar Cayce spoke of the displacement of the magnetic poles and Alejandro has a physical movement, besides others speak about consciousness shift). (10)

Don Alejandro speaks about 30 hours darkness that will arise when the pole shift comes. I am aware that there are some people who over 3 days speak of darkness. The Mayans say, no, it's not three days, it's 30 hours. He says that everything will be black and one can even the stars at night no more. With other words, we are blind. He says that during this period that many people will die of fear that their experience occurs. But he also says that if someone does not care and just stay still and relax, everything will come back, you vision comes back, everything is back to normal and it takes only 30 hours in batter. This is also something the Mayans want you to understand. Go for that change Do not fear. It's nothing to be afraid of.In another speech he is more specific and provides the commencement of this darkness on 31 March 2013 and it has about a 60-70 hours of darkness. (Eds. which is 2 x as long as as the prediction of 30 hours, bringing it closer to 3 days), we are then visited by great catastrophes, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes. There will also be two comets in the skyappear: one large and one red. Said Don Aleandro Cyrillo Perez. (08)

Update: from his facebook website:

Carlos Barrios A translation of a report of a lecture. (12)

Carlos Barrios was born a Spanish family on El Altiplano, the highlands ofGuatemala. His home was in Huehuetenango, also the home of the tribe of Mom Maya. With other Maya and other indigenous tradition keepers, the Mam carry part of the old ways on Turtle Island (North America =). They are keepers of the time, authorities remarkable calendars that are ancient, handsome and applicable. Mr. Barrios is a historian, an anthropologist and researcher. When he was 25 years with traditional elders has studied since he was 19, he was also a Mayan Ajq'ij – a ceremonial priest and spiritual guide, Eagle Clan. Years ago, he and his brother Gerardo an investigation into the different Mayan calendars. He studied them with many teachers. He says his brother Gerardo nearly 600 traditional Mayan elders interviewed about their vision of knowledge to bring out. "Anthropologists from around the world visit the temple sites," Barrios says, "and read the inscriptions and make up stories about the Maya, but they read the signs correctly. The is their imagination. Other people write about prophecy of the Maya. They say that the world will end in December 2012.The Mayan elders are angry about. The world will not end He will transformbe. The natives have calendars, and know how they should interpret accurately,others do not. The comprehension of time, seasons, and cycles has proven Mayan Calendars very large and complicated. The Maya understand 17 different calendars, some them have a span of more than ten million years accurately mapped.The calendar, which since 1987 has attracted increasing global interest is called the Tzolk'in or Cholq'ij. Which was devised centuries ago and is based on the cycle of the Pleiades, it is still held as sacred. With the indigenous calendars, Indian people important turning points in history kept in mind. For example, the dagbewaarders who study the calendars identified an important day in the year One Reed, Ce Acatal, as it was called by the Mexicans. That was the day when an important ancestor was prophesied to return: - "Coming as a butterfly ". In the western calendar, the One Reed (A Reed) correlates to Easter Sunday 21 April, 1519, the day that Hernando Cortez and his fleet of 11 Spanish galleons from the East at what is today called Vera Cruz, Mexico. When the Spanish ships to the coast came, the Indians waited on them and watching to see how it was going. The bulgingsails of the ships did indeed remind the scouts of butterflies flying over the ocean surface skimming. A new century, an era they had anticipated through their calendars. The Maya termed the new era the Nine Bolomtikus, or nine Hells of 52 years each. As the nine cycles unfolded, land and freedom of the Indian population decreased. Diseases and disrespect dominated. What began with the arrival of Cortez lasted until August 16, 1987, a date many people recall as Harmonic Convergence. (Harmonic Conjunction).Millions of people took advantage of that date to do at sacred ceremonies places - they are praying for a smooth transition to a new era, the World Fifth Sun. From August 1987 until now we have been in a time in which the court arm of the materialistic world is disappearing, slowly but inexorably. We are on the cusp of the era when peace begins, where people live in harmony with Mother Earth. We are no longer in the World of the Fourth Sun, but we are not yet in the World of the Fifth Sun. This is the transition time, the time in-between. (36) As we go through the transition there simultaneously numerous colossal, global convergence environmental destruction, social chaos, war, and ongoing Earth changes. This everything, says Mr.. Barrios, was provided via simple, spiral mathematics of the Mayan calendars and it will change. Everything will change. The Maya Dagbewaarders see the 21st December 2012 as a rebirth, the start of the World of the Fifth Sun. It will be the beginning of a new era resulting from and signified by the solar meridian crossing the galactic equator, and the earth aligning itself with the center of the galaxy. At sunrise on December 21, 2012, the Sun for the first time in 26,000 years come together with the intersection of the Milky Way and the level of embezzlement. This cosmic cross is considered an embodiment of the Sacred Tree, The Tree of Life, the Tree of Life, a tree remembered in all spiritual traditions of the world. (36) Some observers say this alignment with the heart in 2012 of the galaxy will open a channel for cosmic energy to flow through the earth and its cleans and everything that lives on - raising all to a higher level of vibration. (14)This process has already begun, Mr. Barrios. "Change is accelerating now, and thiswill continue to accelerate. If the people of the earth in a good shape can until this date in 2012 without having destroyed too much of the earth, we will rise to a new, higher level. But to get there we have very strong forces that are transforming the way want to block. (15) (36)A Picture of the Road that lies ahead. The date specified in the calendar Winter Solstice in the year 2012, marks not the end of the world. Many outside people writing about the Mayan calendar and make that date sensational, but they know nothing about. Those who know the indigenous elders who are entrusted to preserve the tradition. From what he understands of the Mayan tradition and the calendars gave Mr.. Barrios a picture of where we are and what maybe on the road that goes for us."Humanity will continue," he asserts, "but different. Material structures will changing. This will allow us the opportunity to be more human. We live in the most important era of the Mayan calendars and prophecies. All the prophecies of the world, all traditions, are now together in one point. (36) There is no time for games. The spiritual ideal for this era is action. Many powerful souls have reincarnated in this era, with many strength and power. This is true on both sides - light and darkness. Higher magic to the work both ways. (36) Things will change, but it is up to the people how difficult or how easy it will be for changes to take place. Now the economy fiction. The first five years of transition from August 1987 was the beginning of the destruction of the material world. Now we are ten years gone further deeper into the transition, and many of the so-called sources of financial stability are in fact hollow.The banks are weak. This is a delicate moment for them. They would all over the worldmay crash if we do not pay attention. If the banks crash (collapse) ... Then we will be forced to leave us on the land and our skills.The money system will sit in chaos, and we must then rely on our direct relationship with Earth for our food and shelter. (36)The north and south poles are at the break. The level of the water in the oceans up. But at the same time will land in the ocean, specifically near Cuba, is also up. "(10-11)Call for a Coalition or MergerWhen he met people in Santa Fe, told Mr. Barrios a story about the latest Mayan New Year celebrations in Guatemala. He said that one respected elder, who year alone in a mountain cave lives, traveled to Chichicastenango to speak with the people of the ceremony. The elder gave a simple, direct message. He called human beings to come together to support life and light. At this time is every person and every group has its own way. The elder of the mountains said there is hope if the people of the light can come together and unite in some way. (36)Considering this, explained Mr. Barrios: "We live in a world of polarity -day and night, man and woman, positive and negative. Light and darkness need each other. They his scales. And now the dark side is very strong and very clear about what they want. (15) They have their vision and their priorities clearly held, and also their hierarchy. They working in many ways so that we will not be able to connect us with the spiral of the Fifth World in 2012. On the light side everyone thinks they are the most important, their personal understanding, or the understanding of their group is the key. There are various cultures and opinions, so there is competition, confusion and lack of a single focus.As Mr.. Barrios sees the dark side works through denial and materialism fusion and blocking coalition. (15) They also work by those who destroy the light to get the Earth to a higher level. They like the energy of the old declining Fourth World, the materialism. They do not want this change. They do not want fusion. They want to stay at this level, and are afraid of the next level. The dark power of the declining Fourth World can not be destroyed or overwhelmed. That is too strong and too clear. (36) And that is why the wrong strategy. The dark can only be transformed when confronted with simplicity and responsiveness (warmth). (16) This leads to fusion – a Key to the World of the Fifth Sun. Mr. Barrios said that the emergence of the World of the Fifth Sun will call attention to an often overlooked element.Since the four traditional elements of earth, air, fire and water several epochs have dominated in the past, should be taken into account with a fifth element in the time of the Fifth Sun: ether. (17) Ether is a medium. The dictionary says a lofty ether element of the Heavens. It permeates all space and brings waves of energy in a wide range of frequencies, from mobile phones to human auras. What "ethereal" is has a relationship with the regions beyond earth: the heavens. Ether, the element of the Fifth Sun is celestial (17) and lacks physical matter, but is not less real than wood, stone or flesh. "In the context of ether there can be fusion of polarities, "says Mr. Barrios. "No more darkness or light in the people, but uplifted fusion. But right now the realm of darkness is not interested. They are organized to block. (15) They look forward to the earth and its environment from balance so that we will not be prepared for connection in 2012. We must work together for peace and in balance with the other side. We must ensure the earth that feeds us and offers us a home. To be ready for this moment in the history we have our whole mind and heart commitment to unity and fusion after hunting, to the other hand, to confront and to protect life. We are now at a critical moment of world history. (36) "We are confused", says Mr. Barrios. "We can not more play. Our planet can be renewed or ravaged. It is now time to wake up and to take action. Everyone is needed. You are not here for nothing. Everyone who is here now has an important objective. This is a difficult but very special time. We have an opportunity to grow, but we must be ready for this moment in thehistory. "(36)Mr. Barrios gave some suggestions to help people balanced by the next years to go. "The prophesied changes are going to happen," he said, "but our behavior and our actions determine how harsh or mild they will be. (36) we have to do, changes making, and people choose to represent us and political action to to respect the earth. Meditation and the practice of spirituality are good and important and so is action. It is very important to be clear about who you are, and also about your relationship to the earth. Develop yourself according to your own tradition and the call of your heart. But remember to respect differences, and strive for unity. Eat wisely.Much food is spoiled with subtle poisons or gross ways. (36) Watch what you into your body. Learn to preserve food and for energy conservation. Leather some good breathing techniques, so you are master of your breathing. Orphan clear. Follow a tradition with great roots. We live in a world of energy. A important task at the moment is the energy of everyone and everything - people, plantsand animals - learn to see or feel. This will be extremely important as we get closer to the World of the Fifth Sun, for it is associated with the element ether - the realm where energy lives and moves. (17) Go to the sacred places of the earth for peace to pray and have respect for the earth that our food, shelter and clothing displays. We, the energy of these sacred places reactivate. That's our job. We have work to do! "According to Mr. Barrios is a simple but effective prayer technique, a white or babyblue colored candle to stabbing. "Think a moment in / at peace. Speak your intentionto the flame and send the light of it on to the leaders who have the power to make war or peace to make. This is a crucially important moment for humanity and for the earth. Each Man is important. You have incarnated into this era because you have spiritual work to do.(36) Our work is to the planet in balance. "The elderly have the doors open so that other races can come to the Mayan world to receive the tradition.The Maya have long appreciated and respected that there are other colors, otherraces, and other spiritual systems. They know that the destiny of the Mayan world is related to the destiny of the world. "The greatest wisdom is simplicity," says Mr.. Barrios. "Love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude and forgiveness: that is not complex or complicated. "Real knowledge is free. (36) It's encoded in your DNA. Everything you need is within you.These great teachers have already said from the beginning. Discover your heart and you will find your path. Said Carlos Barrios. (18) 

Carlos Barrios

The above is quoted here in some detail because the author believes that sufficient points are (underlined text by author) to the vision based on anthroposophy (elaborated below) help shape. (36)
The above is by the Maya themselves or their well interpret all many told. Eg. about the long count calendar that ends 21.12.2012 while the precession of the Earth's axis is such that the earth, sun and center of the Milky Way in a line, something that only happens once every 26,000 years (09) occurs. That the latter period began in 3114 BC. That this (2012) is not only an end, but also a new beginning of the calendar (, similar to the eg transition from 31 December 1999 to 1 January 2000, but on a much larger cosmic scale, the end of the fourth sun and the beginning of the fifth. That this is a time in which a new form of consciousness at issue. That there are also forces, who try to sabotage. More specific statements about a forthcoming pole shift and 30 hours darkness and newly rising country, something more similar to that already some other Western sources proclaimed (10) (11)

What do others in the Maya attributed?

A large part of the doomsday scenarios about an alleged fall in world time of 12/21/2012 comes from the angle of the so-called New Age movement. Especially from the corner where the channelings received, the messages from beyond side, whether the spiritual world or the world of UFOs. There are here no extensive notes and the left, because it is sufficient for the reader to an Internet search engine to search for the term Maya and 2012. One gets then more hits than one is able to read. Because the Maya themselves already distanced have many things in this direction, we need here is not as comprehensive in to go. A number of elements must however still be called for later in another connection to be able to come back.

There is talk of major devastating solar flares, which the sun which time (dec.2012) would spew. It invokes data from NASA.
After a period of inactivity, it seems that Sun in September 2012 active again and the following maximum is now expected in 2013. (19) (26)
There would be a planet Nibiru or Planet X on a collision course with the earth. (19)
There would be a comet threatening to strike the earth. This is analogous to the idea that one is that 65 million years ago the dinosaurs extinct by comet impact. (19)
The earth would a photon belt chain, which naturally the would increase awareness, but also 3 days of darkness could cause. It goes into detail on a pole vault of the earth, which is often not once the important distinction is made between the change of the magnetic north and south poles and the physical geographic pole. Furthermore there is a tendency for all the disasters that you can imagine such tsunami's, mega volcanoes (Yellowstone) and earthquakes, sudden onset ice age etc. and by humanity itself caused environmental disasters projecting that one date from 21/12/2012. Additionally interprets often predictions of prophets, seers, and from holy books so that these predictions do not a distant future get their fulfillment (which it often targets) but all early and very concretely on December 21, 2012. The supporters of the Paradise variant (not the doom-apokalyptici) even speak about intervention by extraterrestrial intelligences (and they mean no angels but ufonauts) to save the earth and into a higher state of consciousness on
to carry out. (Eg Galactic Federation and Ashtar command). This according to the scenario as already requested by the Celestine Prophecy is described that an increased vibration of matter causes a higher consciousness. New Age and Ufogelovigen reach all play the hand. Author has read about the Elohim who time with flying saucers landed on earth would be the genetic human evolution a push to give. (20) Crop Circles, which is the last word has not been spoken, could thus be related. The distinction between angels (angels) and aliens (ufonauts) is omitted. The author has on a forum once suggested it then-alien-called gels (;-) It remarkable vision of that man suddenly can be illuminated through the agency of galactic clouds, aliens or otherwise, that is passed to the human freedom and initiative to training. But the phenomenon of UFOs is so manifold that it is not simply to the realm of fantasy moves may be. The nature of the experiences described suggests that the world of the elementalbeings here ever could play a major role. More on this in a later article more.

Comments from the angle of science.

THE science is a collective name for a clear vision of everything to know REGARDING this theme. Within science there are such visions dramatic materialistic, but also sit very close to the called humanities. A neuroscience as Dick Swaab can to the first category and the cardiologist Pim van Lommel to the
second. (21) In between, there are still many variations. But there are unfortunately many scientists who have their own vision as all valid to assert.
The same goes for the above-mentioned New Age flow (s), here one can also find all kinds of visions which some together again firmly opposed contradict. 

About precession.

However, there are also skeptical scientists set good information found be. In the magazine Skepter example was an informative article in which the author deals with the so-called Mayan Long Count calendar. (22) and the significance of the alignment of earth and sun with the center of the Milky Way at time of the winter solstice on December 21, 2012. In the center of the Milky Way astronomy a localized black hole that one called Sagittarius A given. (23)
Despite all the excitement is the year 2012 not as unique as is suggested. In theprevious years, the sun during the winter solstice in much the same between the stars. It takes 36 years before he left to right through the galactic equator shifted due to the precession of the Earth's axis. Already in 1998 ran the equator during the winter solstice exactly through the center of the sun.
On various websites explanation of the concept of precession to find, with movies and images. (24)
What exactly is precession? The earth rotates at an angle of about 23.5 degrees. As well as a toll that is inclined, will the axis of the earth becomes continuous slow twisting. The tilt of the earth is also the reason for the seasons, as you will know. On midsummer, around June 21, the sun is up north of the equator, where the the north of the axis points towards the sun. In midwinter, around 21 December, the sun just maximum south of the equator and then indicates the correct axis of the sun. If there is no procession had been, and we would each year at midwinter sunrise to stars, then the sun that day each year against the same background of stars.But thanks precession turns the earth's axis always something, so every year is the point at which the Earth's axis exactly the sun declines slightly earlier than the year before, seen against the background of stars. Through this the place in the sky where the sun rises at midwinter every year a little bit. This takes about 26,000 years before the midwinter sun again against the same background of stars rises.

So the sun does not impose orbit of 26,000 year, only the background against which the sun rises at midwinter shifts. In this shift, there is a moment when the sun midwinter comes exactly at the center of the galaxy. Then the sun and the earth in midwinter exactly in line with this imaginary line. This is so only once in 26,000 years and is really rare. When would this date are? December 21, 2012? Ha! Nope. This happened in 1998, which is rather unfortunate for the prediction.It must be said that some people realize that, but to save them from here by stating that the sun, because it is a disk and not a point, the sun in 18 years before and after 1998 in midwinter still on this line. This makes the prediction still still significantly less impressive, do not you think? (24)

This text above to give an impression how some scientists (Ironically) to deal with the different expectations about the exact date of 21/12/2012 circulate. It is not denied that there is a particular conjunction (Galactic synchronization) on that date, but it is nuanced, that this a period / range is from 36 years van1980 to 2016 and mid 1998.) 2012 already passed the middle. Naturally spiritual associated therewith could be related from those skeptical angle denied. Later there will be discussed how Rudolf Steiner Platonic world year (25,920 years) macrocosmic (zodiac) in conjunction implies the precession of the earth and man as microcosm. Also that the year 1998 by Steiner repeatedly, but also by a clairvoyant medium such as Edgar Cayce mentioned to indicate that there are significant than changes can take place. (10-11) 

About solar maxima and earth terminals.

It's a long time (since 1843) announced that the sun has a rhythm of average 11 years. Also at the same time that these cycles have an effect on the human mind. (25) During the periods with the highest activity, known as the solar maxima, sunspots appear. Periods with the lowest solar activity are known as the solar minima. The last solar maximum was in 2001.Deze cycle was the number 23. The following maximum in 2012 is expected to No. 24. Astronomers expected time under previous cycles that the maximum in 2012 intense will be. (26) (At the time of writing sept.2012 there is already some activity to report.) (27) But at the time of reading may all be different. The solar cycle coincides with the reversal of the magnetic poles of the sun itself, on average every 11 years. (Pole vault sun) During solar maxima can be called solar storms arise where the Sun large masses of gas themselves thrust. (Prominences) If it towards earth, it may happen that the electromagnetic entity be severely disrupted is. (28) Since the magnetic field of the sun influence on the magnetic field of the Earth is not inconceivable that if the earth's magnetic field would be weakened (As claimed) there by intense activity on the sun could influence can be at the position of the magnetic poles on the earth. There are scientists who say that a weakening of the magnetic field in a number of years now. But a body like NASA sees this not a threat. (29) (19) 
Beginning with. 1998 has been found that the speed at which the magnetic pole moves (this is not synchronized with the geographic pole) considerably increased. The acceleration was 16.61 km per year to 65.57 km per year. On linked website is e.e.a. clearly explained. There is a link with the sun and the earth's core. (30) A magnetic pole jump by science therefore be possible for although they held no indications that this would necessarily on 21-12-2012 happen. A geographical (physical) pole shift of the earth by the science to the realm of fiction noted. The rotation axis around which the earth would suddenly turns north and south with each exchange. Physically speaking, that an impossibility because of the stabilizing effect of the gravitational force of the moon on the earth exerts (toleffect). A large comet or asteroid who would embark (or short distance pass) on the moon to Earth would be able to growth, but at the moment it has been such a celestial body is not in sight. This is not to say that in the future no one can come. (31) In a Read article yet elaborate on the vision of Steiner comets (Including Halley 1910 and Biela 1933) and the creation of the asteroid belt nav a struggle that has taken place in heaven before man on earth evolved. There is also going into Steiner's statement that Satan (Ahriman) in the not so distant future a comet will use disorder in the solar system to cause. (32) When the comet Shoemacher_Levy in July 1994 in the form of 21 debris struck the planet Jupiter, many scientists suddenly awake, because they realized that something like this could happen to the earth. (32)

Photon in the Pleiades.

Below different visions.
The first taken from the website of a free school teacher. This assumes the existence of a photon belt where the Earth since about 1998 would pass. (33) The second view is taken from the site boundary Science (33) Here is a series of articles published with pros and cons of the 2012 theme. In the article the fictitious photon belt, they explain that the existence of these belt according to them belongs to the urban legend stories, which then copy / paste methods through the Internet spread. In astronomy and NASA they know this belt in any case. (33)
From the website of Eg Sneek.
[...} We see there that the Sun is about the photon belt inside go, and also the image Aquarius. We also see that the 5th cycle in the Mayan calendar ends at that time. This fact is explained in very different ways. 
Photons Photons are one form of electromagnetic radiation,the form of "light particles", which occur as waves.It was the German scientist Paul Otto Hesse in 1950 as the first existence of the Photon Band described in his book Der Tag jüngste.A broad band of photons located in and around the star group "Pleiades" and by 2012 our solar system this band reach. The potential effect of this could be that the light of these photon band will interfere with the light of our Sun, which is a darkness that can yield a number of days, continue, then everything returns to normal, the only difference all in a "new light" will stand.This event coincides with the end of the Long Count in the Mayan calendar, which also means a new beginning. The Mayans see containing a new and further development of our mental, emotional and intuitive abilities. Time will show. (33)
If the third version on a website titled 2012 single-myths dispelled. Here someone which engages with the fact whether a photon belt may or may not exist. (33)

Preliminary summary of the preceding.

The different sources, the Maya themselves, the New Age movement and the science The findings are terms sometimes agree, but still much more likely. Pilate once said, already has his hands full moon, "What is truth?" It's almost impossible to get all the pros and cons to weigh in disaster scenarios and heavenly visions and reading the messages in countless books and Internet will play not much help. There is or is not a photon belt and a planet Nibiru? However, if photons another word is found to be for aetheric energy, then it becomes a bit more nuanced. If the author of the continuation of this story is going to do to attempt a coherent picture design, it is because he believes in the spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner (Anthroposophy) sufficient information to locate for eea to interpret. 

And the light shone in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood. (John 1:5)

In previous articles, we know that the time around 1900 (to be exact since 1899) a very special time in the vision of Rudolf Steiner. (15) The Michael era has begun in the year 1879 after a successful struggle of the light spirits led by Archangel Michael against the spirits of darkness. (15) The latter were in the heavenlies and reports from the heavenly atmosphere on earth thrown. This had the effect of on the one hand that it is from that moment for the spiritual world became possible for its light pulses to the earth to go transmit, secondly, that the struggle now among men on earth again fought must be. For example is the series of articles about the triumph of Ahriman incarnation (15) have been addressed. That a science like Anthroposophy in earth could come was an achievement of this spiritual battle won. (38) (39) After some basic principles of this spiritual science in the years 1901 t / m 1908 had already developed could Steiner from the year 1909 to 1910 a very new concept will raise, announcing the arrival of a new light era. Aanknopend the Indian division of the ages, but with a deviating relative chronology Hindu traditions that gave Steiner in 1899 the dark Kali Yuga had ended, a period of 5000 years, started in the year 3101 BC. The kali yuga was preceded by a number of other ages:
The golden age Krita-Yuga period 20,000 years The silver age Treta-yuga duration 15,000 years The Bronze Age Dvapara-yuga duration 10,000 years The dark age-kali yuga duration 5000 years Our current era with a duration of 2500 years from 1899. The characteristics of the different eras lie in the fact that from the golden era (the name says it all) each subsequent period a humanity which knows less clairvoyant and thus less contact with the gods (angels) from the spiritual world. In the dark age, humanity totally cut off from the divine world a small group of initiates and prophets after. On the other hand simultaneously with the decrease in the clairvoyant abilities occurs individualisation (I-genesis) of the man and develops the thinking of the material world. At the end of the kali yuga, humanity completely materialistic. Other cultures (such as the. Norse mythology) have this period as the twilight of the gods characterized. (34) The beginning of the long count (consisting of 13 baktuns 5126 years) of the Maya is on 11 August of the year 3114 BC. adopted and it expires in 2012. This is when the Mayans also creation wave. The difference between 3101 and 3114 was only 13 years old. So that appropriately we can assume that when even in the Maya gods twilight deployed and that they also interpret as such. The expiration of the dark age means that since then (after 1899) are engaged as humanity again a lighter era to enter. Man begins again the first commencement of new psychic abilities to develop, but with preservation of already acquired thinking and I force developed on the matter. That is a new situation before the Kali Yuga did not exist. They then had a clairvoyant ability, but could not combine with individualized brainpower. Steiner provides a dramatic change in the emerging consciousness. (36) The light breaks through, but at the same time know that the dark against powers are not so easily won and will give their best will do to the man in the dark to keep. (15-36) himself explains it:
This is the time of the big decisions that great crisis, which is actually the holy booksof all times and speak in principle for our age meant (35) (36). 
Barrios up along if he has powers over the counter.
Do just that the dark side is very strong, and very clear about what they want. They have their vision and their priorities, and also their hierarchy. They work in many ways, so we do not would be able to connect with the spiral Fifth World in 2012. (15)
These would take too long to describe exactly what is going through the Holy books of all time (including that of the Maya) can be said about this, but below will be an attempt to indicate what for earth and Humanity began with the Mystery of Golgotha ​​and what in our time followed up with the sun emerging from the earth (36)
St: This time will be great changes taking place and prophecies of the Biblecharters will come true (37) 
The new light era and the Second Coming of Christ in the ethereal world
I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh, your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men will face see Joel 2:28-32 and Acts 2: 17-21
St: This time will be great changes taking place and prophecies of the Biblecharters will come true (37)
[...] The end of Kali Yuga. That is the reason, because actually the end of the 19th century, a new era in humanity has arrived. The people living continues. If you have a ball and pushing it by hand, as this roll: but When disposing of your hand, then roll them further. And so rolls that attracts people to the end of the 19th century have experienced provisionally continue, even if the forces are not behind ztten, take plenty kwalijkere forms, than that which it had in recent times.But in addition, besides the progress of the old days is actually already in secret into the world a new era. Appears in the world, a light period and it has been so that the first rays of the light period by anthroposophy collected should be. (38)
Steiner speaks of it, that after the Kali Yuga has come to an end, a new light era dawns. But this dawn of a new era is not automatically, not necessarily because the earth in a galactic cloud enters, also not because there is a calendar on a given day a new cycle begins. The new age is closely linked to a new activity of the Christ, who, after a preparatory period of almost 2000 years since the Mystery of Golgotha ​​is a new operation on the etheric field, which is linked to the maturity of humanity on the spiritual plane, he compares the time early 20th century with the time around the year 30 when John baptized the people and said: change your inner life for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. A few quotes should make clear what Steiner began to reveal.
There are seven in our culture periods 3 points, which are decisive for the developmentforward of humanity, these are:The first call, which was addressed to humanity and with thunder voice from the mountainSinai, as the 10 commandments of Jehovah.The second call in the desert by the Baptist John the Baptist when speaking to those who he wanted to hear: change your mind, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.The third cry, my dear friends, is this, that in the spiritual worlds as a new revelation by the spiritual science or anthroposophy is proclaimed. (39)
Steiner describes the new psychic abilities as seed may go flourish. The reverse of the beginning of the Kali Yuga happening now. When disappeared psychic ability and was the exposition of the material world are discussed. Now reverse. The person Abraham in his new incarnation helps along this process shape.

The first indications of this new soul faculties, which will in some souls already relatively quickly to notice. And they will clearly show in the middle of the thirties of our century, about the time between 1930 and 1940, the years 1933, 1935 and 1937 will be particularly important. There will be people with extraordinary abilities as a natural talent show.During this time, major changes are taking place and prophecies of the Biblecharters come true. Then everything will change for the souls on earth life and also for those who are no longer in a physical body. Indifferent, where they are these souls, they live simply totally new capabilities to meet. Everything changes themselves. The main event of our time, however, a profound change in the soul powers of the people. (40)
So now we summarize humanities in a totally different way. We learn that she's something us an unprecedented imposes great responsibility, because she is a preparation for the very concrete events of the Second Coming of Christ (at the Etheric, no more physical). (41)
In 1908 there anything more cautious formulated:
We are the worst of the preparers preparers, nothing else. A very small flame is the spiritual movement yet, and they will continue in the future to a great spiritual fire forming. (42-14)

In the coming period (spoken 1910), so around 1933, is the cosmic constellation so advanced that Christ is a new momentum in the ethereal world can give/ appear.

Now the sun for centuries in the sign of the fish entered. In the near future they this sign so far advanced, that the outward indication will be the appearance of Christ in the etheric body. So you see, that Anthroposophy as a kind of theoretical learning proclaiming to the world, but that the signs of the time we give the statement, anthroposophy learning (43)But there is attention is drawn, that in an important time of the human development life that before the end of this century, new forces in the develop human soul, which the people will lead to a kind of ethereal clairvoyance develop, causing certain people as a natural developing the event, Paul Damascus polite, will refresh. So that the Christ for the increased mental abilities of the people in an ethereal gown again will come. That which Paul saw Damascus, will become more and more souls awareness. And then people in the world say that spiritual science is something, what if a progressive revelation proclaimed a renewed and metamorphosed truth of the Christ Impulse will be. (44)

That is the biggest secret of our era: the mystery of Christ's return (53) at the ethereal.The great events of the future (52).The event of Damascus will then repeat for many, and we can use this event one return of Christ as a return to the spirit. The Christ will be there (at the etheric of the Earth, acessible to anyone in the world, no more to a group at some part of the Earth) , for people who can work up to seeing the etheric body. And that which spiritual science has to accomplish, which is now, to prepare the souls, so that they Christ can receive to their descends. (52)That's the second coming of Christ, starting from about 1930 to 1940 our age. Evil forces became so strong as a result of Christ appearance at the Etheric of the Earth that we had as a consequence the horrors of the II Great War.It could be that this event passes unnoticed to the people, if they do not prepare for this great event to understand. To prepare the humanities humanity on this upcoming event. Should not go unnoticed passing to mankind. If it would go unnoticed, so humanity woulddeath and languish. (52)
In a subsequent article discusses sparse own experiences of people with these new revelations in the 20th century. It will then go on almost i.a. death experiences (NDE) according to the foundation Merkawah at 2% of people prevents and on experiences of the dead during the Second World War, also about Pentecostal experience and Paul Damascus experience. (45)

The earth becomes Sun

With the Mystery of Golgotha ​​in the year 33 of our era is a Western very significant new force in the earth arise, during the death on the cross is by clairvoyants observed that the aura of the earth completely changed. (46)
It is the merit of Jesaiah Ben Aharon to the theme of the sunbecoming of the earth by Christ (as solar spirit) have given detailed attention. Although it was spread over a large number of lectures by Steiner all already listed, but know the author has almost no one before Aaron paid attention to. (47) There is a book by Prokofieff nnounced, in which he also engages with this theme. (48)
This theme is so great that it is inconceivable that it is not in all the holy books of all times have been identified, as mentioned earlier was quoted. (35) Certain attitudes about the sun, which can be found in the Maya; programs but also the Hopi and other peoples, close to that situation. Carlos Barrios is there attention that after the elements, earth, water, air and fire now the fifth element ether will be very decisive:
Mr. Barrios said that the rise of the Fifth Sun will call attention to an elementthat escaped attention. Where the four traditional elements of earth, air, fire, andwater many times have dominated in the past, there will be a fifth elementaccount should be taken at the time of the Fifth Sun: ether. The dictionarydefines ether as the rarefied element of the Heavens. Ether is a medium. It permeates all spaces and converts energy waves into a diverse range of frequencies, from cell phones to human auras. (See Strader equipment) What "ethereal" is related to the regions beyond earth: the Heavens. Ether, the element of the Fifth Sun is celestial and lacking material substance, but it is nothing less than wood, stone or flesh.
This can be seen as equivalent to Steiner's view, the new ether world that Christ (as solar spirit) on earth brings, in relation to the sun, life and light. Actually speaking Barrios also Shamballa, but gives it a different name, n.m.l. 5th Sun, The theme sun is thus always again discussed.
If Barrios speaks of the cosmic cross every 26,000 years coincides with the center of the Milky Way, this does not even closely related to what Steiner said about the Platonic year, the precession of the Earth: According to the Hermetic principle as above so below:
At sunrise on December 21, 2012, the Sun for the first time in 26,000 years comingtogether with the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic. This cosmic cross is seen as an embodiment of the Sacred Tree, The Tree of Life, the Tree of Life,a tree remembered in all spiritual traditions of the world. (36) Some of the observers say this alignment with the heart in 2012 of the galaxy a channel will open for cosmic energy to flow through the earth, cleansing it and all that on live - raising all to a higher level of vibration. . (... Says Barrios)

Platonic world year

Mankind gets every 2160 years another starry to orient themselves. In the oldEgyptian culture regarded the priests a period of 72 years as one day ofworld year. Rudolf Steiner makes us caution that one man every day about25,920 times and exhale (18 x 60 x 24) and that he spent a life of over 72 years25,920 times (72 x 360) wake up and go to sleep. The life of man shows rhythmsmatch the great rhythm of the night sky. (49)
There is a rhythmic relationship between microcosm and macrocosm, the rhythm of: inhaling and exhaling of sleep and wakefulness of life and death, by man lives 2160 years on average once a man and a time as a woman.
A few descriptions of Steiner:

When the entire orbit of the sun around the zodiac (the shift of the vernal equinox) increases, so that time, the sun needs to, say, when they are in the Aries rises in the spring equinox, there to come back, so you need 25,920 years, the platonic world year. (49)They discovered that after 72 years the stars, late on December 30 in a certain place arriving, the sun rises in late December 31 at the same place. She is one day passed slowly. After 25,920 years she remains so far that the entire circumference is completed. (49)

Macrocosm and microcosm.

The Mayans say:
Hunab K'u is the heart of the Milky Way, the place that the Maya cosmic womb mention. Hunab K'u is the One Creator of size and movement, the heart of the Milky Way which according to the Mayans all size and motion.
Macrocosm and microcosm are closely connected with each other and one can expect as a cycle of 25,920 years back his starting point is returned, that humanity is thus also a new phase of its development begins. Indeed, the average age of 72 of the microcosmic man corresponds to the 25,920 years of the macrocosm. Then begins after an interval a new incarnation. (49) Don Alejandro speaks of a time window around 2012 where these events occur, not on the exact date of 20/12/2012. Traditionally, of course,the winter solstice is a very important indication that after the cold dark winter the days are getting longer and becoming lighter.
This is not so in the South Hemisphere!
 The Christmas story of the young life that is born and by Herod as a representative of the dark power is threatened is an exponent of speaking. Steiner says that the return of Christ in the ether world associated with the cosmic constellation, and that in the course of the twentieth century is reached. (43)
In the time of the event of Golgotha ​​was the vernal equinox the sun for quite some timethe sign of Aries. This point moves in over 25,920 years by all 12 constellations of the zodiac. The shift is now so advanced that we the vernal equinox now arrived in the constellation of Pisces. In the middle of the 20th century we will to a certain point of the constellation arrived (50)
Now the sun for centuries in the sign of Pisces entered. In the future she will in this sign advanced so far, that the outward sign of the emergence of Christ in the etheric body will be. (52)
This new work of Christ is to a certain cosmic constellation connected.

Summary Part 1

Already in 1909 Steiner points as a second John the Baptist on the arrival of a new light era and is probably one of the first on the concept New Age teaches. After him, there are many others who have a different twist to give. Around 1933, he foresees that there will be people who will have experience of Christ and his new terrestrial world that is created as a continuation of the process of the earth in the (distant) future sun. He also provides serious resistance against the dark forces. So that humanity whole process can also overslept. Beginning with.the year 1998 and the beginning of the 21st century he expects new spiritual revelations, which are much stronger than the first wave. Or it can break depends on the freedom of man.
So the first part. In one or more items planned sequel comes following are addressed (in different order):
Predictions about new spiritual revelations in the 21st century and the preparations for them in the 20th century, the role of spiritual fire, the culmination and the battle with Ahriman, the continuing sunbecoming of the earth, Shamballah Mankind on the threshold unconsciously and consciously, the engagement with the keepers of the threshold, loosening of the etheric body and initiatory experiences. NDEs near-death experiences and experiences of Christ as lord of karma since the second half of 20th century Experiences of the dead in 1944 (Sigwart-Dagmar) The nature of the new capabilities, including etherclaivoyancer future visions New Age Children: indigo, star, crystal and rainbow children. The three days of darkness and the experience of Saul-Paul before Damascus The reversal of the symptoms that led to the Kali Yuga and the new Abrahamic era. (Consciousness, coma and flood) Mexican Mysteries and Taotl initiation into cosmic mysteries, origin Indian peoples of Atlantic nations. Comets from viewpoint anthroposophy especially Halley 1910 and Biela 1933, battle in heaven and asteroids and comets future The sixth race in the vision of several psychics, including Cayce, Deunov and Steiner and the forthcoming Aquarius era The year 1998 Steiner, apocalyptic trumpets Spirit Himself, Lady Sophia and the birth of the higher self About the nature of time and ether, can speed up the time? New elemental beings, singularity. What prepare for the angels? Differences between calendars based on the Sun (12) and the moon (13), linear time and cyclical time, the rhythm of 25,920 years and lunar nodes 18 years, 6 month, …days; 37 years; ….) Anthroposophy, New Age and science. Recent views of Jesaiah Ben Aharon (communications since late 2011)
An image of the sky in Mexico, the Milky Way with the naked eye visible. To be jealous of us here in the Netherlands with our light pollution.
References and Notes.      
References to any lecture, a series of lectures or any book written by Rudolf Steiner  will noted with its date and GA number. For example, 14/10/1917 GA177  means: the date of the lecture given by Rudolf Steiner. GA number 177 (Gesamt Ausgabe) Verlag Dornach Switzerland Translated into English – See online
Any Dutch translations can be found here:
any italic text in this article refers to a lecture or book quotes. Moreover, when a text is in bold or underlined print, the quote is done by the author.
02. Hollywood film on 2012 ,
03. There are many references to be found on the Internet in regard to the trance medium Edgar Cayce (note 10-11) and the mystic Peter Deunov, the esotericist Rudolf Steiner and of course the disciple John's Book of Revelation and the Prophecies of Daniel.
04. There are many more authors, both inside and outside the Mayan community as: John Major Jenkins, Peter Toonen, Terence McKenna, Lawrence E. Joseph, Fred Butterfield, Gerald Benedict, Carl Johan Calleman, Barbara Hand Clow, Jose Arguelles , Kia Windrider, Geof Stray, Hunbatz Men, Kiesha Crowther, David Icke, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Zecharia Sitchin and Wiek Lenssen, Robert Powell –  .  All authors cited above develop an approach ranging from academic to New Age.
Geoff Stray author of the book – “Beyond 2012” - and administrator of a website in which most everything has to do with the theme of 2012. He is shocked to find that there are some Mayan shamans, who in addition to their original prophecies, are subject to the influence of New Age ideas.
05 . According to Sven Gronemeyer, the German scientist addresses a newly discovered
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10. Edgar Cayce was a trance medium, therefore also called the sleeping prophet. While in a trance condition in trance questions would be asked of him. His predictions of the future proved to be very accurate, such as his communications on Atlantis. The topic of reincarnation often occurred in his readings.
11. Magnetic counter physical pole 
14. Vibrations in The Celestine Prophecy are also spoken in a materialistic manner. In Deunov and Steiner (see next section) see it as a spiritual flame. 
15. The motivation, we come to Rudolf Steiner also on the fight against the darkness spirits. In recent tracks from Apocalypse Now there is attention paid to the triumph of Ahriman's incarnation section 1-2-3, title Christ and against aspiring powers. 
16. What is addressed here is what is known as the Manichean principle. The principle of transforming evil takes precedence over fighting evil. 
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The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric - Rudolf Steiner Audio - Traduzir esta página
The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric. A collection of Lectures by Rudolf Steiner (CW 118 and others). For your convenience, below is a zip file of this entire ...1.html  See also The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric.
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Anoniem zei

The Shift of the Ages film project, with the support of Common Passion, is pleased to announce the release of the Shift of the Ages film: an epoch tale…a Mayan journey through time.
People around the world will be able to view the film online in high definition through the Shift of the Ages website starting Friday December 14th, 2012 on

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a second article, but only in Dutch is presented

cheese curve zei

comet Ison coming
in 2013

Anoniem zei

China arrests 500 people for believing in tomorrow's Mayan Apocalypse